Most Comfortable Earbuds

When it comes to earbuds or headphones, aside from the sound quality, another thing most of us look for is how comfortable they are to wear. There are some earbuds that feel more welcome in our ears compare to others. But it depends on our preferences because some people like earphones that are squirreling into their ears while some want a tight seal to enjoy the music more. But did you know that there are earbuds which have a mix of these different users?

If you’re looking for the most comfortable earbuds, we’re happy to give you a list to choose from. But before that, let us first give you the things you should look into to be able to find the most comfortable one that will suit your preferences.

  • Weight: For most people, lightweight earbuds are more comfortable because they prevent the tugging feeling in your ears when you listen to music for a long period of time. Therefore, you should also try to find earbuds which are not that heavy or those which are made of lightweight materials.
  • Penetration: The most comfortable earbuds are those which have winged tips to hold them in place at the foyer of your ear canal. It’s because they stay put in your ears without being too pushy for your ear canal.
  • Eartip Material: Ear tips are those which sit and protrude in the ear canal and they are made from different materials. The most common materials of ear tips are silicone, foam, and plastic, and silicone is the most popular choice because it is soft and flexible. Foam tips can be comfortable as well, however, they collect moisture and sweat which can be irritant to the ears.
  • Eartips Size: Aside from the material of the ear tips, another thing to look into is the size. We have different ear canal diameters, therefore, it’s better to experiment with alternate tip sizes first for you to know what size fits perfectly.
  • Cable Routing: You should also pay attention to the different styles of cables that earbuds come with. Some have two equal-length cables, some have cables that go over the ears, and there are some with asymmetrical cable design. This will depend on which you will be more comfortable wearing.
  • Accessories: There are also some earbuds that come with different accessories to make it more comfortable to use. An example is a shirt clip, which can help manage the excess weight of the earphone cable.

Now that you know the things you should consider when choosing the perfect earbuds, here are some of the most comfortable earbuds we can recommend.

Where to Buy
CX300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds
Bose Sound Sport In Ear Headphones
BeatsX Wireless Headphones
Westone W20 Dual-Driver True-Fit Earphones
Sony C400 Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphone
Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones
Focal Sphear S High-Definition In-Ear Earphones
AKG N40 Customizable High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones
Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones
Panasonic RP-HJE120 Ergo Fit In-Ear Headphones


1. Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

These earbuds from Sennheiser offer a blend of great audio and comfortable fit. It has an in-ear design that will allow you to enjoy using it for multiple hours at a time. These earbuds have rich deep tones that can create an impactful audio experience. Their levels of distortion are also kept to a minimum.

It has a 1.2m wire that comes with a right angle 3.5mm plug. It also comes with a soft pouch which you can use to store the earbuds when you travel, and as well as ear tips in different sizes to get the right fit for the size of your ears. These are very durable and will not wear out easily after your purchase them. This is a great and budget choice for those who are looking for a combination of bass-driven sound, comfortable fit, and light noise isolation.

2. Bose Sound Sport In Ear Headphones

These earbuds have the TriPort technology which provides deep sounding bass with an amazing level of clarity. It will allow you to hear different frequencies very well and it has a very durable design as well. It comes with 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes to get the perfect fit for your ear size.

These earbuds also have an in-ear fit, meaning, they are secured within the confines of your ear. They are very comfortable to wear, in fact, you can even wear them when you take part in exercise and sporting activities without worrying of losing them. Their comfort is one of the best aspects of these earbuds. They are one of the most comfortable earbuds that are made especially for sports activities.

3. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

These earbuds offer a lot of great features such as wireless connectivity, an excellent bass, and a comfortable fit. They have a secure in-ear fit, and you can even take part in physical exercise while wearing them.

Aside from the comfort, they also come with great features such as a microphone with controls, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours long and it can be recharged quickly. It’s audio quality is excellent because its bass can bring music to life. These are very comfortable earbuds to use which offer high quality features as well.

4. Westone W20 Dual-Driver True-Fit Earphones

If you’re a premium buyer who is looking for a combination of comfort and high-quality audio, then these earbuds are the best for you. They have a very simple design and they only weigh 4.5 ounces. They are comfortable enough to be used for longer hours. They have silicone and comfort-foam ear tips that provide a great fit and provide noise isolation as well.

These earbuds are best for audio enthusiasts who are looking for a highly comfortable experience. Plus, you will also get in the package dual balanced-armature drivers which can operate up to 117 decibels. These earbuds may be pricey, but the quality is worth it.

5. Sony C400 Wireless Behind-Neck In-Ear Headphone

These are very comfortable Bluetooth earbuds that can deliver good quality audio as well. They have a dynamic sound produced by the 0.35 neodymium drivers that will enable you to get immersed in the music. They also have several buttons you can use to skip tracks and control the volume.

These earbuds also have a band between them, allowing you to wear it around your neck. This feature also contributes to the comfort levels of the product. This is a really great option for those who are looking for earbuds that have great comfort to use daily.

6. Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

These earbuds are over-the-ear kind of design and the earpieces go into the small of the ear. They are slimmer compared to the earlier version, meaning, they fit a wider array of ears comfortably. They also come with three sizes of flex tips, foam tips, and a pair of triple-flanged tips.

These are one of the most comfortable earbuds which can give you premium sound at the same time. Each of the earpieces is packed with double woofers and a tweeter. And even though they are made for technical audio-geeks, they can also play loud and clear even without any amplifiers.

7. Focal Sphear S High-Definition In-Ear Earphones

These are metal earbuds which are really sturdy but can have a secure and comfortable fit as well. They are simple audiophile buds but comes with great features. These are one of the metal earbuds that do not feel heavy for the ears. The ear tips are also angle away from the earpieces and they snuggle closely in the ears. The buds are also sleeker for a more comfortable fit.

They have a mic and a one-button remote and can work very well with Android and Apple devices. This is a really great option if you want earbuds which are comfortable and high-quality at the same time.

8. AKG N40 Customizable High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones

These are premium earbuds that are customizable depending on your taste in audio response. It has a sleek design for an over-the-ear pair and the earpieces are smaller compared to other models with similar designs. They also fit snugly in the ears and the memory wire region provides a secure fit without removing comfort. The cables are also detachable because they can be changed with other cables depending on the device you are using.

These are indeed high-end earbuds with a nice tonal balance. It has a deep reach even without bass boost. It has also another great choice for comfortable and high-quality earbuds.

9. Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones

These earbuds are very comfortable to use. In fact, it feels like they are almost-not-there for the ears. It has a very petite design and the ear tips can adapt to the shape of the ears, providing an excellent fit.

These earbuds also come with a flat tangle-free cable. They come in colors white or black and a case is provided to store them safely when you travel. If you’re looking for lightweight and super comfortable earbuds, then this might be the perfect one for you.

10. Panasonic RP-HJE120 Ergo Fit In-Ear Headphones

These are very impressive earbuds that can be the ultimate alternative for your stock earphones. They are lightweight and have an ergonomic architecture. The earpieces are conical and squat and they are mounted with angled ear tips leaning towards the ear canal.

These are a budget product, therefore, they do not have any fancy features. But it has a mic and their design is highly durable. There are also 9 colors to choose from for this model. So, if you’re looking for comfortable and high-quality earbuds but has a tight budget, you might want to try this one.

These are some of the most comfortable earbuds we can recommend. With these earbuds, you will be able to enjoy listening to music even for longer hours without your ears feeling tired.