Island Themed Decorating Ideas for Your Porch and Yard


    Reminiscing about the tall shady coconut trees and the sounds of beach waves from your last beach vacation escapade? Or perhaps the salty air or the smell of pineapple juice gives you nostalgia? Either way, the island is certainly a place we all miss as it reminds us of precious times of relaxation and taking a breather from the noisy hustle and bustle of the city.

    But what if we told you that you could bring paradise to your porch and yard? This certainly is possible with the joy and magic of decorating your home! We have listed in this article creative and fun island-themed decorating ideas for your porch and yard!

    Monstera Plant

    Monstera deliciosa plant at home

    The monstera is an evergreen plant native to tropical regions and has a distinct and attractive appearance of being large with certain gaps around its leaf. Since it is mostly found in tropical places, it certainly reminds anyone of that island feel. You can have this plant placed in a vase in your yard, or they can grow like vines if you use a good, sturdy vertical support. These plants are relatively low-maintenance, and they grow easily. However, it’s important to note that these plants need a good amount of sunlight but cannot tolerate direct light, so strategically locate them in your home.

    Weaved Table Runners

    As you’ve noticed, tables are often covered with woven runners on the island. They can come in intricate, colorful designs that reflect the rich culture of their indigenous people, or they can be simply brown and handwoven. These table runners can add a subtle tropical touch to your table setups in porches and yards. They can also come in different shapes and lengths. Sometimes they can run along the whole table and have extra parts of it dangling from the table. Other runners are shaped like a circle, which often display intriguing designs.

    Tropical Folding Chairs

    Chairs and umbrella setup in beach

    Beach resorts and hotels often utilize folding chairs for their guests to sit on in the beach area due to the easy setup, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. It has been used extensively and for such a long time that when we see folding chairs, we may have impressions of them being used on the beach, especially when it comes with a large umbrella. Its functionality, affordability, and appearance are benefits not limited to commercial hotels, as you can share the fun in your own porch and yard! The most iconic ones are striped white and red, but many other designs are also great, such as those with tropical design patterns or simple wooden ones.

    Macrame Plant Hangers

    Macrame is knotted textile often used as cords or yarn and can be innovated as plant hangers. They resemble ropes often used on the island, giving that tropical vibe. Because it is often colored white, it is easy to pair with any home color theme. This is especially a good idea if your family includes young children and pets since the plant hangers keep your precious plants a height away from them. These are often affordable, but if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always buy macrame on its own and make the plant hanger yourself! The process is relatively simple and not time-consuming.

    Tiki Torch Lights

    Tiki torch silhouette with sunset

    Tiki torches have the power to instantly turn any outdoor space into an illuminated tiki paradise! Its iconic design is described as a torch mounted on a pole usually made of bamboo or aluminum, with a distinct rounded design on the top where a container of flammable fluid is located. To light it up, one can light the wick inside that top container. It traces its origins to the 1930s tiki culture in the United States. These tiki torches are a staple decoration in tiki bars. Add further functionality to this item by making use of citronella oil as the tiki torch flame fuel. Citronella is well known for its capabilities as both an insect repellent and aromatic scent. Since you’ll often be outdoors in your island-themed porch or yard, staying safe and protected is best!

    Bamboo Mat

    Because bamboo is native to tropical regions, they are often used by islanders for a variety of uses, with mats being one. A bamboo mat is a mat made from cotton strings and bamboo pieces. Bamboo mats are often affordable, durable, and long-lasting. They are an environmentally friendly option too. Additionally, if one or some of your family members are sensitive to allergens and dust, this is a great way to prevent the dust accumulation that fluffy rugs often cause and hence lessen the chances of them getting ill from their allergies. It’s also a plus that these mats have a surface that is easy to clean!

    Fairy Lights to simulate the stars in the sky

    Fairy lights at home

    There are many things the urban city lacks, but the island has, and one of these is a magnificent view of the starry sky. Because of air pollution and many surrounding lights, it’s often difficult to participate in stargazing when you’re in the city. However, on the island, where the air is very clean, and the lighting of buildings is limited, people get to see more from our vast galaxy. Since we can’t do anything instantly to blow away pollution or minimize our neighbors’ lights, we can instead simulate the starry sky by using fairy lights! They can be tied across poles or ledges and are easy to assemble. 

    Adding hibiscus flowers to the mailbox

    Hibiscus flowers have often served as a design icon for tropical resorts due to their distinct showy appearance in vibrant colors. Grab this idea from resorts by painting hibiscus flowers on your mailbox or by adding sticker decals with hibiscus flower designs. The mailbox is often the first item seen when walking along the street, so set that impression to passers-by! Hibiscus flowers symbolize sunshine, joy, and happiness – elements you surely want for your home! 

    Seashell curtain

    Small seashell curtains

    Nothing can remind us more of the beach than seashells! A seashell curtain is a set of strings going down vertically with seashells tied around it. Although it doesn’t serve the usual purpose of curtains to provide shade or hide interiors, it is a great porch room divider and island-themed decoration. Its beautiful, reminiscent appearance makes it essential for any island-themed living space. You can buy one online or in a physical store, but you may also opt to make your own! If you have many seashells at home, this is one of many creative ways to display your souvenir collection.

    Beach vacations are often expensive, especially if you live far away from one. There’s a lot to consider: airplane tickets, luxury hotels, brand new sunscreen, and all the time off from work! Although you can’t go on vacation all the time, you can always find relaxation at home. By having island-themed decorations at home, you may feel more at peace and as if you’ve never actually left the amazing island!

    If you need more tips and recommendations, you may also check out our list of Home Décor Items That Will Remind You of Hawaii.

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