Kids getting crafty

I got a little crafty this week…and so did my kids!

They absolutely love to paint.


Lily decided her step stool needed a makeover, and Ayden opted for a regular ol’ canvas.

This area is supposed to be my sewing/crafty area, but as you can see, I’ve yet to find furniture for it yet. (we’ve only been moved in for a month). So for now we get crafty on little drop cloths on the floor. 
Ayden worked really hard on a cool skull painting.
I let Lily do whatever she wanted, so her step stool ended up with rainbow legs. 
(I love the look of pure concentration on her face).
Here she’s explaining how she really is an artist.
This step stool is just too cute for words.
It’s Rapunzel way up in her tower.
She even tried doing “designs” on the legs. Fancy!
Both of my little artists’ masterpieces. 
Now, some moms might cringe at the fact that their son is painting a skull dripping in blood. But keep in mind that his daddy is a tattooer, and he’s only trying to copy a technique he saw on of my recent tattoos.
Plus, he’s a crazy good artist for an 8 year old and I’m all for encouraging that!
So proud of my little crafters! This was the perfect little project for each of them and it allowed me some time to get my crafty stuff done too 🙂
Are your kids creative? What kind of stuff do you like doing together? We could always use fun ideas!
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