Learn the Benefits of Bacon Cookers


    No matter how bad your morning starts during most days, one of the easiest ways of brightening it up is having a hearty and delectable breakfast. Even when you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed or when you wake up feeling groggy, you can toast some bread and drink coffee to improve your mood. What better way to start the day than having a full breakfast set on your table with some bacon and eggs!

    Whether you’re a breakfast lover or not, you can’t deny that having bacon on a breakfast platter is an easy mood lifter. The taste of rich umami flavor with clear undertones of smokiness, fatty and meaty flavors can easily make a person’s day. Its unique taste provides the inclination to fall in love with this delicacy! 

    However, one downside of frying up some bacon is the grease that comes out while cooking. Most of the time, you might find your apron or whole cooking set-up with messy grease splattered everywhere. Even with all the time and effort you take in cleaning up everywhere, and there could still be a buildup of grease stains on the kitchen surface. It might also be difficult to remove these stains on your clothes.

    For anyone who wants to have their spirits lifted, it might even make your mood worse when you find all of the mess after cooking. Lucky for you, there’s a device that can help you in this dilemma!

    Woman’s hand filling a pan with bacon 

    Benefits of a Bacon Cooker 

    1. Saves you time

    Time is of utmost importance to you if you’re a busy person. With a bacon cooker, you can save all your time and effort in cooking. You can avoid the lengthy process of initial preparation by turning on the stove and heating the pan since you can just put the slices of uncooked meat in the bacon cooker without worrying about your running time. Besides the time dedicated to preparing the meal, you can also save the time you could spend cleaning up. The actual cooking time is also cut shorter since the bacon cooker efficiently cooks up the meat. 

    Sizzling bacon on a pan 

    2. Temperature controls

    One of the greatest advantages of having a bacon cooker is having temperature controls. With this feature, you can set the temperature as low as possible if it is chewy. If you want to set the temperature high, you can use the control so that the bacon ends up being crispy as you’d like. One added benefit is ensuring it’s heated throughout and always served warm for your breakfast platter! You can set the temperature as low and high as you desire to get the best cooking results. There’s no doubt that you can get the right temperature you prefer with this device. 

    3. Perfect for limited space 

    If you’re living in small apartments or kitchen-less units, you might need cooking appliances that can be easily accessed without having to install a stove. It’s undeniable that stoves take up big space and can even take up at least half of a small unit. Having a cooker that can do unlimited frying is a cost-efficient life hack for anyone living solo. Bacon cookers fit this function and are the perfect purchase to save some living space!

    4. Cooks healthier meals 

    With this device, you can lower the amount of fat in your meals! You wouldn’t have more fat than necessary. The lower fat will also make the bacon healthier than cooking it in the pan. It also has a vented cover to prevent grease from splattering inside the cooker. All of this contributes to a healthier and cleaner process of cooking bacon!

    Washing the cooking pan under the faucet 

    5. Easier to clean 

    Cooking bacon or any meat is always so greasy as its natural oil also comes out. This is the most persistent problem, especially when cooking on a pan. The messy affair can be prevented when you use a bacon cooker, especially when you don’t know how much oil to use. Inside the device, you have a drip tray where all the excess oil goes so that you can clean it later on. The best takeaway from this is the drip tray that’s safe and accessible for dishwashing! All of this makes it so easy to clean and maintain the bacon cooker. 

    Breakfast platter with cooked bacon, eggs, and ham 

    6. Cooking versatility

    It isn’t so rare to get tired of eating the same dish every day. This can happen, especially when the name suggests that it only cooks bacon. On the contrary, this device can cook many different fried meals, like eggs or sausages. Since it functions as a way to fry food, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of diversity in your meals. Make sure to plan out your meals so you won’t feel satiated in a short time!

    7. Portable and lightweight

    When moving a lot, you will need devices and appliances that are easy to pack and ready to go when needed! You can easily bring this device with you when camping or doing a sleepover with friends on an out-of-town trip without any hassle! It’s so easy to bring, and you don’t have to worry about waking up without good food to serve your friends and loved ones!

    Uncooked meat on the cooker starting to get cooked 

    Picking the Right Bacon Cooker

    Now that we’ve introduced you to the benefits of having a bacon cooker, there’s also a set of features that you can keep in mind. For starters, make sure to understand the cooking style that you’re going for. You can have cookers made of materials that can endure high temperatures when put inside an oven. Some cookers can be stored inside the microwave. The most common is a countertop version that can be plugged into a wall outlet. 

    Make sure to find out what material the cooker is made of. There are silicone cooking surfaces, stainless steel or metal, and even ceramic materials. Lastly, think of the shape and size of the bacon cooker you’re going for. If you generally cook for many people in your household, you must consider buying a bigger bacon cooker. 

    Bacon is such a delight to have for breakfast. Not only does it have an irresistible and mouth-watering taste, but it also has an aroma that’s beyond compare. If you’re one certified bacon lover, stop waiting and get your bacon cooker now!


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