Items Die-Hard Wrestling Fans Want

As long as there is professional wrestling around, there will always be wrestling fans. Like any other sport, wrestling has an international fan following and people from all across the world follow WWE, Smackdown, and Raw. Wrestling fans can be of all ages, races backgrounds, sexes, and nationalities but one thing remains common in all of them, they love the sport.

Brief History of the Sport

Wrestling has been the oldest form of combat and its history goes back to 15000 years. This was found in the cave drawing of ancient civilizations like Egypt and Babylon. In the modern days, World Wrestling Entertainment more commonly known as WWE is the most popular form of sport.

The history of WWE dates back to the 1950s and back then it was known as Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC). Then the name was again changed and it became World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) and later on became World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Now WWE is the world’s largest wrestling promoter and has provided the fans with many wrestling stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson better known by his stage name the Rock.

WWE currently hosts high profile programs like Raw and SmackDown in more than 150 counties and some breathtaking events like WrestleMania. WWE also hosts live events and in 2014 also launched a 24/7 streaming network.

Brief History of the Sport

Items a Wrestling Fan wants

From WWE championship belts to other merchandise like caps and t-shirts, fans of the sport want it all and are ready to pay extra bucks for these items. Here is a list of items every wrestling fan wants or desires of having.

WWE Championship Belt: it is confirmed that a child who carries a WWE championship belt also pretends of having a title match with the sibling or an imaginary friend and tried to mimic the moves of the professional wrestlers. Every die-hard fan of the sport has the title belts in their collection. Although these belts are not handmade either does it have metal plating like the original one but instead, it’s made of plastic. Visually the belt does look the same and the fans carry it with pride.


Roman Reigns T-shirt: At the beginning of his career, this WWE superstar wasn’t liked and fans found it very hard to cheer for him. Now the tables have turned and Roman has become one of the most popular entertainers in the sport. Also known as the Big Dog, Roman Reigns has gained superiority in the ring and also in the hearts of his fans. His merchandise is loved by fans and his “Head of the Table” t-shirt is a fan favorite.

Sasha Banks Ring Set: Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado more commonly known by her ring name as Sasha Banks is one of the most popular WWE females superstars, she holds the title of SmackDown Women’s Champion. People speculate that she is on the way to becoming a Hall of Famer soon and has a huge fan following. Her merchandise puts a smile on the faces of her fans and her iconic “Boss Time” studded rings are a must-have item.

Print Media: we can forget the print media on this list. From full autobiographies of WWE superstars like Chris Jerico and Daniel Brayan to magazines and coloring books for the kids, each item has its worth in the eyes of the fans. Autobiographies provide an insight into the lives of the superstars and fans are always keen on knowing more and more about their favorite WWE superstars and draw inspiration from them. Magazines, on the other hand, provide the latest news about the events of the sport and also about the latest merchandise.

Videogames: there are over 80 million people in the US who are involved in video games, whether it is professional or personal. There is a great chance that people who like wrestling also like videogames. Like soccer and basketball, wrestling has its videogames as well and fans are always ready to buy the latest games online or from a store.  One of the top-rated video games is WWE 2K18 and proved the fans with endless hours of entertainment. The game has great graphics and the player can choose from a long list of WWE superstars bringing some legends of the sport back to the ring. Characters like The Rock, Roman Reigns, and John Cena are present in the game and the fans get to have the ultimate experience while sitting in their rooms.

WWE Gnomes: A cute item found in the possession of many WWE fans is the WWE gnome.  For some fans, their collection isn’t complete if they don’t possess this item. Some of the most popular and liked WWE gnomes are Stone Cold Steve Austin, Zack Ryder, The Undertaker, and John Cena.

Undertaker’sPoster: Undertaker has been the icon of the game since his debut in WWE at Survivor Series. His career at the WWE spans over 3 decades and has achieved a lot during this time. He has been one of the biggest names in the sport and hardly any WWE would not cheer for him when he approaches the ring. A long list of Undertaker’s merchandise is released by the WWE every year and fans pay extra dollars to buy this merch and add items to their collection. An iconic poster of the Undertaker is a fan favorite along with printed mugs and t-shirts.

Signed Prints: Fans are always keen on taking autographs from their favorite WWE superstars whenever they get the chance. Autographs have been collectibles for a long time now. Fans go an extra mile to get the autographs of their favorite wrestler and it becomes their most prized possession.

Props: Beside belt fans also like props. Props include masks, bands, caps, and other accessories. Props are usually hard to get and that is what makes them more valuable. Many wrestlers sell replicas of their props.


Network Subscription: all a wrestling fan wants to do is watch wrestling. Although many fans prefer live-action, some also want to watch the matches from the luxury of their living rooms, and that’s what WWE has provided. Every die-hard fan of the sport has a subscription to the WWE network and they enjoy watching the live streams of the sport from their homes.

AEW Action Figures: In just 2 years All Elite Wrestling has made a huge impact on the wrestling sport. Die-hard fans love action figures of their favorite WWE superstars and AEW has provided this to them. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, as long as you’re a fan of the sport, action figures will be a major part of the collectible. Action figures of Chris Jericho, Omega, John Cena, and The Rock are top favorites of fans. Kids love to play with them and adults see them as collectible pieces to show-off.

Bray Wyatt Replica Mask: Bray Wyatt is a new name in the sport but in such a short time he has gained a lot of fame. Whether it’s the ruthless nature of his ability to entertain the fans, he has become one of the top athletes in the wrestling sport. Watching him compete while wearing the iconic “The Fiend” is breathtaking. Replica of The Fiend mask has become a must-have item for the fans. Although it’s very scary to look at if you are a fan you love it.

Green Ant Lucha Masks: Sin Cara is known for this athleticism and acts of selfless bravery. Fans love to watch him and he sells his merchandise as well. His iconic mask is one of the top items in a WWE fan’s collection.


Rey Mysterio’s Mask: ÓscarGutiérrez more commonly known by his ring name “Ray Misterio” has always been a fan favorite. He has had a very successful career over the years and has won the World Heavyweight Championship twice. He has also held the title of WWE Championship once. All these milestones have made him a fan favorite. Back in the day, you were not considered a WWE fan if you didn’t have a replica of Ray’s mask in your collection. You can always see young kids wearing the iconic mask while watching the game.



Every fan of WWE has their favorite superstar and they idolize that star. Every athlete has brought something new to the WWE universe and made a place in the hearts of their fans. Fans are always keen on collecting the items which the WWE offers. From signed posters to caps mugs and t-shirts, fans want it all and the ones who have been collecting for a lot of time have spent their precious time and money on these times.