Learn the Benefits of Pet Water Fountains


    Giving them the best life possible and keeping them happy and healthy!  As a pet owner, this may be your goal you might be doing now because you are seeing your pets as members of the family. 

    One of the most important things to provide is access to cool, clean water while giving you peace of mind when you are out and about.  A pet water fountain encourages pets to drink more. Most cats and dogs prefer to drink running water rather than water that has been in a bowl all day.

    But, before digging into the benefits of water fountains for your pet, you might be wondering what could be the best water fountains for cats and dogs. So, here is a short list of things you might consider when looking for pet water fountains.


    When looking for the best pet water fountain, consider first the material. Look for materials that will not easily allow bacteria that may cause infections. More so, a material that you can easily clean. 

    The most common materials on the market are plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. Ceramic water fountains cost a bit more than plastic and stainless steel ones but they are worth it. They are also not susceptible to small scratches. Without nicks and scratches on the surface, there are no places for bacteria to thrive, making ceramic a more hygienic choice.


    Pet water fountains should have a filtration system and a replaceable filter. Ensure to get all the benefits when having a pet water fountain. The main reason pet water fountains need filters is to remove any impurities from the water that might be harmful to your pet.

    Some filters need to be replaced every few months, while others need to be cleaned or replaced weekly. It is important to read the instructions for your specific fountain and filter.


    The size of a pet water fountain is also important when looking for one. There are fountains on the market ranging from small to large multi-pet fountains. Of course, you might also consider your floor space.

    Large enough pet water fountains are beneficial when you go to work and leave the pets unattended. They can drink for 24 hours without needing it topped up.


    Some cats or dogs freak out at strange noises. If so, you might consider pet fountains that run quieter than others. 

    There are water fountains that bubble up instead of pouring out which is a lot quieter.


    You might also consider a design that looks great at home and is more hygienic. However, one should not compromise the quality of having clean water.

    A young dam growls at an intruder or another dog while breastfeeding her newly born puppies. Protecting her litter of whelps. A defensive motherhood instinct.

    Now that you have found the water fountain you believe is best suited for your pet, let us know some of the benefits of having a quality pet water fountain.

    Encourages Proper Hydration

    It is essential to monitor your pet’s water intake, especially when it is hot and humid outside. A drinking fountain for pets is a worthwhile investment because cats are fond of running water and water fountains provide water that is filtered and stays cool.

    Encouraging pets to drink is especially important for cats, as they are not inclined to drink much. You may not want your pet to suffer dehydration. Regular drinking helps prevent health problems as well as an unpleasant vet bill. It aids digestion and helps flush out toxins that may build.

    Purifies Water

    Cats and dogs have an incredible sense of smell. The chemicals in tap water can give it a not-so-pleasant aroma that cats’ and dogs’ sensitive noses pick up. 

    Pet fountains contain a small carbon filter that helps remove debris, odors, and impurities in tap water and turn your pet’s drinking water clean and tasty. The purified water encourages your pet to drink more.

    Keeps Water Cool

    Pet water fountains tend to keep the water a couple of degrees cooler than a water bowl which helps encourage your pet to drink more water as they prefer drinking colder water.

    With the water continuously circulating, it encourages the pets to drink more because the water is, on average, a couple of degrees cooler than the surrounding air in your home.

    Increases Nutrient Absorption

    Gorgeous yellow labrador retriever puppy with his friend, Oso the cat

    Pets that are hydrated can help have proper digestion. Making food easier to break down and digest will help increase their nutrient absorption abilities. Proper hydration will also help increase saliva production, especially for cats which can aid in breaking down foods. 

    Fewer Refills

    Pet water fountains can hold more water than a standard water bowl. They need different quantities of water depending on their size and the type of food they eat. Since pet water fountains include a filter that keeps water fresh means, there is no need to top it up constantly.


    Some pet water fountains do not cost much but also have the benefits and features of having a clean pet drinking fountain. However, a well-constructed pet fountain can be worth the investment, especially if the product will last longer, saving you money in the long run. 


    The reservoir in the bottom of the pet fountain so that the bacteria cannot build up means that you do not have to clean and rinse as often.

    Water fountains only need to be changed at least once daily. So, you can forget worrying about providing your pet with fresh drinking water even while away. 

    Low Maintenance

    Pet water fountains are low maintenance. There is, of course, the need to maintain its cleanliness and technicalities. Those are weekly duties and not everyday chores as you do for a bowl. 

    Maintenance is pretty simple with water fountains. You have clean them weekly and change the filters monthly. Also, when it comes to cleaning, products for pet water fountains are available at most stores, and they are simple to use. 


    Water fountains are easy to adjust according to the preferences of your pets. You can choose whether the water trickles, sprinkles, or flows down in a stream. The movement of water in a faucet where it or pours from a spout will make pets perceive clearly, and thus they would be more comfortable drinking it than the usual still water in a bowl. Plus, the water is consistent with its coolness and cleanliness. 


    Businesswoman working on laptop computer sitting at home with a dog pet and managing her business via home office

    For busy pet parents, a pet water fountain is more convenient than standard water bowls. Not only is there a huge health benefit for the pet, but time is also saved from daily cleaning and filling those regular dishes. You may have more time to bond with your family and your pet. 

    In conclusion, pets need water as much as humans do. With pet water fountains, they can watch the water flow and drink at their leisure. Some fountains also have a bubble feature on the top, which makes them even more fun. 

    Remember, a hydrated pet is healthy and happy with a lesser risk of infections and diseases. 

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