Internet problems and a giveaway

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!
I had some internet technical problems the last 2 days so please forgive me.
 Funny story (not really): I woke up Thursday to the internet not working a light blinking on my modem. I did all of the normal things like unplug it and reset everything and it still wasn’t working. Great. 
After calling and troubleshooting over the phone with internet tech support for about an hour, the guy finally noticed that my account had been temporarily suspended because I forgot to pay the bill. Well, couldn’t someone have told me that when I first called? Anyway, easy enough. I paid the bill right there over the phone and it should have been back up and running within an hour or so…maybe a little longer. 
Well by Friday morning it still wasn’t working so I had to call again, troubleshoot over the phone, and still nothing Which means a technician needs to come out. Which usually means I’d be without internet for about a week.
Thankfully the guy I was speaking to was super friendly and really went above and beyond to help me out, and he told me someone would be out to fix my modem that day before 8pm. Even better- the guy showed up at about 2pm and had the internet back up and running! He said sometimes the thing just acts up if they’ve had to interrupt your service.
Lesson learned
Pay your bill on time and your internet will magically work. 
Isn’t it crazy how those things work?
A note has been made on my bill pay calendar
Now on to the giveaway I mentioned.
I’m a part of Messy Dirty Hair’s group giveaway this month!

A handful of really awesome bloggers (and myself) are giving out some blog advice and came together for an “old school” giveaway, meaning a bunch of prizes can be yours, like a $20 Target gift card from yours truly. There are a bunch of other gift cards, etsy shop items (like some gorgeous jewelry!), and ad space up for grabs. Also, probably my favorite thing about this giveaway is that Kelly is giving away a spot on The Mini Project!

Hop over to Messy Dirty Hair to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget!