Luxury Gift Ideas


    Hoping to leave a lasting impression on your boss? Wishing to commemorate a special occasion with your significant other in a more memorable way? Or perhaps, you simply want to show gratitude and love to your parents? 

    There are many ways to show that you value a special person. There is no better way than by presenting to them something very valuable! Fortunately, there is an array of luxury items to choose from that are made available through the list in this article!

    1. Smartwatch

    Smart watch telling time, steps and heart beats

    It is not uncommon to present watches as a gift, but in this age of advancing technology, rapid developments, fast-paced lifestyles, and value for work-life balance, some people need more than just a watch. A smartwatch is a fantastic option to dive beyond the usual capabilities of a watch, which is telling the time. With its sleek and modern design, not only does it elevate itself aesthetically, but it also does so functionally. Many smartwatches have interesting and beneficial features such as a heartbeat monitor, timer, alarm, calculator, sleeping monitor, step counter, and extension for notifications.  The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch and it even comes in a luxury Hermes edition. 

    2. Cufflinks

    man putting on cufflinks

    For those unfamiliar with cufflinks, these are accessories that fasten the cuffs of shirts. If a shirt has no buttons on the cuffs, then cufflinks are absolutely necessary. This isn’t a disadvantage but rather an opportunity to add a finishing touch to a person’s outfit. There are many types of cufflinks, such as the bullet back cufflink, which is the most popular and easiest to wear. Cufflinks may be made of gold, platinum, or silver, among others, and decorated with precious stones or other decorative materials. 

    3. Fountain Pen

    woman writing with fountain pen

    Often presented as graduation gifts, fountain pens symbolize creativity, goodwill, professionalism, and hopes for a successful career. These classy, elegant tools are used to sign the most important documents and write meaningful letters.  Especially for workplace settings, where mixed signals and propriety are often issues, a fountain pen is perfect for drawing the line between a close relationship and a professional one. Fountain pens may also be personalized with gold or silver ink writings and are often bought with a gift box.

    4. Luxury Scented Candles

    fancy candle with ribbon and coffee beans

    Did you know that our sense of smell is the closest linked sense to memory and emotions? Indeed, certain scents can draw a person back to their fondest memories. Hence, it’s no surprise that luxury scented candles are a great present option. Some candle scents have specific meanings attached to them, such as jasmine, which is a symbol of love and seduction. Additionally, these candles can improve moods, simulate feelings of relaxation, soothe the body, and alleviate stress. It is also a perfect ornament that can easily suit any home style – minimalistic, classic, or art deco!

    5. Espresso Machine

    espresso machine and cup of coffee

    Make their morning every morning with a fancy, state-of-the-art espresso machine! Let your special someone skip the line in premium coffee stores through the convenience offered by an espresso machine. If they are the type to be environmentally conscious and a fan of the 3-R’s, then this gift is another way of showing them how well you know them! Since the espresso machine diverts them away from the plastic cups and materials of commercial stores, they’re making less waste. Additionally, if they use whole bean coffee, they might even be able to make compost for their gardens!

    6. Wine

    wine bottle and wine glasses

    Wine is perfect for all occasions: birthday parties, Christmas, the opening of their new business establishment, a celebratory event – you name it! Often packaged stylishly, a wine bottle comes in a box already good to go. Moreover, wines never expire and even sharpen their distinguished taste throughout time: making them taste better as time passes. The gift can be made even more special by purchasing one made in the same year as their birthday or anniversary or from their place of origin to show your respect for their heritage. Not only is wine a delight to drink, but it also offers plenty of good health benefits. Multiple research studies have shown that wine in moderation is good for the heart and can help keep a person mentally agile.

    7. Tie Clip

    tie clip with treble clef design

    Also known as a tie bar, tie clasp, or tie slide, a tie clip is, as its name describes: an accessory clipped on ties. It is necessary to prevent the tie from swinging and moving around and maintain a neat appearance. Tie clips are often available in gold, silver, platinum, and rose gold. If you buy a set for your friend or boss, they can mix and match the tie clips with their ties to find the best complementary color combination! Some tie clips are customized to include the wearer’s surname or initials.

    8. Premium Golf Balls Set

    golf balls on box and grass

    Even though you’re “simply” getting golf balls for your friend, parent, boss, or loved one, it is to be noted that golf is one of the most expensive sports and is a luxury sport. Thus, even the balls are already considered a luxury gift. If you are familiar with their favorite golfer, you can opt to buy golf balls of the brand they sponsor or those they have signed. If that’s a difficult thing to remember about your friend, then you can get golf balls in their favorite color. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also give golf tees to match their golf balls.

    9. Turntable Vinyl Record Player

    Turntable Vinyl Record Player

    If your friend is an “old soul” or your parents are still stuck in their 20s, then take a trip down memory lane and get them a Turntable Vinyl Record Player! This present would be a well-loved addition to anyone’s collection of vintage items. You can also purchase vinyl records from their favorite musicians and bands. Turntable Vinyl Record Players are vintage, but there are also ones newly made but designed to look vintage: a good option if you’re looking for something that will last longer.

    Buying a luxury gift that uniquely suits their needs, wants, and preferences are one way to make the most of your money. We hope you have found the perfect gift for your special someone with this list of gift ideas!


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