Life lately & the need for routine

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a personal or life update. I’ve been so busy and crazed lately that it’s been hard to find the time to actually sit down and blog. When I do, I try to stick to the important or fun stuff, like my nail tutorials, giveaways, and a few sponsored posts from time to time. Sure, I’d love to bore you fill you in on the details of daily life and post way too many cute baby pictures, but that takes energy. Energy I don’t have. So if you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging quite as much I’m sorry. Bear with me: I’m trying. I didn’t want to take a full on blog leave, but I definitely had to slow down just a bit with a new baby in the house. 
I feel like I’ve been doing a pretty decent job at balancing everything so far, but Harper is 3 months old now and is demanding some sort of schedule. OK, maybe I’m the one who’s demanding a schedule. I cannot be a 24 hour buffet! I kept track one day and realized I had nursed her 15 times in 24 hours. Fifteen! (13 of those were daytime feedings, the other 2 were at night). Do you know how exhausting that is? That’s a rhetorical question for most of you because if you’ve had a baby you really do know how exhausting it is. Harper has literally been sucking the life out of me and I’ve been absolutely exhausted. During the day I’ve been nursing her every hour and I just can’t anymore. I had a great conversation with my pregnancy buddy, Jodi, and she convinced me that I was offering up the boob too easily and that I needed to put my foot down. Get that baby to go longer without eating! Reprogram her! You know what? It worked! She’s now eating every 2 hours during the day and I am thrilled. We’ve gone from 15 nursing sessions to 9 or 10, and it’s been life-changing. Hallelujah! Maybe now I’ll be able to get a little more blogging done soon.


So bear with me as I try to get this baby adjusted to a schedule and while I try to establish some sort of routine. I have a few great gel nail tutorials and posts coming up for you! And if you notice I’ve gone a week or two without updating the blog, just remember that this chubby-cheeked monster is what’s keeping me away. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, as it’s much easier for me to hop on there while I’m nursing and post little random updates and cute pictures here and there.