Introduction to Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker training is an animal training method commonly used to teach dogs new behaviors. It can increase the bond you have with your pet which is very helpful and encouraging for them. It also acts as a communication system where your pet will actively participate.

Clicker training also refines existing behaviors and can help to teach your pet complex ones. It would help in breaking down more complex behaviors into smaller yet more manageable steps. It also enhances the dog’s natural abilities. It will help the dog to recognize patterns when the activity is repeated multiple times.

How It Works

In clicker training, the trainer uses a clicker, which is a small metal cricket noisemaker that is adapted from a child’s toy. Its sound is distinct, unique and consistent, which can help dogs to focus better on learning.

This kind of training is like an extension of the usual dog training most people do instinctively. For example, when the dog behaves the way we like, we usually give them treats. In clicker training, the clicker informs them of the exact moment when they are doing something right which also means that a treat is waiting.

The first step in this training is to teach your pet to associate the clicker sound with a treat. Meaning, every time the click sounds, a treat is immediately offered. Then, use the clicker to signal that the desired behavior has happened. You can do this in three approaches:

  • Capturing: Catch your pet in the act of doing something desirable such as sitting or lying down. Your pet will eventually learn to repeat the behavior for a treat.
  • Shaping: Slowly build a new behavior by rewarding each of your pet’s small steps.
  • Luring: You can also use treats to get your pet to move toward the desired position.

Clicker training will help bridge the gap between the owner and the pet in terms of communication. It will allow your dogs to precisely know what behaviors you would like them to repeat. It reduces the time for your pet to learn something new.

It is a highly effective approach for dogs, especially for aggressive types. It can also be used to teach different behaviors such as touching your hand, paying attention to the cues and many more. It gives the owner so many options to manage aggression more effectively and safely.

There are so many great clickers that you can find in stores and choosing the best one for your pet can be challenging. But no worries because we listed the best clicker trainers we found that you may like.


1. PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

This is a hand-held clicker with a finger strap attached to its back which will allow you to slip your finger through and it fits very well in hand. It provides more comfort and makes it easier to hold onto rather than the box clicker types when training dogs.

Its click sound is distinct but gentle. It is loud enough to be heard but not as loud to be used for outside training. This clicker is ideal for training small dogs or sensitive dogs indoors, as well as on one on one training sessions.

This clicker is small but sturdy and can fit inside your pocket. It is made from plastic but highly durable. Also, every purchase includes a clicker training guide.

2. NewNewStar Pet Training Clicker

This clicker trainer comes with 2 button clickers in two different colors which are blue and black. It has a contoured design which can easily fit in hand. The clickers also have a wrist strap attached to it for added convenience in training sessions.

It is well constructed and durable. It is a metal clicker that will not rust or break. It is designed with a big button for easy clicking. The clicking sound is a recognizable distinct loud sound designed to get your dog’s attention anywhere you are.

This is great for large dog breeds and not for sensitive dogs. Also, it is best used for outside training.

3. EcoCity 2018 New Upgrade Version Dog Training Clicker

This clicker trainer has a teardrop shape designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It also has an elastic strap to prevent you from dropping the clicker. The elastic strap has a metal swivel snap hook so the clicker can also be attached to a lanyard or anywhere you want.

It comes with four clickers and four different colors which are red, blue, black, and white, allowing you to have an extra clicker just in case you lost one. It is also a great idea to have one clicker in every room. So you do not need to go back to your bedroom if you are already in the kitchen.

This clicker features a double-click. It makes a click sound when pressed and an additional click sound when released, producing a rapid “click-click” sound. The sound it gives is not too loud nor too soft.

It also comes with a dog training eBook and an informative pdf that will be sent via email for every purchase. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee terms.

4. Bestanx Training Clicker Kit

This clicker kit comes with four different colors such as black, blue, yellow, and red. Its button is made bigger for easy clicking. It has a wrist strap for easy carrying and its end has a metal swivel snap hook to be able to attach to anything you want.

It has an elastic ring on the back that ensures the clicker will stay on your finger firmly. The clicker is designed with a figure 8 that perfectly fits in hands. It is produced bigger in size making it ideal for large pet owners generally for Americans and Europeans.

The vibrations of this clicker are designed scientifically and professionally. It has a loud sound which is enough for dogs to hear and more suitable for a dog’s hearing frequency. It will not scare your dog even if they are sensitive. It produces loud sound but has a soft tone.

You can have an exclusive dog training eBook and a dog training PDF in every purchase, by just emailing the manufacturing company. It has a 100% guaranteed refund or return warranty if you have any dissatisfaction on the product.

5. Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Clik Stik

This is an all in one clicker trainer. It has a clicker and a retractable target stick. The stick can be extended from 6 inches up to 23 inches. It is made with sturdy materials and the click sound is not too loud which is great for sensitive dogs and smaller pets.

It is designed with a long handle for easier grasp. The handle also includes a belt clip for added convenience. The combination of the clicker and the stick allows the user to only use one hand. It is also for easy carrying.

This clicker stick is perfect for target training as well as for teaching tricks, contacts and weaves poles, send-away or go-outs, heeling, and so on. Every purchase includes Terry Ryan’s training guide.

Clicker training is an enjoyable activity not just for dogs but also for pet owners because it keeps them both in a positive attitude during dog training. It also helps in breaking down complex dog training into many smaller goals which leads to more successful attempts. These trainings not only make it easier for you in terms of communicating with your pet dogs but it also helps your pet dogs maintain their cognitive skills as they get older.