Monthly resolution check in

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It’s that time again!
It’s June- my birthday month already. Which means the year is half over.
Time to check on my New Year’s Resolutions.
Let’s recap & check in. Here are my goals & progress this month:

1. Be more active. I kicked this one’s ass this month. After slacking off big time for the first few months I finally decided to get my butt in gear. It’s been 5 weeks and I’ve worked out 23 times! Twenty three. That’s a lot, especially for a lazy person like me. And yes, I’ve been writing it down and even commenting on my own workouts. I’m a list person and I need to see things written down and track my progress.

2. Make date night a priority.  The last time we went on a date was back in January. Last week we finally got a sitter and went to an awesome little Thai restaurant where I got to try Pho for the first time. It was amazing. After dinner we went to see a horrible Tom Cruise movie not even worth mentioning. Why did we see it? Because we make horrible decisions. But it was still fun to gorge ourselves on candy and get a few hours of away from the kids together.
3. Be a better wife. Yep. Nailing it. I’m like, the best wife ever. I’m totally joking, but I do think I’ve really made an effort to just be there more for my husband, and I can tell he notices. We’ve been spending more time together in the mornings before he goes to work (we’re not usually morning people- it’s usually a quick grunt of “hello” & “goodbye” and he’d be off to work). Also, I made him lunch and delivered it to him at the shop a few times so he didn’t have to get fast food.

4. Be a better mom. This one is kind of tough because I’ve been getting down on myself a lot lately regarding my parenting skills. My son has been having a few…disciplinary problems…lately. I was starting to feel like a total failure. After talking to my mom I realized that my brother and I both did some pretty crappy things when we were around the same age- like using a garden hose to rappel out of a 2nd story window, using the excuse that it was for “fire safety.” My mom was horrified to find out about this later when we were older, so I guess I could cut my kid a break.


5. Read more, watch less. I did great on this one at the beginning of the months and during Bout of Books, but now I’m kind of back in a reading rut. I think it has to do with a little bit of lady hormones and such, so I’m sure it’ll pass in a few days. I want to get back to reading where I left off in the A Song of Ice and Fire series!

6. Craft more. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I cannot bring myself to do anything crafty related lately. Oh wait, I did fix up this jewelry box for a Mother’s Day gift, but that was it. I bet my sewing machine is feeling neglected. Poor thing. I need to dust her off soon and put some of my ever growing fabric stash to good use.
7. Be a better friend. I hope I’m doing OK here, but I honestly don’t know. I’ve been kind of bummed out lately because I have pretty much no friends here. Maintaining long distance friendships is hard and I think I might suck at it. Hopefully I’ll get to see some friends when I’m visiting back home this summer.

8. Stay positive. Despite some of the crappy stuff that’s happened recently I’m still staying pretty positive. I think. Or at least positive for me, Melissa. I’m not a super enthusiastic, upbeat person by nature, and I’m prone to having perma-bitch face. But I really, really am trying. And when things get me down I’m trying not to totally fly off that handle or let it destroy me temporarily, which I’ve been prone to do at times in the past. Maybe the yoga is helping! I really need to chill out I think.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my progress this month. Mainly the exercise part.
I’m hoping to kick it up a notch in June! Hopefully I’ll be back with great results on my next update.


So how are you doing on your resolutions? Did you make any?
Have you checked up on them at all lately?