Money-Saving Travel Tips


    Being on a budget does not mean that the “fun factor” of your trips will be compromised. Actually, traveling on a budget is not a new thing anymore, as there are many clever ways to save money while you’re on a holiday. While looking for ways to stretch your budget when you’re out on the road is undoubtedly challenging, it also allows you to tap your enterprising and creative potential (it’s rather fun, even).

    Here are some money-saving travel tips that actually work:

    1) Choose to stay in hostels

    It cannot be denied that hostels are every backpacker’s choice because they are pocket-friendly. While there are different types of hostels – there are party hostels, boutique hostels, rural hostels, etc. – they all offer the same basic amenities like bedding, bathroom and restroom, and sometimes a kitchenette. You can pay as little as over $2 for a single night of stay there.

    2) Travel in off-peak seasons

    If you have the chance to avoid peak season travel, it’s better to take advantage of it! It’s not just summer and spring that you should avoid; there are also Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Hotels and other lodgings slash their rates by almost half and flights are also cheaper in low-peak seasons. Bonus advantages: enjoy less crowds and more chances of sight-seeing in relative peace.

    3) Be flexible with your flights

    The pricing of flights may fluctuate significantly depending on the month, weeks, days and even hours. So do your own research, keep yourself up-to-date on the airline rates and grab the cheapest flights you can find.

    4) Seek out for experiences over material things

    Instead of collecting pricey souvenirs on your way back home, why don’t you focus instead on collecting worthwhile experiences and creating beautiful memories while you’re out on the road? They are better gifts than material things and they are way more memorable and special as time goes by. You can make your own souvenirs anyway by taking pictures of your travel highlights from your own phone or camera — and that’s free of charge!


    5) Book in advance

    Another foolproof way of saving money on your travels is to book in advance, but many travelers and tourists are still oblivious about its advantages. Always be reminded that the closer you get to your travel date, the higher the rates will be – last-minute prices often tend to rise. Advance booking isn’t only restricted to air and hotel fares, but can also be extended to other things such as domestic rail tickets.

    6) Find establishments that offer free Wi-Fi

    To save data on your mobile, look for places that offer free Wi-Fi. Good examples include libraries, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, museums and other public places. Many forms of public transport like trains and buses also offer free Wi-Fi.

    7) Eat like a local

    Not only exploring local cuisine is fun and adds to your traveling experiences, it also saves you money. Plus, it helps you to eat better. Dining at local restaurants, hole-in-the-walls and outdoor vendors not only allows you to eat cheaply, but it also gets you exposed to diverse tastes and the freshest ingredients.

    8) Shop like a local

    It’s better to steer clear of touristy souvenir shops and explore off-the-beaten-path markets and shops that are actually patronized by the locals. If the local culture allows it, you may have to try bargaining, but don’t overdo it.

    9) Walk!

    Of course, you can only do that once you have flown to your destination. Walking the best way to get around and explore a new town or city. Not to mention it also saves you a lot of money.

    But if you are too tired to walk or your desired tourist spot seems quite far from where you’re staying, you can always take public transport, which comes typically cheap.

    Anticipate a lot of walking, so expect your feet to feel sore a bit. It’s always great to have a handy foot massager like this foot massage ball which is handy, practical and most importantly, effective in giving relief your feet. It doesn’t take a lot of storage in your handbag and is affordable, too.

    10) Get paid!

    Is it possible to have a side job while you’re on a holiday? The answer is, a big yes! If you’re looking for some extra cash to pay for your travel expenses or to build up your savings, you can find several side jobs that are not only profitable, but can also enrich your traveling experience. From fruit picking to teaching English, there is a wide host of available options.

    Many people nowadays make money from travel blogging/vlogging or being a YouTuber, so you can take a shot at it, too. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase a high-end action camera to chronicle your travel adventures. It only takes a smartphone camera and a knack for creative content to build up a good travel blog or website. Not only it will help you gain an audience, but it can also make money on the side.


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