Learn the Benefits of Compact Washers and Dryers


    Is going to the laundromat and cleaners to do your laundry getting too tiring? The task is time-consuming, right? Instead of doing other chores, you’re stuck in the laundry waiting for your clothes to complete cycling. You may have the option to drop off and pick up your clothes in a nearby shop, but you know there is a risk of losing some of them. 

    You may now be thinking about buying a washer and dryer. However, the regular-sized ones will have too much space in your apartment or home. Maintenance and usage could also be way out of your budget. 

    Remember, there are times when less can be more. Compact washers and dryers might be the solution to your dilemma.

    Compact washers and dryers are laundry machines that are smaller in size compared to traditional ones. They are roughly the same size as your regular dishwasher, making them a perfect choice if you just want to maximize your small living space, especially when you’re living in apartments in big cities where there is real estate scarcity.  

    Compact washers and dryers are all about space-saving without compromising their cleaning power. They also have cost and time-friendly features allowing you to save electric and physical energy in the long run. Moreover, they are not complicated to use because they function the same way as your regular washer and dryer.

    On the other hand, their small size may limit your washing to only small loads. Also, some units don’t have stackable features, while others have stacking kits that need to be purchased separately. 

    Choosing the right washers and dryers is really a task that requires effort. You’re not just buying something that will wash and dry your clothes; you want something you can use for a long time. Therefore, the pros and cons of buying a pair should be highly considered.

    The sizes and prices may differ, but their convenience is the same. Consider your problem solved because we’ve got you covered.

    Stay with us as we delve deeper into the benefits of compact washers and dryers below. 


    Modern bathroom with washing machine in cabinet

    The first thing that comes to mind about compact washers and dryers is their being space-friendly. Compared to regular-sized washers and dryers, compact ones are smaller in size. But don’t get discouraged about this feature because, regardless of their small appearance, both sizes are usually similar in depth. 

    Also, some washers and dryers are stackable and work as a single unit. This feature saves significant space, which is beneficial, especially when your space is small. Well, who wouldn’t want extra space for extra storage, right? Even those with larger laundry rooms would fancy having more room for more stuff. 

    Furthermore, their small size allows for easier setup between cabinets near the sink or your bathroom and easier hooking up with the water line. 

    Moreover, some washers and dryers provide you with options on whether you want to attach wheels to them or not, making them portable and easy to be wheeled around. This is perfect if your space is not suitable for your washer and dryer to have a permanent setup or if you’re constantly moving. After using it, you can just insert them in between your cabinets for storage. 


    bills counting annual family budget

    While the prices of compact washers and dryers are not generally lower than that of the regular sized-ones, they can assure you that the cost entailing their usage greatly differs. This is good news for your energy and water bills!

    Smaller-sized washers and dryers can only cater to a smaller load; therefore, they use less water and power. However, take note! Fewer clothes in one load ensure a more efficient way of cleaning your clothes. 

    If you have a small family or live alone, having to deal with smaller loads of laundry will not be a problem. Compact washers and dryers will save you money in the long run. 


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    Another of their main features is their being time-friendly. Whenever you’re at home, you can just toss one small load of laundry in the washer from time to time to avoid getting them piled up. While in the middle of a cycle, you can also do other household chores. You don’t need to stay and wait for it to finish before doing anything else. 

    If you want to save time from having to go to the shop and keep an eye on your laundry until the cycle is finished, then compact washers and dryers are perfect for you. 


    T-shirt in the hands

    It is important that even though you have already washed your clothes, they are still disinfected. Some compact washers have disinfecting features that allow a much cleaner and fresher set of clothes. This is perfect for use by small families with little children. 

    You won’t have to worry about your children getting allergies or diseases from their clothing because one wash could take it out of the way. 


    Woman washing laundry using modern automatic machine

    If you’re worried that things and features might differ between a regular-sized washer, dryer, and compact one, you can stop worrying now. Some compact washers and dryers function just as usual. 

    Just like full-sized machines, they also offer a variety of cycle settings. Your clothes will be washed as you wish them to be, whether it would be a cycle for your cotton clothing, ones for your delicates, or even wool. All you have to do is to choose the right option. 

    Major Downside

    As their names imply, compact washers and dryers are smaller than your traditional washing equipment. They come with several benefits, but they also have their disadvantages. 

    One is that not everyone can benefit from compact washers and dryers. Specifically, those with bigger families. Due to its small load capacities, it will take a week or so to finish doing the laundry. Instead of benefiting from its time-saving feature, you will be stuck with fresh loads of laundry before you even finish the one you started. 

    Second is that not every compact washer and dryer can be stacked. Either they don’t have stackable features, or you need to buy a separate stacking kit that might cost you more. 

    Stacking may also limit the use of the washer and dryer to household members who can’t reach the top dryer. Therefore you also need to consider the height limitations when arranging. 


    There you go! We have provided you with the benefits of buying and owning compact dryers and washers. Well, in addition to that, we have also included some of the downsides to help you weigh things a little better. 

    We understand your problem about choosing a washer and dryer for your home. It is, indeed, not an easy task. Many factors should be considered, but there’s always one that will perfectly suit your and your home’s needs. 

    As you already know, washers and dryers went from being a luxury to a necessity. Every household needs one. 

    A diverse variety of washers and dryers is waiting for you to discover. Whether you will be opting for the compact ones or perhaps you believe that the larger ones are for you, it is already up to you. Again, you just need to be careful in choosing one that does not just cater to your needs but also does not hurt your pockets. 


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