Monthly resolution check in

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It’s that time again!
Time to check on my New Year’s Resolutions.


Let’s recap & check in. Here are my goals and progress this month:


1. Be more active. I told you last month that I kicked butt on this one, and I must admit, I kicked some serious behind again this month- and I do mean that literally. I’ve been on a mission to really tone up my butt. Why? I’m tiny, and I’ve never had a butt. What I do have is pretty small and flat, and dang it, I want my pants to stay up when I button them! I’ve been doing this Brazilian butt workout I pinned to my Pinterest board and I’m seeing some results! My legs are pretty toned and I’ve bulked up a little bit (which is a good thing for me). This entire workout leaves me shaking and my legs feeling like Jello.


2. Make date night a priority. Unfortunately date night didn’t happen this month. Boo.

3. Be a better wife. I didn’t do anything extraordinary this month by any means. But my husband left this rad Facebook comment on one of my new pictures I posted so I’m pretty sure he’s happy with my awesome wifeliness (yes, that’s a word).

(And before anyone gets their panties in a twist about his “fat” comment, please, it wasn’t meant as a jab at anyone. He was simply trying to pay me a compliment in his usual silly, smart-ass way. It was not meant to offend!)


4. Be a better mom. This one has been hard the last month because we were all sick and cooped up inside a lot because of the rainy, crappy weather. I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like I “over-parent” or over-correct them a lot so I’m trying to let them be a little more independent and not intervene for every little whine or fight. It’s tough!


5. Read more, watch less. Again, doing really good on this one. It’s actually been way easy since we cut our Dish subscription way down. There’s pretty much never anything good on anymore so the TV is off a lot now. This last month I finished up A Feast For Crows and read all of A Dance With Dragons and Looking for Alaska. The George RR Martin books are like 3 books in one, so the fact that I read them both in the same month and still had time for another one is pretty awesome. They are super long and amazingly good!


6. Craft more. I’m gonna go with a big NO on this one. But, I did place an order online for some fabric and stuff that I’ve been needing to finish up an older project. It will be here within the week, so hopefully I’ll have a better update for you next month.


7. Be a better friend. Sorry guys, I suck. A trip back to my hometown is coming up soon though, so I’m hoping to see some old friends and make up for being such a sucky person lately.


8. Stay positive. I was in a pretty crappy mood overall this month. I blame my crazy hormones. I’m hoping now that the weather is actually nice I’ll change my tune.


So how are you doing on your resolutions? Did you make any?
Have you checked up on them at all lately?