Most Popular Kindle Books of All Time


    The Kindle is a mobile e-reader that enables you to ingress books, newspapers, magazines, and other printed content in a digital form. It is an e-book ecosystem and an excellent investment if you enjoy reading and read books frequently. The Kindle provides a finer experience, in terms of both visuals and tactile response. It is also up for grabs in a diverse range of options with many specifications.

    The first Kindle was developed byAmazon back in 2017. It interfaces seamlessly with Amazon’s online store,, which has over a million titles in digital media.To read more about this, check out our article on A Guide to Best Kindle Readers.

    Kindle books of different genres can be browsed, purchased, and downloaded straight from Amazon. They can be accessed not only from the Kindle device but also from any device that has the Kindle app. Moreover, buying Kindle books is easy and effortless. You can also store a lotof them, depending on your storage. But, if you aren’t careful, you might end up purchasing books that you don’t read.

    This buying guide will help you acquire all the information you need to find the most popular Kindle books of all time that will prove to be worth your while.

    Buying Guide

    Benefits of Kindle Books

    • E-books are cheaper, and many of them are free.
    • Order, download, and read books in an instant, without any waiting.
    • Early access to newly released books.
    • Screen lighting can be adjusted according to your preference.
    • Convenientand portable. You can carry around as many books as you want.
    • Reduced blue light exposure.
    • Kindle Owners Reading Library helps you lend books for a month.
    • Samples can be tried before buying a book.
    • Efficient and enjoyable reading experience.

    Things You Should Look For in Kindle Books


    The most important thing to look for while buying an e-book is that the genre should be to your liking. EBooks come in a variety of different options like fiction and non-fiction, etc. Depending on the nature of topics, choose the ones that best suit your interest. Great advice is to read a sample before purchasing the Kindle book.


    Kindle has its very own book format. Before buying a Kindle book, make sure it is in .azw or .azw3 format. This particular format helps support fixed-layouts and reflowable books. In addition to that, it also handles Digital Rights Management (DRM) and interactivity. This the only format accepted by Kindle devices and Kindle apps.

    Subscriptions and Discounts

    If you want to purchase different eBooks, they can be downloaded free from Amazon when you subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited package. There is an enormous catalog of books that you can go through before paying for the subscription. Amazon also offers significant discounts on Kindle books. This way, you can buy all your favorite ones and feed your soul without breaking the bank.

    Other than the things mentioned above, there is nothing very specific you should look for in Kindle books. If the story of a book feels absorbing and captures your interest, you should get it, hands down.

    Our Top Picks

    Note: The following list is in no specific order.

    1. Where the Crawdad Sings

    Where the Crawdads Sing

    • Author: Delia Owens
    • Publication Date: August 14, 2018.
    • Genre: Mystery, Coming-of-age story

    It is one of the books that are hyped to high heavens and is definitely loved wholeheartedly by the readers. Where the Crawdad Sings has a slow drawing in quality and, with time, connects the reader to the book. It is an emotional yet symbolic depiction of the valiant survival of Kya Clark, including lots of beautiful nature metaphors and unique prose.

    Kya Clark, also called as the Marsh Girl, has haunted Barkley Cove, North Carolina. After being abandoned by her parents, siblings, school system, and the entire town, she finds shelter in the Marsh along the North Carolina coast. As time passes, she becomes independent and embodies the wilderness. Going forward in life, she encounters a boy who befriends her, shaking her lonely existence to the core. She is then blamed for the murder of the Golden Boy in town.

    The readers see the character develop from a child to an adult throughout the story who sparkles in the end like a gem. It is a story that packs punches and is sure to blow your socks off.

    2. Educated: A Memoir

    Educated: The international bestselling memoir

    • Author: Tara Westover
    • Publication Date: February 20, 2018.
    • Genre: Autobiography.

    Tara Westover’s Educated: A Memoir is an extraordinary and meaningful story. You can never praise this book wholly. Even the ugly details about the author’s life are so beautifully written. It is not just a sought-hearted novel but, the actual difficult life of Tara and her family in the past 20 years. Some emotional and abusive moments in the book will leave you speechless.

    The story revolves around an uneducated mountain girl with an extremely religious father living in Idaho. The father tried to keep everyone off the government radar with no birth certificates, legal documents, and hospital visits. All minor scratches to horrible injuries were treated by their mother using herbalism. But one day, Tara decides to change her life and go to college at the age of 17 and ends up, ultimately finding herself.

    This story just doesn’t deserve faint praises and a few words. It is an enthralling, awe-inspiring, powerful, and life-changing book that everyone must-read.

    3. Think and Grow Rich

    Think and Grow Rich

    • Author: Napoleon Hill
    • Publication Date: December 16, 2009.
    • Genre: Business, Self-help, Non-fiction.

    It is a very realistic book with true life illustrations on money that is guaranteed to change your way of thinking. It teaches you how to follow all the simple and complex variants to find success in business. Also, mentioning all the steps you need to avoid makes it the perfect self-help book. Many people have stated that this book has changed their lives.

    This book features a lot of intriguing, innovative, and interesting ideas. It contains timeless words of wisdom and excellent advice that is guaranteed to help you achieve personal growth and development. The principles mentioned in this book can be used not only for business but for anything you desire.

    This book states ideas on how you can make lots of money and is great for entrepreneurs as it is truly transformative.

    4. American Dirt


    • Author: Jeanine Cummins
    • Publication Date: January 21, 2020.
    • Genre: Thriller, Suspense.

    The story of this book revolves around a mother named Lydia, living in Acapulco, Mexico. She runs a book store and leads a fairly comfortable middle-class life with her son Luca and husband Sebastian, who works as a journalist. Acapulco is ruled by cartels and drug lords. One day, Lydia encounters a charming person in her bookstore. Later on, her husband publishes an article on that same man, called Javier.

    After the article is out telling everyone that Javier is a new drug cartel taking gruesomely over the city, Lydia’s life traumatically changes. With all her relatives dead, she is forced to flee and go into hiding with Luca. Becoming migrants and finding their way north, Lydia and Luca meet a lot of people.

    Their heart-wrenching journey will surely keep you up at night, wanting to know more. This is a story for those chasing their dreams and learning from mistakes.

    5. When We Believed in Mermaids

    When We Believed in Mermaids: A Novel

    • Author: Jeanine Cummins
    • Publication Date: July 16, 2019.
    • Genre: Romance.

    This story highlights the power of relationships and forgiveness. It starts with an ER doctor in Santa Cruz named Kit. Kit’s sister Josie was killed many years ago in a terrorist attack on a train. But, one day, while watching the news of a fire in Auckland, she identified a woman walking out of the smoke and debris as her sister Josie.

    The unbelievable resemblance finally gives Kit a chance to put her flood of emotions to rest. The grief, loss, and anger she has felt all these years will be gone once she finds her sister. Kit finally takes off to New Zealand to pursue the possibility of her sister being alive. The search for her sister will bring forth revelations and change Kit’s perspective on everything, forever.

    This book teaches us the complexity of family relationships and how sometimes we have to lose everything to regain love and fix broken bonds.

    6. The Guardians

    The Guardians: The Sunday Times Bestseller

    • Author: John Grisham
    • Publication Date: October 15, 2019.
    • Genre: Action, Adventure, Science fiction.

    This story has it all, from superb plotting to engaging characters and plentiful twists and turns. We warn you that you will devour this book in an instant.

    It centers on a group of lawyers who have taken the responsibility to manage cases of people who have become the victims of poor judgments made by a court. One example of such a person is Quincy Miller, who is sentenced to prison for life, being framed for the murder of a famous lawyer Keith Russo. After being imprisoned for twenty-two years, Quincy decides to write a letter to the Guardian Ministry.

    The Guardians is a truly shocking story that helps you understand the sentiments of both prosecution and defense. It is a fine legal thriller and one of the author’s best-brainstormed works.

    7. The Silent Patient

    The Silent Patient: The Richard and Judy bookclub pick and Sunday Times Bestseller

    • Author: Alex Michaelides.
    • Publication Date: February 5, 2019.
    • Genre: Psychological thriller.

    It is a dark, deep tale of murder, love, and revenge. Alicia Berenson leads a perfect life with her husband. She has everything one could dream of. But after murdering her husband and not saying a word, she is taken to the Groove, a forensic unit in North London.

    Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who is appointed for a job at The Groove. His most infamous patient Alicia is his first client. It is said that Alicia brutally murdered her husband and was caught red-handed. She has remained silent since that night. Theo starts working with her and pursues her to talk about what happened that night. The patient’s diary and Theo’s investigation are used perfectly to set the tone for the big reveal.

    This book is a page-turner. It creates curiosity and mystery that is not for the faint of heart.

    8. Little Fires Everywhere

    Little Fires Everywhere: The New York Times Top Ten Bestseller

    • Author: Celeste Ng.
    • Publication Date: September 12, 2017.
    • Genre: Domestic fiction.

    It is a slow-moving character portrait filled with family dynamics and small-town politics. It is not fast-paced or has high-octane drama. Several stories are going on at a time involving people living in Shaker Heights.

    Richardson’s family is picture-perfect. But, one day, their daughter Izzy turns their life upside down, leading up to this event was a dramatic fire. Mia Warren and her daughter Paul move into town and become tenants of the Richardson family. Soon they become close friends with the Richardson’s. But there is a mysterious past and some adoption disputes that will separate the families, exploring the weight of secrets.

    The characters are vivid and involved in the little fires of everyday life. It is a quiet read but very engrossing and emotional.

    9. If You Tell

    If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood

    • Author: Greg Olsen.
    • Publication Date: December 1, 2019.
    • Genre: Biography, True crime.

    This book is well-documented about split minute decisions that lead to crimes. It shows us how some people can be calm to extraordinary evil and vengeful in mere seconds.

    Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek are three sisters living on a farmhouse at Raymond, Washington. The girls are subjected to unimaginable abuse and psychic terrors behind closed doors by their sadistic mother, Shelly. Surviving this, the sisters formed a defiant bond amongst themselves to escape this nightmare. This resulted in a lot of people being murdered.

    The book discusses how well the sisters cope up with their past in the future. This can be a disturbing and emotional story but is very well-written. In short, it is a great book for true crime lovers that will surely get you hooked.

    Final Words

    A portable e-reader like Kindle helps you access amazing eBooks at a low price. Reading is beneficial as it reduces stress, promotes sleep, and strengthens the brain. And there is nothing better than being engrossed in a good book. We hope you’ll give some of these Kindle books a read and fall in love with them.

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