Monthly Resolution Check-in

First off, how weird is it that no Pinspiration Project post went up today?! It’s so odd to me that it’s Tuesday and it’s not up. If you recall, Amber, Sarah, and I decided to end The Pinspiration Project after 25 weeks of running it together. It was fun, but it was getting to be a chore and we all decided to end it now and move on to bigger and better things blog-wise. Don’t worry! I will still be doing plenty of “pin”-spirational crafty stuff in the future. There just won’t be a linky party to go along with it.

Well,  February flew by.
I know I’m a couple days late on this, but it’s time to check in on those resolutions again!

Original New Year’s Resolution post here.
January check in here.

1. Be more active. Yes! I finally made progress with this one. As you recall, I’ve been practicing yoga and I’m obsessed with it. So yay for finally getting off my butt and doing something!

2. Make date night a priority. So we didn’t have any “date nights” in February, but we did get a “day date” once where we got to go shopping together without the kids, and it was blissful. Sad that a shopping trip alone with my husband makes me that happy, right? Date night needs to be a priority! I guess I still need to work on this one.

3. Be a better wife. Check! I’ve been trying to be extra awesome since he’s been sick lately, so I’ve been waiting on him hand & foot trying to nurse him back to health. He’s got it pretty good when doesn’t feel well and I’m around.

4. Be a better mom. This is one that’s always open for improvement, but I think I rocked this one this month. My kids love me 🙂

{click to enlarge}

5. Read more, watch less. I did pretty well towards the beginning of the month with reading, but then life got crazy and hectic so I kind of slacked off again. However, we did drastically downgrade our Dish Network plan, which saves us tons of money and keeps me away from the TV a lot more. I’m hoping to kick up the reading some more in March- I’ve got a ton of great new books loaded on my Nook.

6. Craft more. I’m still totally slacking on this one, but I feel the sewing bug coming back. I just got some great new fabric, so I’m excited to start some new quilting projects! Plus it’s almost spring, which means I can spray paint outside again. Can’t wait!

7. Be a better friend. I think I’ve done well on this one. I’ve tried to be more plugged in & available when my friends need me.

8. Stay positive. This one was hard because February was kind of a depressing month for me. It was cold, rainy, money was tight, and I let a lot of stress get to me. My husband is so good at trying to keep me from being a Debbie Downer, but sometimes it totally got the best of me. March is another month though! I’m just going to keep reading this list and hopefully it inspires me.

How are you doing on your resolutions?
Have you been checking in on them regularly?