I’m way behind!

To all of my loyal blog readers, I’m sorry! It’s been a crazy last few days with everyone being sick & all. When I posted on Saturday I thought the worst of it was pretty much over, but Sunday sucked pretty bad too. So I’m going to try to quickly catch up and do my 30 days of truth, Must-Have Monday, and all of my regular blogging crap here. Oh who am I kidding?! This one is going to be long…I can feel it. So if you read the whole thing, thank you in advance. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not missing a re-run of Teen Mom 2 for nothing! 🙂

Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone to fill this one. That’s a good thing, right? Next!

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on. Ok, I know this might be hard to believe, but I get complimented a lot. Like I mean, a lot. (I’m totally kidding). Kind of. Ok, I get complimented on mostly physical stuff, which is nice I suppose. It’s never a bad thing when people tell you you’re pretty, right?! LOL. I get a lot of compliments on my blue eyes…people always ask if they are contacts. (They aren’t!) Or I will get compliments on my hair (yes!) or makeup (double yes!) or nails (yes yes yes!) or my shoes or some jewelry or something that I’m wearing, which is funny because I usually hate most of my clothes (I don’t shop a lot). And one of the biggest things I get is “Omg, you are sooooo skinny” or “How do you have 2 kids?” I’m not sure if that’s always a compliment, because sometimes I feel like a freak show or like maybe people think I’m anorexic or something, which I’m not! I eat a lot people! And I have a pretty unhealthy diet usually…dining out, picking up fast food, candy, sweets, etc. I overindulge frequently. If there’s something I’m craving I have to have it, there’s no way around it. Even if that means asking Shayne to go to Jack in the Box or McDonalds at 1am…and trust me, he’ll do it. He’s just that great of a husband 🙂 I am just blessed with a high metabolism and skinny genes…my mom is skinny too! And she didn’t get stretch marks either, which I’ve heard is genetic too, because I sure didn’t get them (thanks mom!) Ok I’ll stop now so you don’t start hating me even more. Please continue reading my blog! haha

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on. I wish I got more compliments on non physical stuff. I mean, people tell me I’m a good mom, or a good wife, or that I have a really really freakishly clean house or whatever. But I don’t get complimented on things like my brain much. I’m smart! I am. I just don’t really have anywhere to show it off at or anything. I don’t work, I’m not in school, and I’m home all day with a 3 & 6 year old (Ok, they tell me I’m smart all the time). But who else is going to compliment me on it? The cashier at the grocery store? No, she’s too busy telling me she loves my hair or nails! Oh well, I can live with being pretty I suppose.


Must-Have Monday!!! (on a Tuesday)

This weeks must-have is a product that was sent to me by a friend last week. Remember my really pretty, awesome friend Anna? She’s the one who got me started on quilting and we also went to beauty school together. Oh, and our daugthers look like twins and are BFFs 🙂

Aren’t they both stunning?
Anyway, Anna works at a Bumble & Bumble salon and she sent me two new products (isn’t she the best? I know you really hate me now) and I’ve decided that one of them is definitely a must-have if you have dry, damaged hair like me. I have naturally curly hair that I hate, so I spend hours every week blow drying, flat ironing, and curling to avoid my frizzy, naturally curly gross hair (nothing against naturally curly hair…it’s just that mine isn’t very cute. I see it look cute on plenty of other people, but mine never turns out right).

Bumble & Bumble’s Deeep (deep conditioner!)

Here’s the description for this stuff: “A once-a-week protein feast to repair, soften, smooth, revitalize, add shine & increase elasticity – a must for the chemically treated, sun-damaged & undernourished.” Well, yep, that’s me! It says to leave in for 20 minutes but I only left it in for 10 because I was in a hurry, and just in doing that my hair felt ahh-mazing afterwards! My hair never feels soft…and it was like silky smooth. It didn’t feel all fried and crispy anymore, and after I curled it all nicely it was so shiny and had way less frizz. I’m in love with this stuff! It’s going to be a must-have in my shower now at all times! Thank you Anna. Everyone should try this stuff! Your hair will love you for it! $12 for a 2 oz tube…the perfect way to try it out without investing a ton of money.

*     *     *     *     *

So, now that I’m caught up on all of that stuff, I just wanted to update & let everyone know that I had my 2 week post-op appointment this morning and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m still sore from the surgery and I have zero energy, but the nerve pain is about 90% gone, thankfully! I can only feel it when I bend a certain way or get up quickly, and the doctor said that should improve in a few more weeks as I continue to heal. I’m so happy to be almost done with all of this crap. It’s been an ongoing thing for the last 7 months and I’m happy to be pretty much done with doctor’s offices and medication and stuff. Yay!

The last two nights we did something really fun…family movie night! Ok, well we’ve done this before, obviously. But we made it super fun. Shayne took the top mattress off of our bed & dragged it out into the living room and we all snuggled up on it together and watched a kids movie. He & Ayden also went to the store and bought a ton of junk food and treats to enjoy while watching our movie, so that along with our big flat screen we felt just like we were at the movies, only comfortable! And warm! (why are movie theaters always so cold? Someone should turn up the heat!) Anyway, it was so much fun that we did it two nights in a row & we decided to make it a weekly thing every Sunday night. Hooray…I absolutely love starting traditions with my family. It’s little things like this that they will remember forever and tell their children about. <3

Here’s a few pictures from my blackberry from the last week or so. I hardly ever use my real camera anymore so I figured every once in awhile I’ll upload all the good ones onto my photobucket so you all can see my gorgeous little family 🙂 hehe

First off, my baby brother was officially announced as valedictorian of his graduating class this year! We are all so proud.

And I finally took my acrylics off so I could use my black shatter polish! Isn’t it cool? This picture doesn’t really do it justice…

Here’s all the junkfood for family movie night!

So comfy! We watched Megamind.

Daddy and Lily got a little silly and dressed up kitty in a fancy sweater.

Speaking of kitty, she’s taken to sleeping in Ayden’s bed lately 🙂

That is, when Lily isn’t forcing her to sleep in her bed…

Spring has officially arrived in Washington & we have our first daffodils!

And the kids have been playing outside a lot and give me anxiety when they come inside with their dirty faces.

So we take lots of baths and pretend that our green washcloth is a mermaid tail!

Crazy hair! 

Gee, I wonder where she gets it from.

Remember when I said Shayne gets us whatever we want? Dairy Queen 🙂

Lily loves to stand by the door with Ayden every day and wait for his school bus. They love each other!

Oh, and have you ever seen my beautiful sleeve my husband recently finished on me? This is my 2nd one by him, but this one is the best one. He’s amazing at Japanese style stuff. I’m so lucky to have this on me forever.(click on it to enlarge!)