Learn About the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps


    The days when the use of Himalayan salt was only for food seasoning and bath additives are now over. There is now an uptrend in a broader range of applications of the famous pink salt. Himalayan salt lamps have spread from specialized apothecaries to home design publications. The salt lamps come from Pakistan and are constructed of pure Himalayan salt. They are internally illuminated by a bulb, producing a muted amber glow.

    If you either stumbled onto this site when googling “what are Himalayan salt lamps?” or have just lately learned about these lamps and are curious to know more, you have come to the correct place. In this article, you will better understand what Himalayan salt lamps are and how they can benefit you. 

    What are Himalayan Salts?


    If you are unfamiliar with Himalayan salts, you should learn more about them before you continue reading about Himalayan salt lamps. This pink salt comes from mines in and around the Himalayas in South Asia. Many think Himalayan salt is better for them than regular salt because it contains more minerals. Himalayan salt, which is pink because of its thousands of trace minerals, is mined in the foothills of the Punjab region of Pakistan.

    There are over 80 minerals and components in Himalayan salt, including calcium, potassium, and iron. These minerals support our body’s inherent capability to eliminate harmful toxins and germs. Himalayan salt has more minerals and less sodium than regular table salt, a byproduct of its processing. Compared to the amount of water needed to flush out the extra sodium after consuming table salt, the amount required to flush out the excess sodium after consuming Himalayan salt is significantly less.

    The Emergence of Himalayan Salt Lamps

    Woman reading a book with himalayan salt

    Himalayan salt has many more uses besides cooking. Proponents of alternative medicine widely praise Himalayan salt lamps for their purifying effects on indoor air, allergy relief, and public health benefits.

    The salt that is used to make the lamp originates from an area close to the Himalayas. However, there are numerous imitations available for purchase, so be wary. These salt lamps have been hollowed out and have a light bulb placed inside the hollowed-out bottom, giving off a warm pinkish-amber light.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Purifies Air

    But what is the relation of pink salt lamps to air purification? In fact, salt has a hygroscopic nature, meaning it draws moisture to its surface. A trace amount of water is absorbed by the Himalayan lamp, then quickly evaporates when exposed to the lamp’s light. Few studies have been conducted on Himalayan salt lamps, and it seems that they aid in preventing mildew and allergies.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Cleanses Your Lungs

    Himalayan salt lamps alter the charge of the molecules discharged into the air as they heat and begin their hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles. Positively charged ions, which are present in most houses, are not great for human health. Numerous sources produce positive ions, but electrical devices are the most significant contributor for most people.

    The cilia that line our windpipes become slow and less effective when exposed to high levels of positive ions in the air, which is terrible for our health. A Himalayan pink salt lamp captures the positive ions in the air as it draws in moisture and airborne particles. Then, as the heated salt vaporizes the purified water, it produces negative ions that have the opposite impact on our airways, stimulating cilial activity to maintain clean lungs.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Boosts Serotonin Levels

    Woman on the salt therapy using a Himalayan salt lamp

    The Himalayan salt lamp does more than purify the air; it also emits a trace quantity of negative ions, which are odorless, tasteless chemicals in significant amounts in places like the mountains and the ocean. These ions can increase serotonin levels, making one feel happier and less depressed.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Improves Blood Circulation

    Some research has found that exposure to negative ions, such as those produced by Himalayan salt lamps, can increase blood circulation. This increase helps treat various vascular diseases and avoid lung damage. Scientists think that once in blood circulation, negative ions trigger physiological responses that enhance serotonin levels, as mentioned earlier, reducing feelings of despair, calming anxiety, and energizing us for the day ahead.

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Negates Blue Light

    The light given off by Himalayan salt lamps is a welcome contrast to the screens we usually stare at before turning in for the night. When attempting to relax, “blue light,” the sort emitted by our smartphones, laptops, and tablets, really has the opposite effect and keeps us wired. In contrast, Himalayan salt lamps emit a gentle, mellow light reminiscent of a candle or campfire. You may use it as a nightlight in your room or your child’s.

    Real vs. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps

    Shelves full of Himalayan salt lamp ready to be sold

    With the rise in popularity of the pink salt lamp, there has also been an increase in the distribution of counterfeit Himalayan salt lamps. In contrast to the real thing, which can purify the air and give off a distinctive pinkish-amber glow, a fake salt lamp is only decorative. These phony Himalayan salt lamps are of poor quality, can be harmful, and only last a few months. 

    But how can you be sure that the Himalayan salt lamp you buy is authentic? The product label of the Himalayan salt lamp that you are buying should clearly state the salt lamp’s country of origin. The lighting of genuine Himalayan salt lamps isn’t glossy, and their light isn’t even bright. A lamp with a shiny exterior and an intense glow is likely not manufactured from Himalayan salt. Real Himalayan salt lamps are constructed of salt, and they get easily damaged when dropped.

    Taking Care of your Himalayan Salt Lamp

    When a salt lamp looks to be “sweating” or leaking, it might be very perplexing to the owner. Because salt is hygroscopic, it draws moisture out of the air and retains it. As a result, condensation forms on the bulb (and, occasionally, on your salt grinder). While the occasional moist won’t hurt your Himalayan salt lamp, it is better to plug it on constantly.

    While the soothing glow of a Himalayan salt lamp may be enjoyed in any room, it is essential to avoid placing it in an area where it could come into touch with water. Never put it into the dishwasher or use soap on it.

    Although advocates would insist that a Himalayan salt lamp never has to be cleaned because it is self-cleaning, the truth is that dust will accumulate over time. If dust accumulates on your lamp, you may remove it with a moist microfiber towel. Make sure to unplug your salt lamp first before cleaning it.

    Your Himalayan salt lamp will last for years with regular maintenance. If you’re thinking about purchasing one but don’t currently have one, you should buy one. They’re also perfect for giving to friends and family on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Happy salt-ing!


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