Learn About the Benefits of Coffee Urns for the Office


    Coffee is one of the top drinks in the world. You can go anywhere in the world and there is no place where coffee is inexistent. We bet there is no one in any place who doesn’t know what coffee is and where one can get a cup. Coffee is the english language of drinks – anyone from anywhere understands and knows coffee. There might be a few differences in taste, but that is attributable to that specific place’s culture, heritage, way of life, etc. 

    Even in the workplace, coffee is the one thing that everyone understands. It’s the great equalizer in the workplace – everyone drinks coffee. Or maybe not all, but a significant number of workers from all levels in the workforce drink coffee. Coffee has been a staple in the office kitchen that there are companies whose regular coffee maker just won’t do it – especially during company events. In situations like this, urns, which have a larger capacity, should be taken into consideration.

    What is a Coffee Urn?

    A coffee urn is a large, often metal container that can produce a large amount of coffee and keep it warm for extended periods of time. Most coffee urns are electric, although others use internal fuel sources like as oil, propane, or other to heat. At large gatherings and banquets, urns are quite common since they spare hosts the hassle of frequently refreshing smaller pots or carafes. Most urns make coffee readily available via a central faucet, allowing guests to dispense however much they desire while keeping the remaining supply warm.

    Main Purpose of a Coffee Urn

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    The entertainment and hospitality industries—basically, any venue where large groups of people need easy access to coffee—are where coffee urns are most widely used. The main advantages of utilizing this equipment are efficiency and consistency. For instance, urns are frequently placed in hotel lobbies so that visitors can serve themselves in the morning. They can also be utilized at home when hosting big gatherings or hosting a lot of visitors. At meetings, sizable events, and weddings, commercial variants of urns are also very popular. Fancier urns may be displayed for self-service, but they may also be kept out of sight in establishments like restaurants where only the wait staff and servers have access to them.

    How a Coffee Urn Works

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    The main advantage of a coffee urn, besides its capacity, is its ease of use. Most urns  function as both brewers and dispensers, making them a kind of multi – function device. A typical urn has a special brewing chamber that may or may not need a coffee filter. Users will put coffee grounds in this compartment and then add water to the main chamber. Depending on the requirements of the heat source, the unit must then be lighted or plugged in. When the coffee has reached the desired strength, the machine will enter a holding mode that keeps it warm but does not keep brewing it.

    Benefits of Coffee Urns for the Office

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    A pot in the kitchen will likely be enough in a small office with a small group of workers. However, you will soon realize that your pot is constantly on the boil if your workplace consumes a significant amount of cups each day. As a result, your personnel will spend a lot of time waiting, and your electricity usage will skyrocket. Modern workplaces need a more efficient solution. Here are four benefits in using a coffee urn for the office:

    1. More Time Efficient – Providing tea and coffee to your workforce will, as we indicated above, keep them motivated and increase productivity. However, t he time your employees spend waiting for the kettle to boil can offset this increase in productivity! Your staff won’t have to wait for water to get to nearly boiling all day long thanks to a catering urn. Take note, however,  that the initial heating process for your urn will take a little longer than a kettle. So, it is always best to fill your urn to the brim first thing in the morning to give it plenty of time to heat up. Water can reach near-boiling in anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the urn.

    2. More Energy Efficient – To boil cold water, a lot of energy is required. The cost of your electricity bill will increase if you continuously boil water from cold throughout the day. Heating up a significant amount of cold water all at once and keeping it heated all day uses far less energy, and this is exactly how a catering urn works.  A catering urn functions as follows: you fill it once, let it heat to the desired temperature, and then you have hot water until the urn is empty. Of course, you’ll need to refill your catering urn when it’s empty with cold water and let it heat up again, which can take some time. That’s why you should make sure that you pick one that is large enough for the entire workforce so you only need to replenish it once or twice a day. Larger urns do cost a little bit more, but you’ll eventually save so much money on energy that it will more than pay for itself over time.

    3. Significantly Reduces Kitchen Queues – If you have ten or more employees in your workplace, you might notice that things get a little busy during lunch. With a kettle, your kitchen space will quickly become congested with lots of commotion as your crew gathers there to wait their turn. This could be a little challenging if your kitchen isn’t that big enough for the number of employees you have. But, with a catering urn, your employees may enter and exit quickly so they can have the remainder of their lunch break in peace. This will ease kitchen congestion and enable your staff to be more productive.

    4. Multiple Usage – There is no surprise that coffee makers work well for making coffee. However, you should be prepared to pay extra if you want a beverage machine that can also brew tea. With catering urns, you can brew coffee and tea for considerably less money as well as cup-a-soups, instant noodles, couscous, and more. You can even get instant hot water for dishwashing from them! When compared to a catering urn, some coffee machines enable you to dispense hot water, but these are often very expensive.

    Coffee and tea at work, formerly viewed perks, are now widely acknowledged as necessary to maintain a happy and productive workforce. Most companies would agree that tea making facilities are a basic requirement in a workplace, regardless of whether your workforce prefers to be calm during their busy schedules with herbal tea or want to power up on caffeine with a strong coffee.

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