Just Dance Disney Party- My Review


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We recently bought a Kinect for Xbox for the family. When my kids showed me the commercials for Just Dance Disney Party, I knew we had to get it! Not only are my kids some of the biggest Disney fans ever, but they also know how to shake it.

As soon as it arrived in the mail we had to try it.

 This little girl was so excited, she couldn’t wait until her brother got home from school.

Set up

The game is easy to get started. Once I showed my daughter all of the correct commands to select on each screen she pretty much took over and had figured it out. I love how the 4 year old is always the one figuring out how the electronics work! You simply start the game, stand in front of the Kinect sensor, raise your hand when it says to, then follow the on screen set up menu using your hand to select your game settings.

Song Choices

There are a ton of fun song choices, some of which we had already heard before (mostly the ones from the movies) and then a bunch that we didn’t really know (from TV shows). We warmed up with “I’ve Got a Dream” from Tangled, “How Does She Know” from Enchanted, and “Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo” from the Disney’s classic Cinderella (one of Lily’s favorites!) Altogether there are 29 songs to choose from.


The dancing itself is pretty easy to get the hang of. You basically just mirror the moves of the person on the screen. One of their hands has a little sparkly thing that follows it, so you have to make sure that you’re following that exactly! You get more points the longer you can stay in synch. When you’re doing really good you get bonuses, and the game will alert you to dance even harder for more points! Each player gets a score at the end, and there are all kinds of other bonuses you can achieve too. For example, while my son usually always gets a higher score than my daughter (he’s older & follows the moves a little better), my daughter almost always gets a bonus for most movement. Even if she’s not getting the moves right she’s always bouncing & jumping around having fun, so I love that she wins that one.


I love that there are so many different options for playing this game. You can play by yourself and just pick songs that you like, or you can put it on a random shuffle and it will play a different song each time for you at random. There’s also a team mode where your scores are combined. There’s also a feature called Freeze & Shake. That one is really fun because you dance until a little stop sign comes up. That means freeze! Then after a few seconds it will show an icon with it’s hands shaking & that means OK go, and go crazy! You can get a lot of bonuses when that icon is up.

Personal Thoughts

 Once we figured out how the game worked and got comfortable with the dances we tried some songs we hadn’t heard before. My kids are 4 & 8, so they don’t watch all of the shows that are on this game. I will say though that after doing some of them myself they ended up being my favorite. I actually like dancing to some of the songs from Camp Rock, Good Luck Charlie, and Wizards of Waverly Place. These songs had me laying on the floor gasping for breath afterwards from dancing so hard! It’s really fun and it’s a great workout. I love that it’s something the kids can do inside (great for bad weather) that still gets them up and moving. Plus, they’re having fun and getting along while they play, and that’s always a good thing. This is definitely one of my new “go to” games for when the kids are driving each other crazy and we’re cooped up inside.

 I got a shot a great little video of my kids dancing. This is one of their favorite dances! I love how in sync they are at certain parts. You can hear me laughing sometimes…it was really hard not to! They are so cute.

And I could barely get a decent picture of them because they wouldn’t stop dancing! Every picture was a little blurry.

 All in all, would I recommend this game? If you have kids, definitely! It’s one of our favorite games to play together now. Go here to see where you can get Just Dance Disney Party for X-box Kinect or Nintendo Wii.

Thank you UbiSoft for sending me this game!