Learn About the Benefits of Sandalwood Bath Soaps


    Organic skincare and beauty products are increasingly popular these days, especially now that people are more aware of their natural benefits. We’re also more informed of the dangers of synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and other problematic ingredients in mainstream products. Fortunately, there are many organic skincare products available in the market, with ingredients such as sandalwood to boost their effectiveness. Sandalwood itself is a versatile ingredient, so let’s take a closer look at sandalwood soap and why we should use it. 

    What is Sandalwood Soap?

    Sandalwood soap is made using fragrant, aromatic essential oils derived from sandalwood trees. These oils are also utilized in making other products like incense, perfume, etc. Most sandalwood soaps are vegan, all-natural, and don’t contain animal products. However, some might contain non-vegan ingredients like goat’s milk, honey, etc. 

    Some Properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil

    Sandalwood essential oils are used in soap and many other products due to the benefits they provide. If used properly, these oils can soothe skin inflammation, cracking, and dryness. They might also help with acne issues and provide a calming effect when utilized in aromatherapy. They also have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, so regular use can prevent future skin problems as well. 

    While the benefits of sandalwood essential oils are certainly attractive, we have to remember that true sandalwood is only native to certain parts of India and Australia. The trees are a protected species, so the production of true sandalwood is limited and expensive. If we can find truly organic and natural sandalwood soap, we can be more confident of gaining the benefits of true sandalwood essential oils. 

    Various Benefits of Sandalwood Soap

    Instead of looking around for pure sandalwood essential oil and incorporating it into a routine, using a sandalwood soap might be a more convenient option. Below are some benefits of sandalwood soap that can help us decide whether to make it part of our daily beauty regimen:

    1. Can Be Used for Fungal Infections 

    Ayurvedic Chandan powder or sandalwood paste in silver bowl with sticks and leaves placed over sahan or sahana or circular stone base for creating paste

    Since sandalwood has antiseptic properties, it can be used for treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.  

    The essential oils in the soap speed up the healing process. Other than ringworm and athlete’s foot, we can also use sandalwood soap to treat scrapes, cuts, burns, and small flesh wounds as well. 

    Even after issues like athlete’s foot have gone away, there’s always the chance of them coming back. Continuing to use sandalwood soap can help in preventing the recurrence of such infections. This is because the sandalwood oils inside the soap are both antimicrobial and antiseptic. The oils have Beta-Santalol, a natural chemical compound that is the reason behind the woody scent of sandalwood itself. 

    2. A Mentally Calming Effect

    Sandalwood soap has an aroma that’s usually described as spicy, woody, or something in between. 

    This scent is good for promoting relaxation and doing away with tension in the body. It’s one reason why sandalwood essential oils are utilized when doing aromatherapy. 

    It’s no coincidence that sandalwood has also been used in many religious practices throughout history. In religions like Buddhism or Hinduism, sandalwood is deemed important for relaxing the mind and soul. The calming effects it provides can help in meditation as well. With this in mind, we may expect that using sandalwood soap will provide a calming effect even after a shower or bath. 

    3. Physically Relaxing

    A bottle of sandalwood essential oil with sandalwood

    The overall soothing effect of sandalwood also means that sandalwood soap is good for irritated skin. If someone’s skin is prone to rashes, dryness, or some other type of inflammation, they might be able to cure and prevent these flare-ups by consistently using sandalwood soap. 

    There are also special sandalwood shaving soaps on the market, which can make a nice addition to a sandalwood gift basket. These soaps are good for treating razor burns and also moisturizing the skin so the burns don’t occur again. 

    For acne-prone skin of any kind, sandalwood facial soap is one of the best remedies. It’s good for doing away with blackheads, soothing acne-riddled areas, and providing antiseptic benefits to prevent infection. 

    4. Promotes Healthy Skin

    The skin is the largest external organ of our body, and it plays the vital role of protecting our interior systems. This is just one reason why we need to keep our skin healthy, supple, and free from infection or injuries. 

    If the skin gets too dry, it cracks. These cracks then let in germs and bad bacteria into the body, which leads to illnesses and infections. When we use high-quality sandalwood soap, however, it cleanses the skin without drying it out. The oils serve to give the skin additional protection and moisturization, keeping it supple, soft, and able to perform its function in the best way. They will also help to do away with aging spots, unwanted tanning, and skin impurities. The result should be glowing and smooth skin that both looks and feels nice.

    Clinical studies about how sandalwood essential oil helps with skin disorders are still underway. However, if we want to adopt a natural method of treating acne, mild abrasions, dermatitis and other skin problems, sandalwood soap is an excellent option. Some researchers are also hopeful that true sandalwood soap can help in treating serious skin issues, including cancer. 

    5. A Natural Formula

    Flower of sandlewood tree

    An organic sandalwood soap bar will probably be classified as an herbal product. The other ingredients in this bar are also likely to be as natural as possible. There may also be other beneficial oils inside the soap, including neem, basil, aloe vera, etc. 

    When we buy a true sandalwood soap bar, we may also avoid the harsh and toxic ingredients that can harm our skin. Instead, we get a soothing and cleansing experience without any harmful effects. However, we should still perform an allergy test if we’re using any product for the first time. 

    6. Usually Suitable for All Skin Types

    Sandalwood is the main ingredient in most organic sandalwood soaps. This means that the soap itself should be suitable for all kinds of skin. While allergies should always be ruled out before regular use, the sandalwood ingredient is usually a safe one. It works well to exfoliate the skin while also balancing its pH level or moisture. Since the scent is not restricted to any gender, sandalwood soap is also one of the best natural ways for men to moisturize their skin

    An herbal product is usually free of preservatives, petroleum, fillers, parabens, and sulfates as well. This makes it beneficial even for sensitive skin. Those who have a skin type like this will be able to use sandalwood soaps without worrying about its effect. By using them regularly and after ruling out any harmful ingredient, soaps with sandalwood benefits can help a person achieve great skin health over time. 

    7. Increase Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

    Sandalwood on a wooden spoon

    Damaged skin needs especially good care, but we also have to make sure to stay updated on our skincare regime. Building up skin resistance can go a long way in making sure that our skin doesn’t get damaged much. With the diuretic and antiseptic properties of sandalwood, sandalwood soap helps in getting that important skin barrier. The essential oils contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can help in resisting all sorts of germs.

    8. Lowers Anxiety Levels

    Anxiety can be a real problem for many people, leading to a need for preventative methods. Luckily, sandalwood essential oils can also work as a natural treatment method for anxiety. Anyone who finds it hard to function due to anxiety might try using sandalwood soap on a regular basis. Along with other treatments, the aroma alone can help to calm most people down. What’s more, that soothing effect can last for a major part of the day. The sandalwood fragrance also helps one to get better sleep, resulting in more energy plus positivity when it’s time to get up. 


    The use of sandalwood dates back to the ancient medical and cultural practices in China, Egypt, and India. It has long been known for its many emotional and physical benefits and is utilized in several forms. While its properties are healing in themselves, the fragrance of sandalwood is also enjoyable. 

    It’s no surprise that sandalwood essential oil is also used in making soap. However, we have to be careful of the kind of soap we buy. Not everything with the label of sandalwood has the true essential oil inside it. If we want to find organic sandalwood soaps, we will have to do some careful research. The same goes for organic homemade lavender soap or any other kind of organic soap. Make sure to read the reviews of the brand, of the soap itself, and ask your close social circle about the right kind of sandalwood soap to buy. It shouldn’t be hard to find quality sandalwood soap; the next step will be to use it regularly and consistently. 


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