Last chance! I NEED YOUR VOTES!!!

Hello to my loyal followers! Today is the last day to vote for the Epic Make Over Contest that I entered in over at my favorite blog Vintage Revivals. Every vote counts and I would be so very grateful if you’d vote for mine (#14!!!) Just go over to, scroll down through the post down to the thumbnails, and click on the star underneath mine and vote for me as many times as it will let you. That’s it! You don’t have to sign up for anything or register, though if you don’t already follow VR’s blog you should, because it’s absolutely amazing and I guarantee you will love Mandi just as much as I do! She’s seriously my inspiration and she’s hilarious, and no, I don’t get paid to say that! I just really love her & her blog 🙂

Sooooo, if you could hop on over there and give me your vote I’d love you forever. And if you want to re-blog this for me, link this blog post to your blog, Facebook this, tweet, or whatever the heck it is you do on this interweb thingy then you would totally rock my socks off and be my blog best friend forever!!! Seriously you guys! I love all of my bloggy followers and you all are amazing & supportive! Plus, think of all of the AMAZING blogging adventures that will ensue when I win this contest! Hehe…

Thanks again! Fingers crossed for me…voting ends tonight at midnight & then the top 15 will be announced. Hopefully I’ll be posting tonight announcing my spot in the finals.

And also, this is my first blog ever from my Blackberry, so hopefully this works 🙂