Easy DIY Christmas Card Ideas


    It’s been a long-standing Christmas custom to send cards to loved ones. Nothing’s more personal or thoughtful than receiving one-of-a-kind homemade Christmas cards. 

    While you can certainly head to your neighborhood store to pick up a few cards with Christmas quotes, DIY cards have a charming, unique touch. Though it can be challenging, don’t worry too much about it. You can get started by choosing one of the many easy and tasteful DIY Christmas card ideas found here.

    Snow Globe Card

    Add a holiday photo of you and your family to personalize your Christmas card. Choose your favorite card stock to make a snow globe, print a picture, and cut out a circle. Remember to include sequins for a magical, shaken appearance.

    Sponge Printed Christmas Card

    Encourage your kids to yield cool things! Give them some green paint, a sponge, and lots of tiny ornaments (like sequins), so they can create their own custom Christmas tree.

    Stitched Christmas Card

    These simple cards have a hand-stitched appearance thanks to embroidery floss, which will impress your recipients.

    Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card

    Try paper quilling to add a 3D effect to a Christmas tree card. The paper strips give your tree an elegant, airy appearance. Even though it takes some time, it’s relaxing and settling.

    Elf Christmas Card

    This adorable elf card is a fantastic choice for crafting with a young child. Create the face using the pattern from their handprint, and then use colored card stock to cut out the hat and neck trim.

    Handwritten Christmas Card


    The handwritten look is always nice, but it takes a lot of time to handwrite Christmas cards, especially if you have to send twenty of them. Write out just one-holiday phrase instead, then scan it. After that, you can print it over your artwork or pictures on numerous cards!

    Pom-Pom Wreath Card

    Gluing a circle of pom-poms to a card is the definition of low maintenance! Fortunately, this simple Christmas card design is still very attractive.

    Fingerprint Lights Christmas Card

    Make your version of this fun card by using your fingerprints (or your children’s fingerprints) and some paint.

    Family Photo Garland

    This year, replace the traditional family portrait with a string garland featuring each member’s animated cutouts. Anybody who opens the card will enjoy the pleasant surprise!

    Christmas Village Silhouette Cards

    Capture a frosty vibe with these Christmas village cutouts. You can choose any backing color, whether conventional red or green or something more striking like hot pink.

    Christmas Cocoa Gift Card Holder

    A gift card and some hot cocoa will do! This sweet gift card holder is easy to make and a great way to dress up any last-minute present.

    Abstract Colorful Christmas Card

    A card that resembles a stained glass window is created by the way that shapes and colors intersect. These lovely creations are simple to assemble and make for enjoyable coloring activities for children.

    Woodland Card

    If adorable mushrooms and little bunnies make you happy, you’ll adore this woodland card. Paint the bunny, add plant details, and attach a printed holiday greeting.

    Paper Cut Christmas Card

    Female hands hold Merry Christmas card and envelope. Christmas tree background

    You’ll require a Cricut machine, a silhouette cameo, or a craft knife for this one, but the result is stunning. Recreating these won’t take long if you have the right equipment and downloadable files.

    Geometric Christmas Card Envelopes

    Why confine your imagination to the card alone? Any handmade card gets a fun, unexpected flourish from a geometric, fold-your-own envelope.

    Cotton Ball Snowman Card

    You’ve never seen a snowman that was cuter.  These cards are sweet, unique, and cozy. Attach your family photos to the template’s body with glue, then add cotton balls for fake snow.

    Pop-Up Snowflakes and Snowman Christmas Card

    When they open this card, your recipient will find a sweet surprise: snowflakes and a cute snowman.

    Christmas Village Cards

    Cut out a silhouette of a Christmas town to make a simple craft, then add paper snowflakes and unexpected bold colors, like vivid pinks.

    Polka-Dot Christmas Cards

    Are you prepared to make an incredibly easy festive DIY Christmas card? You require ink pads and a pencil eraser to embellish these wreaths, trees, and snowman cards.

    Snowman Button Card

    It seems as though white buttons were designed to be tiny snowmen! On a brown card, include a string bow, a sweet little hat, and some ribbon for a festive touch.

    3D Christmas Tree Card

    childrens diy concept

    Give this simple-to-fold 3D paper Christmas tree card a try when a flat layout doesn’t feel festive enough. Cut paper into squares of varying sizes, fold each square into a triangle, and glue the triangles together to create the trees. Include your unique gemstone design for the stars!

    Happy Grinchmas Card

    Here is a cool craft idea for you and your kids that is a little messy. In no time, you’ll have a Grinch if you paint their fingers red and palms green. Add cotton balls to the hat and draw a grumpy face to finish the design.

    Minimalist Cutout Christmas Cards

    Purchase sets of white, brown, and red cards, then create a pretty pattern with a stamp puncher. You should then stick the red card inside for color transparency. Easy peasy!

    Miniature Lights Christmas Card

    This year, add illumination to your holiday card with the help of flat-back mini lights and some baker’s twine.

    Coffee Cup To-Go Card

    What better way to convey warm wishes than with a tiny coffee cup for those on the go? This card is ideal for use as a simple Christmas card car.

    Christmas Tree Card

    Most likely, you already possess the supplies needed to create these priceless Christmas cards. All you need is glittery paper, card stock, a Sharpie, googly eyes, and either a bow for the gift or a pom-pom for the nose of the Christmas tree.

    Pastel Christmas Cards

    There is no doubt that pastels belong during the holiday season. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could make your own raised word stickers using a Cricut Joy machine rather than purchasing them from your neighborhood craft store to stick to the cards made from scrapbook paper of your choice. The small crafting device can cut all types of vinyl, paper, and iron-on materials.

    Unlike a dull, generic card that will end up in the trash after the holiday season, a homemade card is almost certain to be kept and possibly even displayed for a long time. Everyone will be proud to display these simple DIY Christmas cards you’ll make for them in their Christmas card holders, whether you’re an expert crafter or the least artistic person you know. 


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