Making progress & finished a dresser!

I made some progress on the kitchen table redo & it’s coming along nicely. I’ve done 3 coats of black on the table & 2 coats on the chairs. I’m thinking 4 coats should probably do the trick, and then I’m going to spray on a few layers of polyacrylic over everything and maybe do a heavy duty clear coat over the table to really protect it from scratches and dings and all that good stuff. Here’s a few pictures from yesterday and today…
A primed chair & a chair with 1 coat of paint…you can see why so many coats are required!
 The table is coming along beautifully. I love it! Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

A chair with 2 coats of paint…we’re slowly getting there. That’s a lot of nooks & crannies to get into!
Today was finally a beautiful, sunny day, which means I got to get outside & paint Lily’s dresser! If you remember my last post here I showed you the gorgeous Tiffany’s inspired dresser I found in blog-land that I just had to recreate. Well, it turned out perfectly, if I do say so myself!
Here is the before picture. Cute little dresser with lots of potential!

I used my new favorite primer, Kilz!


 Sprayed the hardware with Krylon’s Matte Aluminum.


Then I did 4 thin coats of Krylon’s Ocean Breeze.


(This picture was after the first coat…I’m kind of new to spray paint so that’s why it took me so many to get full coverage. Luckily Krylon dries super fast and even faster in the sun, so it was only about 5 minutes between each coat).
 And the finished product! I used a little brush and painted the detail work with Folk Art’s Metallic Pearl (found at Michael’s). This stuff is soooo pretty & made it pop!

I love how the handles turned out!

Lily loves her new dresser! She showed it off to daddy the second he got home from work.
Isn’t it gorgeous? I keep peeking my head into her bedroom every time I walk by just to get a quick look at it.
This was a super fun and easy project. I’d say all in all it only took maybe 90 minutes from start to finish. Everything dried super fast because it was sunny and warm out, so it was a quick makeover! A big thank you goes out to Mallory and Savannah at Classy Clutter for their inspiration for this dresser redo. You can check out their blog at & find their original Tiffany Inspired dresser here. Check out their blog…they have some super cute ideas! I love them. I can’t wait to start on my next project!
xoxo Melissa
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