If You Have a Large Family, Do You Need a Commercial Juicer?


    If You Have a Large Family Do You Need a Commercial Juicer?

    Are you uncertain about which commercial juicer to purchase? Personal juicers are simple to purchase, have several reviews, and are well-known among your family and friends. However, purchasing an industrial juicer is expensive and requires great care. There is no visual distinction between a home juicer and a business juicer. However, there are differences in design, construction, and durability.

    How to determine a commercial juicer?

    To be considered a commercial juicer, a juicer utilized for commercial purposes must pass certain tests and obtain the necessary certifications. Before purchasing a juicer, you must examine the certifications markings and the commercial warranty or warranty limits in the product description in the manual or on the company’s website; you can also speak with the company’s customer service representatives.

    Every corporation asserts that their product is the best of its kind. To distinguish between commercially certified and non-commercially certified juicers, however, you must consult the manual or the official website of the juicer in question.


    Distinction between Commercial and Home Juicers

    Visually, there is no significant difference between a commercial juicer and a home juicer. The difference lies in the engine, parts, and durability of the juicer machine’s construction. Commercial juicers are more robust, can be used every day for a longer period of time, do not corrode, do not heat up as quickly, and their components are more robust and long-lasting. They are more expensive than personal juicers for this reason.

    They are suitable for everyday use. Specifically, for commercial use in hotels, restaurants, juice bars, and cafes.

    Both home and commercial juicers are designed to extract juice, but a commercial juicer’s primary function is to be quick. Here’s a quick list of its functions:

    • It should be resilient.
    • It should have a large chute size to reduce preparation time and produce less foam.
    • It should produce delicious juices without altering the genuine flavor and color. 
    • It should extract the greatest amount of juice from fruits, vegetables, and green leaves. 
    • It should be simple to operate.
    • It must be simple to clean.
    • Making less noise would be an advantage.

    Advantages of Commercial Juice Machines

    If you own a restaurant or consume fruit juice on a daily basis, you should be familiar with commercial juice machines. We are aware that there are a variety of foods that can provide us with nutritional vitality, but consumers in major cities today choose raw, vegan-free, all-natural juices. The benefits of store-bought, pasteurized juices are negligible to nonexistent for consumers. All of the processes it undergoes deplete its nutrition. Therefore, professional juicers are purchased for the consumption of high-quality juices. In recent years, health-conscious individuals have been drawn to commercial juice machines due to their unique characteristics. Using it, the needs of a large family can also be met. If you buy a commercial juicer for your business or home, you can save both time and money.

    Selecting the Appropriate Commercial Juicer

    When searching for a commercial juicer, there are two essential questions to consider.

    What juice are you making?

    Not all juicers are the same. Different types of juicers are best suited for extracting juice from various fruits and vegetables. If you merely wish to extract juice from citrus fruits, a manual or electric citrus juicer is an excellent option. If you wish to extract juice from herbs or wheatgrass, you will need a wheatgrass juicer.

    How much do you juice daily?

    The amount of juice you wish to generate is a crucial consideration when selecting the appropriate juicer for your application. If you only need to extract fresh lemon juice for drinks, then a manual juicer may be all you need. If you wish to bottle juice for sale, however, you will need an electric industrial juicer capable of handling a high volume and demand.

     A woman preparing juice in a counter.

    Advantages of Commercial Juicers

    1. Simple to clean

    One of the most significant concerns with juicers, especially when used at home, is cleaning. An excellent juicer is one that is simple to clean. It is crucial to possess such a machine, as flavor depends greatly on it. The greater the flavor of the juice, the cleaner the extractor. Cleaning commercial juice machines is relatively simple. It makes the machine convenient to use, particularly for individuals with a hectic lifestyle. The juicer would just require a generous amount of water and, once activated, would clean itself. Its components are detachable for complete cleaning.

    2. Versatile use

    The greatest commercial juice machines can be used to serve items other than juice. In addition to grinding spices, whipping milk, grinding coffee, making pasta, juicing leafy greens, and mincing herbs, this juicer may be used in a variety of ways to prepare drink concoctions. It reduces the number of utensils and machines because it can perform the functions of several.

    3. A large quantity of juice in less time

    Commercial juice machines are extensively utilized due to their efficiency in producing more juice in less time. It is reputed to produce approximately 25 percent more juice than low-quality juicers. With the equipment, you can prepare a glass of fresh juice in under a minute. It will save a great deal of time, particularly for people who are really busy or in a rush. They would not be deprived of essential nutrition.

    4. No preparation of ingredients required

     The best aspect of commercial juice machines is that vegetables and fruits do not need to be sliced beforehand. All food products can be inserted straight into the machine through a feed tube, and the juice will be ready in an instant. Therefore, all of the essential vitamins and nutrients for the body’s wellness are readily available in the juice.


    5. Prevents oxidation and preserves nutrients

    Some may believe that since commercial juice machines prepare juices so quickly, the process removes the majority of essential nutrients. However, this is actually not the case. The juicer preserves the beneficial enzymes without heating or damaging the essential nutrients for the human body. It also prevents oxidation, allowing the juice to be stored in the refrigerator for approximately three days.

    People today live an extremely hectic and busy existence. They fail to see the value of maintaining a healthy diet. In hopes of recharging their bodies with the necessary nutrients, people choose juices. Juices of the highest quality are produced by commercial juice machines, which offer numerous advantages. It ensures that all the nutrients from the veggies and fruits enter your body through the juice while simultaneously saving you time. It may also assist you with numerous other tasks, making it a perfect juicer.

    To summarize

    Those interested in juicing large quantities of citrus fruits should investigate the most effective commercial juicers available. These juicers should be simple to operate, simple to clean, and able to accommodate a variety of fruit sizes. In addition, these juicers should generate a delicious, nutritious, pure, and high-quality juice that amazes the consumer and keeps them coming back for more. Also, if you have a large family a commercial juicer is a must – have. 


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