Is a Stone Cheese Plate Better Than Wood?

If you love cheese and frequently hosts wine and cheese parties at your place, then you’ll need to invest in a couple of cheese plates and boards for your occasions. You will need them for cutting and serving cheese beautifully for your party. You can also arrange a charcuterie board selection on them, serving cheese with a variety of meat cuts, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dips.

It’s convenient to have a few boards on hand for every occasion, especially for spontaneous get-togethers or ones at which you’re too busy to spend hours planning and prepping. Simply throw whatever snacks you have on a beautiful cheese plate to score tons of compliments from your guests.

Most cheese boards are made of wood, and some are made of stone like marble and slate. If you’re wondering if stone cheese plates are better than wood, take a look at their characteristics.

Wood Plates and Boards

Selection of cheeses with corkscrew, cork, and copyspace
An overhead photo of a selection of cheeses, shot from above on a white marble table, with a wine corkscrew and a cork, and a place for text

The most common choice for serving cheese is using wood plates. Reliable, economical, easy to clean, and ubiquitous – a wooden cheese platter or serving board is available in many different designs and configurations. The difference is that the color, appearance, and warmth of wood bring a rustic effect to the cheese. It can even emphasize the story and the origin of the cheese, as a wooden board can evoke a sense of fine dining. It’s great for presentation and aesthetics.

Besides the look, wood makes for easy cutting of cheese. You can cut cheese rounds into wedges, and harder cheeses can be brought down to reasonable blocks so your guests can shave and slice. Speaking of which, you must provide an appropriate cheese knife set to go with your cheeseboard.

Woods are great to use as serving and cutting boards for cheese, but it’s best to avoid wood that tends to pick up flavors like oak, cedar, pine, larch, fir, and cypress. Oak, particularly, is known for its transference, as winemakers use this for their wine barrel because it easily absorbs and imparts flavors because of its porous nature.

If you have these aforementioned woods, or if you simply love the design of a cheeseboard, but they’re made of one of these woods – it’s highly recommended to use food safe oil and wax regularly to season and seal in the wood to prevent it from imparting flavors and smells.

Stone Plates and Boards


Stone boards, which are made from marble, granite, or other natural stones, make an excellent presentation of cheese because of their form and function. Particularly, a marble board offers a cool and beautiful surface on which to present cheese, and it doesn’t absorb smells as easily as wood. However, marble is still porous and requires some maintenance.

It gives a luxurious look to the kitchen, and it can surely impress your guests with the elegance it can exude. After all, cheese is popular, so it’s essential if you go for a classy serving dish at a party.

The advantage stone cheese boards have over wooden boards is that stone offers the best temperature for cheese. Stone is made of dense materials, and it can retain a large amount of thermal mass. It means they can absorb heat faster than other materials and can transfer heat away from the cheese. This is a better material to use if you want to keep the cheese cool and prevent it from melting. It’s also the reason why pastry chefs and candy makers use marble in their jobs, as it contains the dough from sticking. It also helps set the chocolate faster and more evenly.

So, if you’re planning an outdoor event where you want to serve cheese, then choose a stone cheese plate to help preserve the cheese.

However, stone boards need a bit of maintenance. Marble is porous, like other types of granite, so it’s possible for your board to emit unwanted odors if it’s not properly taken care of.

What is Better?

Well, it depends on your needs. If you want the warmth and rustic look of wood, then go for wood boards and plates. But if your concern is preserving the shape and temperature of cheese as it will be served at your party, then stone is a better choice. Stone also offers a more elegant vibe than wood.

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Best Cheese Plates and Boards

Picking the right cheese plats and boards can mean the difference between a mediocre appetizer platter and a wow-inducing party pleaser that guests would be delighted about. Here are some of the best picks:

1. House Ur Home Store Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates

This epic cheese board is the whole package for an epic party. It comes with two plates, a sliding drawer knife set, two ceramic bowls, labels, and some labels and markers to identify each cheese or dip. It even includes a wine opener!

2. GMRS Home White Marble Rectangular Serving Trays

This is a chic, handcrafted serving board made from genuine marble. The gold foiling on the side is all about the aesthetics, creating a perfect “first impression” piece when you want to go impress your favorite people.

3. Juvale 6-Pack Slate Cheese Boards

This is a set of six stone boards that can be used as serving platters for your cheeses, charcuterie, and other appetizers for your party. The black slate color and rough edges make it a little bit edgy, and the best part is you can write on the slate directly to identify each snack.

4. Vistal Supply Cheese and Charcuterie Board Gift Set 

This charcuterie board comes with a built-in storage drawer with a set of four stainless steel tools. It’s made of sustainable bamboo, so you don’t have to worry about the material if you’re concerned about the environment.

5. VUDECO White Marble and Acacia Wooden Cheese Board & Knife Set 

Looking for a pretty cheese plate? The wood and marble combination in this plate looks striking. This marble and acacia wood cheese board is the perfect serving tray for your hors d’oeuvres for everyday use, cheese parties, and for entertaining. It comes with a matching marble knife that looks just as elegant.

6. HBlife Acacia Cheese Board & Knife Set 

This beautiful cheese board has sliding drawers and knives that make this set perfect for small and large gatherings alike. All you need to do is to extend the drawers when you have a bigger group invited. Plus, the black, anti-slip slate finish in the middle offers a great way to divide the cheeses. The best thing about this board is it’s a lot cheaper than it looks.