Lily turns 6- here’s your cat!

Saturday was my daughter’s birthday. I seriously cannot believe that she is six now. It’s crazy to me to think that it’s been six years since I was in that hospital room getting ready to meet her this sweet girl.
She’s so big now. She’s halfway done with Kindergarten and she’s doing so amazing in school. Her teacher loves her and told me at her parent-teacher conference that she’s a teacher’s dream and that she wishes she had a class full of Lilys. (side note: I struggled with this spelling- is it Lilys, Lily’s, Lilys’ or Lilies? It’s plural but not possessive, but it’s a name. Apostrophe? No? Drop the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’? Why am I still thinking about this?) Anyway, she is loving school and she is doing so great at everything. She’s a big girl now, and super excited about being a big sister soon.
We made hot pink cupcakes with sprinkles for her class.
(We’re getting really fancy with the boxed cake mix!)
Monster High doll & a secret diary, complete with a lock and key.
As is our birthday tradition around here, we went to Red Robin for lunch. We love birthdays at Red Robin. For one thing, the birthday kid eats free with a coupon we get emailed to us every year. And for another, you get a free birthday sundae and they sing to you. Oh, and they have balloons. Don’t forget the balloons!
She got some cool, big-framed pink sunglasses that she rocked for the entire meal. When it was time for the birthday sundae and singing she pretended to be shy, but she secretly loved the attention of the entire restaurant on her. I could not believe she ate that entire sundae. By the time she was done it was scraped and licked clean!
I think her favorite part of her birthday this year was the cat she got to pick out and bring home from the Humane Society. We had been talking about getting her a kitten now that we are in our new house and have the extra room, but we wanted her to pick it out herself. We looked everywhere and could not find any kittens, which was crazy to me. Apparently it’s not “kitten season” and everywhere I looked told me to check back in April. Well, we weren’t having that, and there were plenty of sweet adult cats that needed homes. She ended up choosing a big, fat, fluffy 6 year old cat she named Muffin. No joke, Muffin is seriously obese and needs to go on a diet. I’m going to schedule her a vet appointment to see what we need to do to get her to a healthy weight and to make sure she’s OK otherwise. But she is the sweetest cat and I’ve actually grown to love her already too, and I’m not the biggest cat fan. I’m so happy for Lily. She loves cats and had been wanting one for some time now. Her dream of being a crazy cat lady can now be fulfilled.
What a perfect end to her birthday weekend! We’ll be doing a little more celebrating this coming weekend too when my husband’s family visits. Any excuse to go out to eat and bake more cupcakes, right?!