Light Up Fashion Accessories



Who wouldn’t like to stand out while walking with your like-minded, fashion-forward friends? There are many ways to stand out among your friends, and one of it is through fashion. These days, it’s not enough that your clothes look good… they should also literally glow! Check out and browse these glowing fashion items!

LED Shoelaces


LED Shoelaces


Wanna be the life of the party or steal the dance floor? You can rock these shoes with LED shoelaces! These battery-powered shoelaces emit a dazzling colorful glow that can last up to 70 hours of straight usage! They light up in any of these three modes: solid, flashing or strobe.


LED Sneakers


LED Sneakers


By wearing a pair of this LED Sneakers, you can light up the streets with your great fashion sense. These eye-catching kicks sport a wrap-around LED band that can be customized with one of seven colors so that you can them with any outfit.

This sneaker gives fantastic LED light, which is controlled by a switch. Every time you press the switch, it gives a different color. It has 7 colors available, and the light turns off when the switch is pressed on the 8th and 9th time.


Fiber Optic Hoodie




Wearing hoodies is cool, but you know what is cooler than a hoodie? A light-up hoodie, of course! Weaved with half-a-mile long of fiber optic, this glowing hoodie will instantly make you a standout among your buddies. It glows in four colors: blue, green, purple and red.


LED Wedding Dress




Live out your magical fairytale fantasies while marrying your Prince Charming with this stunning LED wedding dress! This gorgeous gown itself is made of satin and incorporated with fiber optic that gives it an otherworldly glow.

The glow comes in four fixed colors, while seven colors automatically in different modes — fade, flash, smooth and strobe. You can also change the glowing colors through the remote control.


Flashing LED Earrings


Flashing LED Earrings


Other earrings merely dazzle. But these earrings literally glow! Wearing these “lit” earrings, you can steal anyone’s attention at the party or at the dance floor. These are run by batteries and glow by seven various colors. Ideal for festivals and fun night events.


LED Fiber Optic Jacket


LED Fiber Optic Jacket Light up Coat Club Wear LED Luminous Clothing for Party,Mobile APP Control-jpeg


This eye-catching and luminous dinner jacket is made from thousands of fiber optic, which glows in different colors: green, blue and red.


Glow up, and stand out by wearing these light-up fashion accessories and have confidence while hanging out with your friends.