Ideas To Make Going Back To School Special For Your Child


    Schooling for kids has not just been a privilege for kids but a long-standing right to education. It is a right of the youth to be educated appropriately, especially if they are living in democratic countries. This right to be educated has been practiced by minor-aged people for thousands of years. This had been developed and adopted by many countries until today.

    At present, sending the kids to school becomes a challenge to most parents since COVID 19 has been a part of the world’s daily life. Yet, no such virus will hinder any loving parent in providing good quality education for their children. As a result, parents worldwide have been cracking their nerves out on making going back to school safe yet memorable for their kids this school year.

    Your Daily Routines

    If you are one of those parents who seek answers to this predicament, try checking these items below and reflect on them if they will be of any help to you. These bits and pieces of information are based on parents’ personal experience sending their kids to school during the pandemic.

    • Rise and Shine Early. School for kids is always early. It is scheduled from Monday to Friday, and classes usually start at seven in the morning. Train everyone, including yourself, to prepare early in the morning.
    • Set Up a House HQ. Organize everything in your house suitable for learning and quick preparation for school. Have a designated place where your kids will easily pick their school items and lunches up.
    • Let the Kids Learn a Routine. You’re not the only one who has daily routines. Train the kids to have their own habits, especially on school days.
    • Set Up a Study Room. Pick a nice and quiet room for the kids to make it their study room. It should be isolated from all the noise and distractions but accessible for everyone in the house.
    • Prepare Outfits for the Entire Week. Outfits are always a hassle, especially when kids suddenly don’t have any clothes while the school bus is waiting. So, prepare all the outfits for the whole week every Sunday to avoid this problem.
    • Plan the Sleeping and Waking Up Schedule. Kids must learn to have a proper sleeping schedule, especially on school days. Teach them the right time to go to bed and the time they need to wake up to prepare for school. Learning this stuff at an early age will benefit them in the future.
    • Keep it Fun. Starting the first days of school fun and exciting will make the kids stay at the heart of learning. Keep the days fun by relieving their stress after school with light, fun activities or talking to them while eating ice cream.

    Back to School Tools for Everyone

    All parents and students need to have these handy dandy tools and gadgets to aid them in preparing for the school days.

    • Family Calendar App. Set a family calendar of activities on your phone or any portable device to keep track of the family activities and other important schedules.
    • Physical Family Schedule. Whiteboards and even chalkboards are still better to remind everyone of important daily or weekly family schedules. This is perfect for keeping every family member intact, and you all move on with life together as one unit.
    • Parents’ Letter Tray. Going back to school also means a lot of letters from the school for the parents. So, have a designated letter tray in the kids’ study room to make it organized.
    • Individual Planner. Teach the kids to make their activities and other essential schedules organized by using a personal planner. They can use a calendar to track down significant events for the month and use the daily notes to account for the necessary activities like homework within the day.
    • Portable Storage Device. Students today live in the age of information where it can be easily accessed with a single click. Providing them with a suitable storage device such as a USB stick can make their learning efficient.
    • Physical Clock. Having smartphones and other gadgets are distractions during study time at home. So prepare an analog clock instead to keep the kids’ momentum high and elevated.
    • Alarms. This will be your best friend to keep everyone awake precisely at the time you need them. Provide everyone with a trusty alarm to set them on schedule.
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