Let’s Talk Tattoos

(Here’s a little bit of my right arm ,before it was finished up)
 Hello lovely readers!
I figured I should finally do a blog post all about tattoos, since it’s a question I get a lot in blog comments & on Twitter. I went through all of my pictures and found as many good pictures as I could, though I didn’t find them all.
As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is a tattooer and he does all of my work. I have a few small pieces from random artists that I got when I was younger, but most of them have either been covered up, re-worked, or will eventually be covered.

Here’s my man doing what he does best on my right arm.



My right arm is kind of a jumble of a lot of smaller tattoos just randomly put together. I got a few of them early on when my husband was tattooing and I didn’t think I’d get full sleeves. Later on it was a huge pain in the ass trying to figure out how to make them all work together. Lesson learned: plan out your sleeve! I have definitely regretted not doing that with my right arm. But there wasn’t anything I could do about it at that point and I think he made it all work.


On to my left arm. This one was planned out. I knew I wanted a Japanese style. That was about it…my husband filled in the rest. That’s usually what he does. I give him a basic idea and he comes up with something amazing. I made sure to take pictures of the process, though most of the in-progress pictures were taken poorly & with a Blackberry. Forgive me on the quality of some of them, but I have better finished pictures if you keep scrolling down.

We started on my forearm & worked our way up.


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Love these flowers!
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I think my shoulder cap & elbow are probably my favorite parts. I love all of the water & cherry blossoms

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And here’s the whole thing right after it was finished!

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And here’s what it looks like on me 🙂


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I think we added up all of the sessions & it came out to about 22 hours worth of work, broken up into about 5 or 6 sessions. 
Ok, now I know a lot of people say having tattoos of your spouse’s name is bad, but I don’t care. I don’t think it’s “bad luck” because i really don’t believe in crap like that. Getting a tattoo of your husband’s name isn’t going to ruin your marriage. Trust me…if/when you get divorced I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be because of a tattoo, so I wish people would quit saying that. Plus, I’m staying married to this guy for the rest of my life. No doubt there at all.
We both have each other’s names tattooed on us.
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And I have my husband’s initails on my ring finger in his handwriting, plus a little heart below it on my 2nd knuckle. So yeah, that’s 3 tattoos for my husband! Hate all you want :p
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This is my newest piece & it’s on my right calf. It’s my first lower leg tattoo. I used to think lower leg tattoos (especially calf tattoos) can look, well, butch. But then I realized that I already have amazing legs so a beautiful tattoo would only enhance the look of my legs (kidding guys). Actually I just got over it & decided I want my legs completely covered too.
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This is a picture of my thighs. The tiger is on the front of my right thigh and the owl is on the outside of my left thigh.


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This is just the beginning of my back piece. Unfortunately I didn’t sit very well for this one so I haven’t had any more work done on it! It’s still just an outline. I think I want to finally work on it very soon so I don’t have to have an outlined back for another summer.

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And here’s my right hand. I started off with just my knuckles, and yes, those are Harry Potter tattoos. It was going to be just a little Deathly Hallows one on my pinky, but then my husband drew up these other cute lil guys and I just had to get them too!

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Then I just kind of went for the whole thing. The rose on my hand needs a touch up though because it was a rough heal (hands usually are…think of everything you touch all day. You can’t really get away with not using your hands for a week while your tattoo heals). But yeah, it needs a little touch up and then it will be perfect. Then I can figure out what I want on my left hand! And on the rest of my left knuckles. I need to even them out of course!

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Put them all together and this is what you get:




{pictures taken from my DIY t-shirt to tank top tutorial}







Well, that’s me!

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