Lily turns 3

I just realized that I forgot to write a blog about my daughter’s birthday. Apparently I updated my Facebook and completely forgot to mention it in my blog…oops! It’s been kind of a crazy week.
So my little Lily turned 3 on March 1st. Wow how time sure flies! Here she is when she was first born and we were taking her home from the hospital:
And here is my big 3 year old toddler at her 3rd birthday party:
(By the way, the night before her party Shayne finished the skull on my arm, so now my 2nd sleeve is about 95% done. It just needs a few touch ups in a couple spots & it will be done! Yay!)

We decided to keep her party small and have it just be my family (since they were already planning on coming for a visit the weekend before her birthday). So it was just us four and my parents. I figured as long as we had my family together, cupcakes, decorations, and a pinata then Lily would be happy, and boy was she happy! My mom started a tradition when Ayden was 3 of getting one of those balloon tanks you can buy at Walmart so that the kids can have helium filled balloons at the birthday party and the kids absolutely love it. It only costs $20 and it’s totally worth it!
So my parents arrived on Saturday and we had decided to do the “party” on Sunday because Shayne works on Saturdays. Of course the kids couldn’t wait for presents so my parents usually give them the presents right when they get to the house…and I mean right when they get to the house. They literally come in, give hugs and kisses, say hi to everyone, then start bringing in the bags of presents! The kids are just way too excited and it’s cruel making them wait a whole day for presents, lol. And we also have a tradition in my family that all of the kids get presents, regardless of who’s birthday it is. That way no one is left out and everyone is happy. Of course the birthday boy or girl gets bigger presents, but the other kid is happy to rip open a present as well!
Pretty new dress! We <3 Target
 Ken & Barbie set (thanks mom! I tried to find this but it was out of stock everywhere)

Optimus Prime Transformer that really transforms at the touch of a button! It’s awesome!

Aww, I love Barbie’s retro swimsuit…I want one for myself! But Ken needs a haircut lol

Who knew Barbie had a “Glam Pool”? Well apparently she does

This is one of those kick board things that you lay on your tummy on & swim with…perfect for his pool

Ta-dah! Grandma surprised us all with the Barbie Glam House! It was a last minute purchase she made because she knew we wanted to get Lily one but we got her a Nintendo DS instead. Grandma saved the day again! Yay Grandma!

Moon Sand! Ayden is so excited. Thanks mom…you know how I hate messy toys…this has yet to be played with still-sorry Ayden! I hid it in a cupboard in the kitchen. I’ll break it out someday soon. (and I really need to get over my ocd cleanliness issues for the sake of my kids’ play things!)

Barbie’s Glam House all put together! Complete with a toilet & a flat screen tv. Wow, Barbie’s come a long way since I was a kid. Lily said “I don’t want her to have a toilet though.” haha

Ok, my mother had to assure me that it was ok to let Lily put real water in the Glam Pool & let her play with it at the dining room table for a while. I was cringing the whole time but she loved it. Only when Grandma is here though Lily! The pool has been dry since they left ūüôā We use pretend water!

I absolutely love this picture. Before bedtime, Ayden and Grandma were both geeking out & playing Nintendo DS together. It was a sweet little moment that I’m glad I captured (and doesn’t her hair look good? It’s growing in a lot since she stopped chemo!) Yay
So this was day 1 of my parents visit. Oh, I almost forgot! On Saturday night Shayne tattooed my dad & he got his first tattoo ever! 
My mom’s name, after 25 years of marriage. Yay dad!
So the next day was Sunday, the day of Lily’s party. My mom had a migraine so we let her nap on the couch while I made the birthday cupcakes & my dad blew up the balloons with the kids. Thankfully by the time we were ready to party my mom was feeling much better!
My little cupcake helper eating a spoonful of frosting

Princess cupcakes done by me!
 Her princes party stuff

Grandpa and the kids blowing up the balloons with helium


Ayden & Lily ready to party!

She’s back for more frosting with her bundle of balloons!

Pink frosting is the best

Ayden blew up a balloon and he said it looked like a whale…I agree!

Lily helping grandpa measure & cut the ribbon for the balloons. What a good helper!

She was jumping up and down with her balloons!

The kids being crazy running back and forth through the house filled with balloons!
¬†Little cuties ūüôā
 Lighting her candles
 She was SO excited when we sang Happy Birthday!
(last year she plugged her ears & yelled “It’s TOO LOUD!” haha)
 Happy girl
 Blowing out her candles

 Yay Lily!
 She took a big bite of frosting
 And then mommy took a big bite too!
¬†Sitting on daddy’s lap eating her birthday cupcake…she’s a daddy’s girl
 Frosting kisses!
¬†Grandpa & Ayden eating their cupcakes…they each had 2!
After we did the cupcakes we did the pinata. Now, we had planned to do it outside because it was supposed to be sunny and warm (well, at least warm for February in Washington). But it ended up being a little rainy but really windy. (we get a TON of really bad wind storms here all the time). So we had to figure out a way to do the pinata inside. We thought about having grandpa or daddy just hold it while the kids took swings at it, but we’ve all seen too many America’s Funniest Home Videos where the dad gets hit in the groin, so we didn’t want to chance that! Shayne & my dad ended up hanging it from the ceiling fan in the office, an idea that didn’t sit well with me at first, but it ended up working out ok. Let me forewarn you…our office is the only messy room in our house, and the only people who ever go in there are me and Shayne. So please don’t look at these pictures and think that we are some crazy hoarders or something. It’s just a little cluttered because for one, there are a ton of boxes in there from Christmas decorations that haven’t made it back out to the shed, and two, Shayne & I have to share the room so it gets used for my sewing & crafting stuff and his computer, painting, music writing & guitar playing, and his tattoo drawing area. What I’m trying to say is please excuse the mess and clutter in the background of the pictures. If I’d known we were going to do a pinata in there and we were going to take pictures I would have cleaned it up a little more lol. Oh, and also, the only bat we had was a foam covered one that we used for Ayden’s pinata and it wasn’t hard enough to break his pinata, so we used a big stick we found in our yard that had blown down in the wind storm. How ghetto are we? Whatever, it worked and the kids had fun! That’s all that I care about!
Here’s Lily taking her first swing with the help of daddy
Get it girl!

Showing me her big muscles she used to beat the pinata!

Ayden’s first swing. Check out his face!
 Daddy helping to stop it so he could get a good hit in

It was swinging a little too high!
 After about 10 minutes of futile attempts to break it daddy finally helped to rip it open. Candy!
 That was fun!
 Awww, she loves her daddy. I think she was thanking him for all of her birthday stuff right here. So cute!
 Me & my little guy
¬†I don’t know what Ayden was doing here. Trying to look tough maybe?!
Right after the pinata stuff was done my parents had to get ready to head home. They had a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Idaho and they have snow there and were expecting to get more snow that night, so they wanted to get on the road before it got dark. Before they left I wanted to get some good family pictures of all of us. It’s not often that I think to hand the camera to someone else and get some good shots of all four of us together and I wanted to take advantage of it! (And thanks to my mom for taking most of the birthday pictures with my camera too so that I could be in the shots as well). So here are some pictures I edited of my family. We hadn’t had a good pictures of us since my brother’s wedding last summer.
Me & the love of my life! 
¬†I wish he wasn’t wearing a hat in these, but oh well, he still looks hot
 My sweet little family of four
 I love this one, Lily was so sleepy from all of the party fun and sugar

 He loves me
¬†I love this one…Lily was pouting because I wouldn’t pick her up (sorry Lily, doctor’s orders!)
Me & my babies! They are growing up & I’m getting old
 My parents with their only 2 grandbabies! They are the best grandparents ever
 Me & my mom with the kids
 Me & Lillers
We had a great visit with my parents and even though we didn’t invite any other kids my two crazy kids had a great time with just all of us together. I very much prefer this type of party instead of a house full of kids screaming, running, crying, breaking things, spilling, & jumping on my furniture. We’ve done big parties like that and it’s so loud and chaotic and I spend most of my time entertaining other people and I don’t get to spend much time with my family or my special birthday boy or girl at their party and it makes me sad. Family is much more important and this was just perfect for us. Like I said before, throw in some cupcakes, balloons, and a pinata and I have two very happy kids! It was so much fun and less stressful for everyone.
Happy Birthday Lily Ann Swenson. We love you more than you know!