Mid-week confessions

Hi lovelies! Today’s blog post is just a fun one where I share a few mid-week confessions. We’re already halfway through the week and these are just some little tidbits that are on my mind…
I miss sleep. Seriously guys…I’ve been sleeping in 2-3 hour chunks for 6 weeks now and I’m dyyyyying. OK, not really, but I’m seriously exhausted. I need my sleep. No really, I cannot function on this little sleep. I put Harper and Josiah both down for bed at 8pm (I use the term “bed” loosely with Josiah, as he actually sleeps in a swing right now. Don’t judge me- it’s the only way this guy will let me get any shut eye! We’re confessing here). I try to fall asleep by 9 or 10pm, which is usually easy because I’m so tired, but sometimes I get stuck on my phone in bed catching up on emails, Facebook, Instagram, taking a few Snaps, sending a few tweets, pinning projects I’ll never do- you know the bedtime drill! My husband will catch me still awake and order me to sleep because it’s my only chance. Part of me wants to just fast-forward to the time when babies sleep through the night…

 Swaddled in his swing…he escaped the straitjacket! 

I’m scared to have sex. Ahem…TMI, I know, but I just have to get this out there: I’m terrified. Simply because it was only 6 short weeks ago that I birthed a 7 1/2 pound human out of that area, so I think you know where I’m going. Ouch. My poor husband though- I do feel for him, but I’m just not sure I’m physically healed and ready yet. Anyone else have these reservations after childbirth? Plus, you know, I’m exhausted, so that would cut into sleep time some more. The struggle.

I feel like I’m a diaper changing milk machine. I confess: my two year old is nowhere near being potty trained (she’s terrified of Pull-Ups for some reason & she will only sit on the potty with a diaper on). So that means I’ve got two in diapers, which means I change about 500 diapers a day, which resulted in me calling the city and asking for a bigger garbage can for outside (seriously). Josiah also loves to eat every 5 minutes, so I feel like my boobs are just out and he’s at an all day buffet. I’m literally nursing on demand. I wish he’d fill up and stay full!

Having a newborn and a toddler is hard. Truer words have never been spoken and I feel like most days I’m struggling hard. If I can get in the car to drop my husband off at work, put on some sort of daytime clothing, get both babies to nap at the same time, and make dinner all in the same day it’s a miracle. Most days I only accomplish half of those things though and I still feel like I’ve run a marathon. By the time the big kids get home from school I’m counting down to bedtime and wishing I could skip the whole dinner thing.

A quick trip to Target!
How I look most days I leave the house- hat & big glasses for the win!

I’m way too excited for TWD to return. If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to though, it’s the return of The Walking Dead. We’ve waited so long to know who died on the season finale- who’s it going to be? I’m thinking it’s Glenn, but I hope I’m wrong! Hoping to resume my traditional TWD viewing party with my friend Jodi and her husband (she lives just a few blocks away and I don’t have cable anymore), but I’m not sure how I’m going to finagle that with my bouncing baby boy who can’t bear to be away from my boobs for that long. He may just have to come along. Don’t worry- I’ll cover his eyes at the scary parts 😉


Only two more sleeps until it’s Friday! Which, if you’re a mom means nothing, haha.