Late night Saturday

Well, Shayne is working really late tonight so it’s the perfect time to catch up on my blog I feel like I’m neglecting. I just posted 2 days ago but I realized I forgot to do my 30 days of truth that day, so I have 3 of them to catch up on now! Here goes…
Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. Well I can honestly say that I don’t really have any heroes, so I can’t think of one that has let me down. Oh wait, I was a little shocked when Britney Spears shaved her head! haha :p

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it. Ok, I’ll go with something, as opposed to someone. Coffee! Or caffeine in general. I can’t live without it! It’s the first thing I look forward to every morning and on days where I don’t have it I feel like I can’t function properly.

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without. Hmmm, I could live without laundry to do. That’s my #1 chore I absolutely hate doing. Anything else is fine, but folding, hanging, and putting away laundry is the absolute worst!

Ok with that out of the way I don’t feel like I have much to talk about, which is very odd for me. It’s been a pretty boring last few days around here…business as usual. Nothing new or fun or exciting to report on my end really! Ayden has spring break next week so I have a feeling I’m going to be exceptionally tired in a few days with both kids here full time. Now I understand how parents feel when their kids are home on summer break. They couldn’t wait for us to go back to school in the fall! I don’t know if can’t wait is exactly the term I’d use for myself, but it is definitely nice having a few hours every day where I only have 1 child, especially when she behaves about 10 times better when her big brother isn’t around to conspire with against me! I need to think of some fun things for us to do while he’s home so we aren’t all bored and annoying each other. It’s been nice out the last few days so I’m hoping they can play outside a lot and maybe if I’m feeling better I can do a little yard work. I need to get started on my garden if I want a good crop this year!

Ooh, one good thing to report I suppose is that for the first time in about 2 weeks I got a good night’s sleep last night! Hooray! Ever since I stopped taking all my pain medication for my back I’ve been feeling miserable as my body adjusted to functioning without it (after taking it for 7 months!) I’ve been feeling pretty crappy and sleeping really badly. I’ve had problems falling asleep, problems staying asleep, tossing and turning, cold sweats, and pains in my arms and legs. I think I’ve been averaging 4-6 hours of sleep a night and what I was getting was probably really poor quality sleep. Anyways, I had to go to Safeway last night to get Shayne some cold medicine and stuff, and I decided to get some Tylenol PM. I’ve been taking Melatonin to help me sleep too, but that wasn’t cutting it, and I figured with my muscle pains I’ve been getting at night that the Tylenol PM would hopefully help. Well it did! I took 2 of those and 1 Melatonin and I crashed hard. I got a good 10 hours last night and woke up feeling great for the first time in a long time! I’m going to do the same thing tonight after I’m done writing this and hopefully I’ll get another good night in & start getting my energy back. I felt almost normal today and it was really crazy after feeling crappy for so long. Hopefully those days are numbered!