Island-Themed Decorating Ideas for Your Home


    Who said that decorations with an island theme belonged only at the beach? The island-style aesthetic is within reach with these classic design and decor ideas, whether you’re fortunate enough to have a tropical getaway or the blend of carefree beauty and nature is your ideal aesthetic.

    Bring to mind the splendor of far-off places without leaving the house. To conjure up images of sunnier climes, carefree interiors, and relaxed coastal style, use island-themed decor ideas. Here are several ways to add a touch of tropical inspiration.

    Add Some Rattan, Wicker, or Sisal Decor

    Seagrass, rattan, and sisal are examples of materials that instantly give a room a coastal feel. The textures and rope-like qualities of the materials give the area a perfect island-style feel.

    A modern kitchen is given a coastal cottage feel by the bar stools made of wicker and bamboo. Chairs made of woven wicker are affordable, portable, and sturdy. You can create a contemporary coastal space by combining them with other beach house decor items like a beadboard-finished island, sea glass pendants, and a light seafoam blue wall color.

    The traditional hanging basket chair made of wicker and bamboo is another excellent way to give a space a cool island feel.

    A Neutral Base

    Start with a neutral base to give you a blank canvas to work with because tropical style is all about combining and matching patterns. It will help to brighten up your room and make it feel more airy and open, ideal for the hot summer days if you have light-colored floors and walls.

    Incorporate a lighthearted greige color scheme with soft shades and darker tones. Additionally, classic neutrals like magnolia, taupe, and chocolate make for a chic spin on beach house design.

    Decorate With Plants

    a potted plant and chair on balcony

    The lush green tones of jungle foliage are the one thing that defines island style. Try mixing various tropical plants together for a lush jungle feel. Put these real plants in terracotta, wicker, rattan, or macrame baskets, or hang them from the ceiling!

    Use indoor plants with lots of green foliage, and look for those with leaves that have striking architectural shapes. This will highlight the attractiveness of nature and, when illuminated, produce intriguing shapes and shadows. Your tropical house plants will flourish if you regularly spray them with water to increase humidity.

    With all these lush greens, your home ought to feel like a tropical paradise. Why not choose some for your curtains, pillows, or upholstery if you can’t take care of real plants?

    Decorate With Flamingos

    Tropical décor frequently features pink flamingos. Thanks to this vibrant pink-wading bird, your tropical interior will look fantastic with a splash of color.

    Coastal Blues

    Color plays a significant role in homes because of the desire for personalization. It’s not surprising that blue is still the most popular color because it’s widely known as the nation’s favorite. Pick a color scheme that is influenced by the ocean.

    There is a color for every type of house, but nothing quite captures the essence of the sea and sky like a cerulean blue space idea in a coastal home. Your space will have a cohesive tropical feel if you use vivid blues to highlight the whites, pastels, and natural fibers you’ve already used in your design scheme. Blue tones are a mainstay of island-themed design, whether soft sky blues or rich, dark navy.

    Include Prints of Tropical Art

    Hanging island-themed art prints or using other décor accents, such as table runners, throw pillows, and more, to more overtly express your love are two of the simplest ways to give your home some island style. Beautiful beach scenes, sunsets, ocean scenes, palm trees, or exotic tropical flowers and birds can all be found in island-style wall art.

    Choose Wooden Floors

    a stem and a key on wooden floorboards

    Coastal-inspired flooring options will have a significant effect on the room. Choose wood flooring, and you can add sisal or jute rugs to divide or soften the space.

    Light oak is the obvious color choice for coastal living room ideas because of its laid-back driftwood vibes. Of course, natural materials are important for island design but don’t feel like you have to forgo the look because you can’t afford real oak flooring. Today’s oak-effect vinyl flooring tiles look so realistic you won’t believe they’re not made of real wood.

    Include Vibrant Colors

    Bold, vivid colors are typical of island fashion. Consider vivid oranges, blazing reds, and cheerful yellows. Use this color scheme to decorate your space with artwork, fabrics, and accessories.

    While green is crucial to any tropical look, don’t forget to incorporate some contrasting hues. Paint your garden furniture in vibrant colors for an instant mood boost, or pair hot pink with turquoise for a vibrant look.

    Casual Comfort

    Homes on the coast have a breezy atmosphere to put people at ease. The soft, high-performance furnishings, gauzy curtains, and pastel-hued pillows will help you unwind. Raffia and rattan, two components of nature, foster a sensory connection to the outdoors.

    Island-themed Dinnerware

    Nothing compares to a tea or dinner party served on lovely island-themed plates with matching glassware and decorations! We advise giving your serving and kitchenware a makeover first if you want to feel like you’ve been transported to the beach without leaving the comfort of home!

    Increase Exposure to Natural Lighting

    the interior of a house with wide windows, plants, and furniture

    Rich, natural textures and earthy, neutral colors can be found in island lighting. Lampshades may be woven from seagrass, wicker, parchment paper, or twigs.

    Blades for ceiling fans with light kits might be shaped like palm leaves or made of rattan. Tropical materials like abaca, rattan, vines, and bamboo may have been used in constructing chandeliers, floor and table lamps, and hanging pendant lights.

    While not everyone “off-island” is fortunate enough to have a porch space, you can still replicate these spaces’ light, airy feel in your home by allowing light to enter from windows throughout the building. Pick simple draperies that won’t block your views. Or, think about installing plantation shutters in place of the blinds, which can be opened to let in light but closed to provide privacy.


    Fill your home with objects that appear to have been handcrafted using materials that were taken directly from the ocean, a beach, or a rainforest because islands are abundant in natural resources. Look for decor wrapped in jute, sea grass, or abaca, bamboo rugs, curtains, and blinds that have a natural, organic texture.

    Decor with an island theme can feature carved wood tiki totems, tiki masks, and trinkets made from coconut and seashells. A stone or bamboo indoor fountain can add the calming sound of running water, and reed diffusers, oil burners, or incense can fill your house with exotic scents like pineapple, coconut, or a combination of tropical flowers.

    Island-inspired furniture and decorations can contribute to creating a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere with a resort-style vibe. Even though you might not reside in a tropical paradise, you can use these suggestions to give your house the appearance of an island bungalow.

    For more tips and recommendations, you may also check out our list of Home Décor Items That Will Remind You of Hawaii.


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