Jumpstart Your Nostalgia With These 90s Items

The 90s was a wonderful time for those who grew in during those years. While everyone’s childhood is usually special, the 90s had some very memorable things to offer. The TV shows of that era are still popular today, as are many music bands. Many of us still remember the excitement of collecting Beanie Babies, getting a new pack of butterfly clips, or being confident enough to wear body glitter to a school party. 

While we might have a lot of 90s stuff still lying around, there’s always room for more. Check out these items from the 90s that might be perfect for triggering your nostalgia and brining back some sweet memories. 

Where to Buy
Ten Color Shuttle Pens 1 dz
The Splat: Coloring the '90s (Nickelodeon) (Adult Coloring Book)
Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Markers, Fine Tip, Assorted Colors, 10-Count
Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Party Pack Lip Glosses , 8 Count
Goosebumps Retro Scream Collection: Limited Edition Tin
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set]


1. Shuttle Pens

If you had this as a 90s kid, chances are you didn’t even know what it was called. These shuttle pens had several colors in one packaging and were a novelty that almost every youngster was proud to have back then. These make for great party favors or stocking stuffer, or just an amusing gift for no reason. 

The pens you enjoyed during the 90s are now available for purchase online. You can get them in differently-colored cases, while there are ten color options for the ink inside. You can write in green, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, black, and brown. These pens will also be great for any kid who loves to play around with colors, as well as any adult who wants to revisit their childhood. All you have to do is choose a color and pull the tab down to start writing. 

2. The Splat: Coloring the ’90s (Nickelodeon Adult Coloring Book)

This option gives us the opportunity to combine something from modern times as well as the 90s. We all loved watching the Nickelodeon channel growing up. Now that many of the old Nickelodeon favorites are getting re-launched, this is the perfect time to revisit these shows and de-stress in one go. 

This coloring book has all the classics inside; Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, etc. You can color in about 47 designs, some of which are more detailed than others. Some of the pages have thick lines and an open look, while others have more details and thinner lines. It’s nice to have this option, as you never know what your mood might be when you sit down to color. 

Each of the designs here is printed on one side of the page, vehicle the other side has a quote on it. The paper is also heavyweight and of a decent quality, which doesn’t allow gel pens or water based markers to bleed through it. Overall, this book will make a great gift for a stressed-out Nickelodeon fan. You can also consider this one as a gift for yourself this coming year

3. Mr. Sketch Assorted Markers

Every kid in the 90s needed to have a set of scented markers. Inhaling the sweet, fruity scents somehow made coloring and making school project all the more fun. You can revisit your own 90s childhood by getting these Mr. Sketch assorted markers, each of which has a fine tip and a different scent for each color. 

The scents here include Apple, Blueberry, and Cherry, all with bold inks that make coloring more enjoyable. Fortunately, these are also AP-certified nontoxic, so we don’t have to worry when a child inhales the scent (or if we do so ourselves. 

According to the reviews for this item, each smell is quite accurate according to its listing on the box. The point might not be like a pen’s but it’s fine enough to write with legibly. If you’re in the mood for revisiting the 90s with a practical item, these markers could be one logical choice. You might want to play some of the most popular songs of the 90s while you enjoy these markers. 

4. Lip Smacker Lip Glosses

Lip Smackers were among the must-haves for all the cold kids in high school back in the 90s. These might have specifically for girls, but you can’t deny that boys have to moisturize their lips from time to time as well. 

Nevertheless, the scents and texture of Lip Smackers will surely take all of us back to the 90s. There would be several flavors available, including Dr. Pepper, cotton candy, Fanta, Coca-Cola Cherry, and many more. Even today, one can’t deny that having your lip balm in a tube form is quite convenient. 

You can now get Lip Smacker packs on Amazon in several flavors. There’s a neat Coca-Cola variety available, as well as M&M and Disney Princess themed options. These options will be great for kids today as well, so you might want to stock up for the next holiday season. Many adults would probably also like to get some Lip Smackers for themselves; they’re necessary for keeping our lips hydrated and smooth. 

5. Goosebumps Retro Scream Collection: Limited Edition Tin 

If you want to revisit the 90s in the form of a book, the Goosebumps series or anything else by R. L. Stine is a great option. These books were thrilling to read the first time round, and will give you a hearty dose of 90s nostalgia even today. Apart from the thrills and chills, the settings of the stories are quintessentially 90s, with no smartphones in sight. 

We can now opt for a retro Scream collection of the Goosebumps books for triggering our 90s nostalgia. This tin contains five books, each with an original cover and the same gripping story inside. While some reviewers are complaining about the lack of a bump title on the cover and a few changes to the  original story, they love having the chance to read their favorites again. Plus, this tin will also make a great gift for any kid who’s interested in reading horror or thriller fiction. 

6. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set] 

Life in the 90s just wouldn’t have been the same without this comic strip featuring a boy with a hyperactive imagination and his stuffed tiger. It’s still of one the most popular ones to date, and this box set is just one way to commemorate it. 

The box set will not just make for great reading, but also an attractive decoration for your shelf or coffee table. The investment will be worth it if we can get our hands on the complete works of this timeless strip. 


Whether you’re planning a 90s-themed party or want to enhance your 90s interior decor, the items above can certainly help you along the way. The smaller items can go in the goody bags or party favors, while you can arrange the larger ones on your coffee table or bookshelf. Even if you don’t have any particular use for them, these items from the 90s will bring a smile to your face.