Ideas for Throwing a Tea Party at Home for the Family

When you’re thinking of tea parties, do you imagine British fanciness, Victorian décor, or scenes from Alice in Wonderland? It’s the traditional scene for an afternoon tea party, and it’s an elegant affair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at home. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or any occasion or you simply want to do something special, a tea party is always a great idea. Try to do it at home with your family with these ideas:

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Tea Party Table Ideas

Use dainty, decorative paper sets.

If you want to keep your fancy plates safe, try to use decorative paper plates instead. There are party-worthy plates that look so glamorous and pretty, and it won’t look like it’s made of paper. Save the porcelain saucers and cups for the tea itself, and use these dainty paper plates  for your finger foods.

Bake some quirky cakes that look like fruit.

Mini treats are usually the main attraction of tea parties, but bigger cakes that are baked and decorated to look like fruit will definitely steal the show. Make your tea time with family more special with this fruit slice cake . It’s also fun to make with your kids.

Serve some heart-shaped pastel cookies.

Heart-shaped things are not just for Valentine ’s Day – it can be added to your tea party spread. These charming heart-shaped cookies are deliciously sweet and can perfectly match your tea party’s spring theme.

Serve finger foods on pastels.

Not a fan of vintage design on fancy china? Make your tea party become 21st-century-looking by using pastel cutting boards lined with parchment paper  for a more casual and cute affair.

Serve spiked cold tea.

While tea is meant to be sipped, there’s no rule saying that it can’t be cold and spiked – especially if it’s a hundred degrees outside. Cool off with your family with a spiked sweet tea , which is a combination of peach iced tea and vodka over ice, with fresh mint, lemon slices and peach slices for refreshing garnishes. Of course, this drink is appropriate for adults only.

Use an acrylic cupcake stand.

Let your sweet treats and sandwiches take center stage in your tea party table. Serve them in a clear acrylic tray  to make an upgrade from the frilly serving ware of traditional tea parties.

Let them DIY their pastry.

Let people customize their own cream puffs by letting them add things they actually like. Set out cream puff pastry, cream, fresh berries, chopped nuts, melted chocolate, and toffee bits in a buffet setting. The plus side is this also means you have less work to do!

Tea Party Activities

Make bracelets.

A tea party is meant to be fun and interactive. Why not try making a bracelet with your kids and loved ones to make the day even more enjoyable? Just buy a bracelet making kit  for the occasion and enjoy hours of fun!

Set up a dressing bin.

If you have little girls at home, they will surely love to play dress up. Set up a dress-up bin for them – fill it with scarves, hats, wigs, fancy skirts, and coats and let them decide what they want to wear! Tell them they’re going to a party and they have to dress up. Take some awesome pics of your kids trying on stuff on their own.

Let the kids decorate their own teacups.

You won’t know how much fun decorating teacups will be for your children. Simply buy plain-looking teacups and some sparkly foam stickers. Let your kids decorate their teacups and keep it in their room to remind them of the fun afternoon they had with the family.

Play tea leaves Pictionary.

This tea time game might take a bit of preparation, but it provides at least 30 minutes of fun for the family. Write tea-themed words on slips of paper or notecards. Break open some cheap tea bags and place the contents into lidded plastic containers. Have one member of the family draw a card and form a picture using the tea leaves. The first one to guess correctly gets a score. People will take turns, and the person who gets the correct answers fastest wins the game. You can divide your family into two or three to play as a team as well.

Play musical chairs.

If you have lots of kids at home, host a musical chairs game for them. Seat the kids in a circle while on chairs and start some music that fits the theme of your party, or just play your children’s favorites. Every time you pause the music, the kids must take a seat. Remove one chair after each round, and whoever can’t sit is out. Another way to play this to avoid accidents is to have enough chairs, but the last person who sits is out.

Play a teapot art game.

Here’s another activity that the whole family will enjoy – a teapot art game! Provide each person with a piece of paper, a marker, and a bandana or anything that you can use as a blindfold. The goal is to draw a teapot without seeing the paper. Give each one three minutes to draw, and the person whose picture closely resembles a teapot wins. Provide prizes and make it exciting.

Play tea party Boggle.

There’s an old-school, word-find game called Boggle, and you have probably played it at least once in your lifetime. Give each one pen and paper and ask your family to form as many words as they can using the words “Tea party.” You can make it longer to allow more words to be created, for example, “Smith’s Family Tea Party,” or “Shelly’s Springtime Tea Party.” Set the timer for one to two minutes and let the boggling begin.