Kitchen Gadgets to Help the Disabled

Cooking involves several physical movements necessary for a lot of coordinated functions you have to perform in the kitchen. Due to many reasons, some people are unable to use their hands for coordinated movements. These, and several other people who are termed as disabled, find it hard to work in the kitchen without any assistance. 

While we have reaped a plethora of advantages from the advent and evolution of technology, designing and manufacturing adaptive cutlery and kitchen gadgets is also one of them. Here you will find information about some of these gadgets that can help disabled people a great deal while working in the kitchen without any help. 



Kitchen Gadgets to Help the Disabled 

From the easy-to-use utensils to the well-developed functional tools that make the kitchen tasks easier, all these tools help disabled people to get through their day without hurting their self-esteem. We all know how it feels to be a constant burden on someone. Imagine feeling the same whenever you warm up your food, cut fruit for yourself, open a snack jar, or cook something.

1. ZYLISS Lettuce Knife

This is the prime example of the simplest type of kitchen gadget that ensures the safety of your loved ones. It has a serrated blade made of plastic that makes it perfect for use by the elderly, children, and disabled people who are at high risk of injuring themselves in the kitchen. If you think that a serrated plastic blade will be hard to clean, you could not be more wrong. You can easily wash this knife in the dishwasher.

2. Rock’n’roll Pizza Cutter Red 

This is another safest option for the disabled who cannot use sharp things without hurting them due to some kind of mental or physical disability. Who does not like a pizza? Pizza is the ultimate favorite of everyone, and there is certainly no way of keeping anyone away from this when it is on the table. So, what do you do while keeping them safe and letting them have some time of their life? You use the Rock’n’roll pizza cutter.

It does not scratch the metal or any other surface and through the slice like a breeze. Cleaning it is also very convenient as it is dishwasher safe. 

3. OXO Good Grips Prep Cutting Board

Among the numerous types of disability conditions, many render the people helpless regarding hand-motor coordination and control. This is extremely dangerous if combined with sharp gadgets in the kitchen. They might lose control and hurt themselves. OXO good grips cutting board is built explicitly with non-slip feet; hence, they minimize the risk of injuries. 

Also, the board is double-sided, implying you can easily use either side, which is an added benefit for people with limited or compromised vision. The board also has handles on the edges so that you can easily hold it while moving it from one place to another. 

4. Etac-30741 Deluxe Plastic One-Handed Kitchen Paring Board, Right or Left Handed Use

Do you know that this kitchen gadget tops the list of all the gadgets we have listed here? The most intimidating and off-the-limit task in the kitchen for people with any disability is cutting and/or chopping. People who have limited movements find it nearly impossible to hold the item down while chopping or cutting it. 

This cutting board by Etac is ideal for one-hand use. It comprises a handle rocker made of wood and a knife. Once you fix the item, you need to cut on the rocker; there is no need to use a hand to hold it down. The jaws in the rocker do the trick instead. The board has non-slip feet, which add up to its benefits as an excellent gadget for the disabled. 

5. OXO Good Grips Serrated Rocker Knife

Making grip easier on the cutlery is another milestone that cutlery designers have achieved. From steak to chopping vegetables or fruit, holding the conventional knife horizontally and cutting through might not be easy for some people with disabilities. 

This knife can be held vertically; thus, resulting in a stronger grip. It also gives additional control as the downward cutting force is increased. Moreover, this knife by Oxo Good Grips makes cutting with one hand quite convenient. 

6. Dycem – 50-1596B Non-Slip Mat

If you know or live with someone with any kind of disability, then having these non-slip multi-purpose mats all around the kitchen and dining area is extremely important. They are from Dycem and are about 4mm thick. They are excellent for providing a strong non-slip grip to anything, such as a cup, bottle, plate, or any cutlery; thus, minimizing the risk of injury. 

7. Electric Jar Opener

With insanely powerful magnets that are fit into this awesome gadget, opening any jar is a piece of cake. It can fit and easily open almost all types of jars or cans. Besides being an important gadget for everyone, this gadget is crucial for people with disabilities as well. 

The amount of force required to open the jar is unimaginable for someone with compromised movements or limited ability. This gadget makes the task super convenient and lasts long enough. 

8. Manual Can or Jar Opener 

Another excellent option for the elderly or disabled with regards to the jar or can opening is this manual opener. It provides a good grip on the lid and pops it open without much hard work. Buying this does not mean you have to buy several of them to open different types of jars and cans or bottles. The grip of the lid is flexible and can fit on different jars and cans. The handle of this opener is also skid-proof, which means no accidents. 

9. LW Hand Crank Apple Peeler Fruit & Vegetable Peeler 

Finding things that do not challenge the limitations of your body is a blessing. This vegetable and fruit peeler is no exception to this. It has a simple design; therefore, there is no hi-fi rocket science involved in using this gadget. It has a peeler attached to a handle that has an excellent non-slip grip.

You need to place the fruit or vegetable in the jaws of the gadget and rotate the handle. The blades of the peeler move when you turn the handle. 

10. The Grip Jar Opener: The Original under Cabinet Lid Opener

This gadget takes ease and convenience to the next level. It sticks to the base of any cabinet for your ease and has a V-design that grips the lids and pops it open. From medicine lids to jars or soda bottles, this grip jar opener can open almost anything or everything without putting much effort. 

The best part of this gadget is its easy installation, and it can be installed hidden in the cabinet as well. The only drawback of this gadget might be its flexibility to fit in and grip different types of lids. 

Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets 

As we have said, it is very challenging, mentally and physically, if you are unable to perform your daily tasks without constantly asking for help. It drains every ounce of self-esteem in the person. Therefore, introducing these adaptive kitchen gadgets to the disabled will help them perform better without support. It will boost their performance as well as their confidence. If you know or are someone with a disability, order these right away.