Kids book review: The Thickety- a great summer read!

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I know a lot of kids have already started going back to school, but here in Washington we still have another 4 weeks of summer vacation. Summer was off to a good start, but now with a newborn baby sister added to the mix, our fun summer kind of came to a screeching halt. Leaving the house is nearly impossible, and the kids are going stir crazy being cooped up in the house every day. I keep telling them to grab a book and read. They usually love to read! But so far the TV, video games, and Netflix have won that battle.
The Thickety by J.A. White snapped my soon to be 4th grade son, Ayden, out of his video game induced coma. As soon as I had him read the little excerpt in the inside cover he was hooked. Here’s a little on what it’s about:
When Kara Westfall was five years old, her mother was convicted of the worst of all crimes: witchcraft. Years later, Kara and her little brother, Taff, are still shunned by the people of their village, who believe that nothing is more evil than magic . . . except, perhaps, the mysterious forest that covers nearly the entire island. It has many names, this place. Sometimes it is called the Dark Wood, or Sordyr’s Realm. But mostly it’s called the Thickety.
The villagers live in fear of the Thickety and the terrible creatures that live there. But when an unusual bird lures Kara into the forbidden forest, she discovers a strange book with unspeakable powers. A book that might have belonged to her mother. And that is just the beginning of the story.
This book was a bit long for my son- it was about 450 pages, but the pages were small and were in a fairly large print. Still, the size of the book was a bit intimidating for him. But he did great reading this book and said that it wasn’t too hard for him. After he got about 100 pages in, he really picked up his reading pace and started speeding through it. He actually looked forward to his reading time and was happy to put the game controller down.
Here’s what he thought:
Me: What did you think of the main character, Kara?
Ayden: I thought she was really cool. She’s smart and nice, even though her mother was a witch. She has magic too, but she doesn’t want to use it for bad, only good.
Me: So it has magic in it? Was it scary at all?
Ayden: Not to me. I like books about magic that are kind of creepy. This one might be a little bit scary at parts for some kids, but I liked it. I might have been a little afraid when I read it at night though.
Me: Do you think boys will like this book more, or girls?
Ayden: I think really any kid would like it. Girls will like it because the main character is a girl. Boys won’t care though because there is a lot of action and cool stuff happening all the time.
Me: Were you able to guess what was going to happen at the end?
Ayden: No. I thought I knew what was happening a few times, but then things would change and it would do something way different than I expected! Then at the very end it just stopped at a really good spot, so I hope they are making another one (I’m sure they are).
Me: So you’ll definitely continue reading the series if they make a sequel?
Ayden: Oh yeah. This one was really good and I want to know what happens next!
So there you have it. A pretty happy 4th grader. I would have to say that 4th grade might be a tad young for this book and it’s theme, but Ayden is a pretty advanced reader. Like he said, he didn’t have any problems reading it, but other kids his age might. It does have some dark themes and mild violence, so you’d have to use your own discretion when deciding if this book is for your kids.
Do your kids like to read?
What’s their favorite book to read?