Life lately & some goals

It’s been awhile since my last personal update. Once again, time just slipped by me and then I realized I’ve only done seven blog posts in 2015 so far. Oops. I’ll work on that. I mean, I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot, but I really haven’t. It’s just that when I do blog it takes me for-EVER now with Harper around.



Speaking of Harper, can you believe she’s 8 months old now?! How is it that 8 months have gone by since I gave birth to this little chunk? I know I’ve said this a million times before but time is flying by me at warp speed. For real. Sometimes it feels like it’s only been 8 weeks because it’s just slipped away so quickly and she’s growing up so fast. She’s showing no signs of wanting to crawl yet (she still hates tummy time) but she just recently started to like standing with support. Her big ol’ thunder thighs are getting really strong and I’m starting to think she may just be a walker, rather than a crawler. She’s a super happy baby now that her acid reflux has subsided and she pretty much smiles all the time. It melts my heart. I’m happy to say were are still going strong and are breastfeeding, though happily (for me) not as often as we were a few months ago. She was a pretty demanding baby in the beginning and was wanting to eat at the boob buffet just about every 30 minutes, and mama could not handle it. Somehow I got her to stretch out her feedings to every 2-3 hours at around 6 months and it was life changing. Thank you lord, mama doesn’t have to pull her shirt down 20 times a day anymore. Along with nursing she’s also started eating solids. It’s so cute seeing her chomp up little bits of soft food with her 3 teeth she has now. Needless to say the solid foods have made cloth diapering, well…interesting. Washing them is a bit more labor intensive once she starts digesting solid foods. I’m staying up way too late researching which diaper sprayer to install on my toilet! All poop jokes aside, I’m really loving the cloth diapers and every week that goes by where I don’t have to buy a pack of diapers has me going “Yesssssss!”

My big kids are doing awesomely. Ayden joined his school’s LEGO Robotics club and he’s loving it. He gets to stay after school two days a week and work in a with a few of his buddies from class on their LEGO robot car. Not only do they have to build a working, moving vehicle, but they also have to program the electronics and computer system for it. He said it’s kind of hard sometimes and they had a few problems with their car falling apart in the beginning, but I think they’ve found their groove and are working together better and figuring it out. Lily just turned 7 a few weeks ago and we had a roller skating birthday party to celebrate her big day. She’s so grown up now and seems like such a “kid” to me now. I always think of her as my baby and I’m just starting to realize that the soft baby features are gone in her face and she’s a big girl now. She absolutely loved roller skating and decided she’s going to buy a pair of her very own with her allowance and birthday money she’s been saving up. Little miss moneybags over here has saved up $54 on her own. I actually had to ask her to make change for me the other day because she has so much cash in her piggy bank.

Oh, and they hit their 10 hour reading goal at school for the last month and they each earned a free pass to our local amusement park for this summer! So proud of my little bookworms and I can’t wait to take them to the park. I haven’t been there myself in over 10 years, so it will be a fun trip for the whole family.



I’ve been trying to set a few goals for myself lately, but keeping up on them has proven difficult. Here’s where I’m at so far:

Eat better. That’s a pretty vague goal, but it’s a tough one for me. I’m still breastfeeding, so of course eating a well balanced diet is important for both myself and Harper. It’s a daily struggle. Why? Well, honestly, I just don’t eat much during the day. This is nothing new, and it’s just the way my body is and always has been. If you don’t believe me ask my mom- she’s exactly the same way, and I can thank her genetics for my small frame, low appetite, and super quick metabolism. I pretty much have zero appetite until around dinnertime, which I know isn’t healthy. I start my day off with coffee (and no, I can’t quit that, so don’t even suggest it) and then I’m not hungry at all until well after lunch. I have to remind myself to stop, sit down, and eat something throughout the day because I find myself jittery from the caffeine buzz and light-headed at times from low blood sugar. I’ll finally stop and eat a yogurt and a banana or something and then I forget about food again until after I’ve picked up the kids from school. Then I get busy again preparing dinner and decide to just wait to eat and fill up on a larger dinner. My kitchen is stocked with all kinds of quick, healthy snack options but getting them in my body has proven difficult. I’m working on it.

Exercise. I absolutely loathe working out. I hate it. It’s boring, hard, and I hate sweating. Plus, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t need to lose weight, as the baby weight is all gone (have you seen my baby? All of my body fat has been sucked out and redeposited on Harper’s thighs). But what I’m left with is a skinny, squishy, flabby body with absolutely zero muscle tone or definition. Do I join a gym? Eh. That sounds like hell, to be honest. I love walking, so taking Harper for long walks while pushing her stroller is fun, but the weather isn’t cooperating with me lately. In the past I’ve done yoga, pilates, and various workout videos at home but I always get bored with those quickly and don’t keep up on them. What do I do? Someone motivate me.

See? Skinny, yes. Healthy? Not quite.

Blog my heart out. I’m working on this one! After stepping back and taking a bit of a break while I adjust to life with 3 kids I realized something: I missed blogging. It’s just been something I’ve done for so long now that not doing it is weird, and I miss it. My husband stepped up in a big way and surprised me with a brand new, much needed laptop, and that has helped so much already. My old laptop had a broken keyboard (spilled coffee on it, fried it, and had to have an external one plugged into it), broken hinges (couldn’t close it) and a bad battery (couldn’t unplug it for more than 5 minutes). Having a decent computer to work on has already been a great motivator to get back in the game and hit it hard, and I’ve got so many great ideas coming up. Think giveaways, more tutorials, some recent beauty favorites, updates on my monthly beauty subscriptions, and I may even venture into the world of vlogging. I’m not so sure about seeing and hearing myself talk in a video, but we’ll see. Stay tuned! Lots of fun stuff in the works. 🙂

Well, that’s about it for now. Do you have any tips on how I should reach these goals? What do you do to make sure you eat healthy and get your exercise in? And what kind of things would you like to see on male & Sweet Pea in the future?