Learn the Benefits of Using a Stroller for Dogs and Cats


    Pets are family, and they are not just pets but your fur babies, and they can be just as important as your human family members. You may have seen people pushing their dogs or cats at the park in a pet stroller that appeared to be a baby stroller, except it was a pet stroller with a dog or cat riding in it. Far from being just another way to spoil a pet, a pet stroller can keep your beloved companion safe and happy. 

    A pet stroller is also the best means of transport where you do not need to carry your pet for some reason. A stroller for a pet is a great alternative. Getting pets in a stroller on an outing makes them realize that not every trip is to the vet and that being outside is also fun. Also, if your dog or cat has physical limitations, an animal stroller can make the difference between a fun walk at the park with you or just never leaving the house.

    Before knowing the benefits of using pet strollers for dogs and cats, get to know first what type of pet strollers you might need for your pet.

    • travel stroller is perfect for taking your pet on day outings or vacations. They are portable and collapsible to fit in your car’s back seat or trunk.
    • An all-terrain stroller maneuvers across lawns, grassy park areas, and gravel or dirt hiking trails. It even navigates sandy beaches with ease. 
    • bicycle stroller is for cyclists whose dogs cannot keep pace with the speed. It is either a three- or two-wheeled enclosed stroller that hooks to the frame of your bicycle.
    • A double pet stroller is for owners with more than one pet joining their owners on bicycle outings. The double stroller accommodates two dogs, with either one riding above the other or side-by-side.

    Here is a list of potential benefits that your pet and you can get from using a pet stroller.

    Walking Alternatives

    Selective focus on infusion with medicine. Paws of illness dog during treatment. Old labrador retriever in animal hospital

    Pet strollers are the best option for dogs who may not be able to go for walks but still could use some fresh air and time outside. It can also make mandatory outings more manageable, with your pet tucked inside a cozy personal space where they feel secure, and you only have to push the stroller along. 

    Another is, when going to the mall or taking a long walk in the park, your doggie or kitty-cat can relax. Pets feel so secure that they even sleep in their strollers. Pet strollers are also an ideal way to take along pets that cannot walk for some reason. Maybe your beloved pet is elderly or a puppy and tires easily.

    Lesser Risk When Outside

    When walking or jogging with your dog, you can more easily push a stroller than risk becoming tangled in a leash. A pet stroller also creates a buffer zone for passersby, so it helps reduce the possibility of a confrontation with other pets or people walking nearby. 

    Also, using a stroller over a leash is if your cat or dog is recovering from surgery or suffering from joint or weight problems. A stroller allows them to enjoy being with you in the fresh air without risking further injury. 

    In addition, a pet stroller makes getting into and out of your vehicle easier. It also keeps your pet safe from other animals.

    Provides Comfort to Dogs with Anxiety Issues

    If your dog is prone to anxiety in large crowds or around new people, pet strollers allow you to ease your dog into the situation without causing too much stress.

    Dog strollers can help by providing a layer of protection to your dog when you take him out. It has a protective screen, so no one will reach to pet him without asking. By giving your dog a hiding spot from all the people, he may grow more accustomed to public places and events.

    Elderly Pets Feel Young Again

    Pet strollers are efficient means of transport for elderly or disabled pets, as it allows them to venture outside for some fresh air. It can bring a bit of the fun back into their lives.

    More so, even older humans may need an easier way to take a spin around the block. It is sometimes easier to enjoy the fresh air with pets using a pet stroller.

    Improves Family Dynamic

    Sad dog waiting alone at home.

    Research tells us that pets usually sleep when left unattended in a house for long periods. Then, when you get home, they want to be taken out when all you want to do is sit down and have a cup of coffee. Owning a pet stroller may change and improve the family dynamic. A potentially dreary day gets off to a good start. After breakfast, excitement is in the air. Everyone is going out together with pets and all. It can be the best start to improving the family dynamic with you, your partner, or your kids.

    Exercises with Pets

    Nothing can stop you from getting out and being healthy because pet strollers are great for people who love to exercise. You may run or walk as far and as fast as you like. Then give your dog a ride when he has enough. You can continue your workout while your dog gets a breeze and a rest in the stroller.

    For rainy and windy days, there are pet strollers that come with an optional rain cover. 

    Secures Safety for Multiple Dog Owners

    Pet strollers can also be a good option for those who own multiple dogs and want to take them all out. It is challenging to keep multiple leashes from getting tangled, so strollers are a great solution.

    Several small dogs with pet strollers are often easier and calmer because they cannot go in separate directions.

    Protects Paw

    The dog stroller is a great solution when you and your dog are out, especially when the pavement is hot. Road salt can also dry and irritate paw pads. City dwellers have to negotiate all kinds of debris on sidewalks. After a lot of walking, a dog’s pads can get quite sensitive, and the pet stroller can protect those feet from broken glass, trash, chemicals, or other hazards on the sidewalk.

    Evacuates Easily

    Family with a small yellow dog resting on a pier and looking at lake and foggy mountains

    Natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other emergencies may happen at any time. Preparing pets to evacuate is a bit stressful, especially if you have two or more pets at home. With pet strollers, moving your pets is much easier. You can also carry in strollers a familiar blanket, toys, snacks, food, water, and pick-up bags with your dog to provide the comforts of home and eliminate the danger of the dog getting loose or running away out of fear during transport.

    Protects from Overheating

    Dogs do not sweat. They do not tolerate heat very well and might get heatstroke. Instead of being cooped up on hot days, having your dogs in a stroller will keep them well-ventilated and shaded.

    Pet strollers are great for protecting them from extreme hotness while enjoying the new smell of surroundings and fresh air. Play it safe and let your dogs chill out while you push them around.

    Finally, having a pet stroller is about changing the lives of not only the owner but the pets as well. It is making memories with you, your pet, and your family and friends being together.

    You may also read our Guide to Picking a Stroller for more tips and recommendations.

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