Lap Desks Benefits, Considerations and Top Recommendations

Have you ever felt like working from your bed, couch, or favorite recliner? Most of us have. 

Working in the same position from your dedicated home office or cubicle poses the risk of screwing up your productivity. One solution is to use a laptop, but no matter how hassle-free the work becomes, the investment is pointless until you do not find comfort while using the laptop.  

That’s where lap desks come to the rescue.

For those unfamiliar with it, a lap desk is a portable surface that is usually kept on the lap, often to read or work. It’s made of PVC, polyester, wood, bamboo, PET felt, and other types of materials. While lap desks are often used to balance a laptop’s placement, they are versatile enough to be used while eating, studying and writing. 

In this lap desks buying guide, we’ll go over the things you should look for in a lap desk, and then present you with a list of the best lap desks to buy.

But before we do any of that, we’ll quickly walk you through the various benefits of buying a lap desk. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Benefits of Using a Lap Desk

You might feel putting a pillow under your laptop will get the job done, but it’s not the case – your laptop will still suffer from a lack of airflow. With a lap desk, you can create a decent setup for your laptop, as well as have other items like tablets, phones, etc. in range.

Additionally, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Ergonomic Workplace

Laptops aren’t as ergonomic as a traditional desktop. For instance, the keys of a laptop often force your wrists to work in a wrong posture (especially when you’re not working at a table). 

Lap desks help solve this problem by elevating the height of the laptop. That means a reduction in wrist extension, neck strain, and your head’s inclination angle. 

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PortabilityMost lap desks weigh between 1-4 kgs, which means you can take them anywhere without hesitation. Also, they’re much smaller than rising desks. Okay, maybe not the backpack-kind small, but tiny enough to be easily placed in a cabin luggage.  

Heat Absorption

Most of today’s lap desks are designed to suck laptop’s heat, which is crucial for eliminating the experience of increasing hotness. Plus, the lap desk’s surface provides support stability to help balance the laptop, lowering the time you need to spend in moving in order to keep the laptop in one position. 

Considerations to make when choosing a lap desk

Maybe you need it for watching Netflix in bed, maybe you need it to have breakfast in bed. You can easily find a lap desk that serves your purpose. Here are some things to consider when buying a lap desk.

The weight

When looking for a lap desk, weight should be a top concern for you. People mostly need a lap desk for reading, working or having a meal in bed / sofa. Essentially, a lap desk must be lightweight. It will be easy to move the desk around without troubling yourself too much. 

Apart from the weight, look for an ergonomic desk. Ergonomic desks are flexible and can be adjusted according to your height, neck angle, etc. 

The design

The need for a lap desk varies from person to person. Work-from-home professionals need a lap desk that can transform into a working station. Artsy people need a solid and hard surface to work on, while students need a hybrid solution to work and have a meal when needed.

Based on your requirement, you can choose from dozens of lap desk designs in the market. There are cushioned desks, wooden desks, metallic desks and rubber-based desks. The table tops also differ in shapes and sizes. Check if the table can fit your laptop size, has a non-slip design and few storage compartments. 

The Budget

Your budget can help you finalize a desk that works. You don’t have to break the bank just for a lap desk. There are plenty of cost-effective designs and models available. If a model fits all your requirements, see if the budget works for you. Mostly, affordable lap desks have all necessary features built in.

The Size

Size is an important factor. Afterall, you do not need a lap desk that is exactly like a table sitting on your couch. If it fits your laptop or books, it is good to go. However, a little extra space always comes handy, for putting a breakfast tray or a mouse pad with the laptop. Try the desk to see if it fits your feet underneath and provides adjustments based on your height. 

Best Lap Desks to Buy

Where to Buy
Lap Gear Designer Lap Desk
Portable Laptop Lap Desk
Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk
HUANUO Lap Desk 
Lap Gear Ergo Pro 


Lap Gear Designer Lap Desk

This lap desk is great for people who love patterns and anything boho-style. You can choose from a variety of designer colors and patterns when ordering. The desk is ideal for laptops up to 15.6’’ in size. Moreover, you can also place your phone on the side of the desk, in a groove. 

Other media devices of up to 7.9” can also fit into the same groove.

The designer fabric goes well with any interior or room setting. The top is designed in wood pattern, with a cushion filling in the bottom.  The bottom also provides ventilation as advised by laptop manufacturers. You can also use this as a portable study desk, to place textbooks and stationery. 

Portable Laptop Lap Desk

This multi-functional lap desk is ideal for students, working professionals and others. It is spacious, allowing for lots of room to place big laptops and notebooks. The desk is designed to give utmost comfort to the user while sitting on the bed, sofa or outdoors. 

There is an adjustable LED light attached to the desk, perfect for reading, writing or seeing the keyboard. The LED storage light is gooseneck style. You can detach the light and put it in a storage sleeve present on the back of the desk. The desk is made of soft fleece cushion fabric and filled with foam microbeads to provide balance and support. 

Portability is one of the key features of this lap desk. Take it wherever you go, and work with ease. You can hold it by the carrying handle when walking or put it in the car. 


This lap desk is made of 100% natural bamboo, which is an eco-friendly option. The wooden built of this lap desk is ideal for giving you a sturdy tabletop anywhere you are sitting. The foldable table can bear heavy weights and will not give away with time. 

This lap desk can be used as a normal table for having a meal or using as a workstation. The 9.1×13.8 height is good for people of all heights. There are metal clasps that hold table legs in place. There is a tiny drawer on the side for holding USBs, cords and other little accessories. One part of the tray is movable to give the perfect incline while working. The table comes pre-assembled, so you need not worry about fixing it. 

Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk

This gorgeous lap desk has a wooden looking tabletop. The tabletop is made of MDF and an eco-friendly solid wood particle board. It is scratch resistant, moisture proof and not easy to bend or sag. The aluminimum alloy legs are strong and highly finished. They are designed to provide comfort and perfect balance. 

The desk can be folded into two halves, making it easily portable. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can even take it to the park or camping trip! This desk can be customized as you like, for arts & crafts, study, writing, laptop, breakfast, etc.

HUANUO Lap Desk 

This lap desk is very versatile and perfect for any setting. It fits laptops up to 14” and any other item with ease. If you are looking for a sturdy lap desk surface, HUANUO should be an ideal candidate. The tabletop is made of bamboo, with a smooth and shiny finish. 

The base of the table is made of lycra fabric and foam. You can adjust the foam base easily on your lap or any other surface. Students can also flip the table and use the base as a soft pillow for a quick nap! This desk is portable, you can carry it by a finger from room to room or to school. 

Lap Gear Ergo Pro 

This lap desk is designed with a lot of user preferences in mind. You can adjust the table top up to 20 different angles. It has space for a mouse pad, stylus holder, phone holder and an inclined top for laptops or books. Any media device can be fitted into the phone groove.

The surface is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about devices when changing angles. There is a dual bolster styled cushion in the bottom for balance and comfort. This desk is ideal for working professionals, who need a set working station. 


You won’t understand the significance of a lap desk until you own one. Once you own it, you will wonder why you didn’t make the jump earlier. 

Hopefully, this buying guide will equip you with the knowledge of all the sizes, designs and shapes to consider until you find the ideal desk for your needs.