Ideas for Throwing a Tea Party at Home for the Family

Have you ever thrown a tea party at home? You want to take a break from your daily, unchanging routine by enjoying a tea party at home with family and loved ones. Sit back and enjoy the moment. There is nothing more lovely and memorable than a tea party with family. It is such a stress-free yet elegant way to get together with family members for a small time of affection. Here are ideas to throw the best tea party at home for the whole family.

Ideas for Throwing a Tea Party at Home for the Family


1. Decide a Theme

Make sure the decor and dress code are complementary. Family members and relatives must dress in costumes that go with your decorations and theme. Girls might select princess dress-up with dolls. Teddy bears with bow ties might be popular with young boys. Adults could just as easily dress up as kings or queens and wear crowns.

2. Decorate Your Garden with Lights for an Outdoor Tea Party

If you plan to host a tea party in your home’s garden, incorporate your theme into the decorations and lighting. Cut flowers can be arranged in extra teapots and teacups to decorate your tables for a traditional tea party.

You can decorate your garden with lights all over the trees and flowers outside while hosting the tea party there. Your table and tea party will be much more attractive as a result. The table, with charming cake stands, charming paper tablecloths, elusive miniature canapé spoons occupied with a kind of slenderness, as well as vintage teapots and serving dishes, is entertaining.

3. Decorations

Make sure the decorations reflect your theme. Cut flowers can be arranged in extra teapots and tea cups to decorate your tables for a traditional tea party. Your tea table should complement the party’s theme and appear welcoming in your family members’ eyes. Here are some things to have on hand for decorating and setting the table:

  • Table cloth
  • Theme appropriate centerpieces 
  • Plates, soup bowls, silverware, and glasses
  • A teacup for each family member, enough teapots, and tea strainers for the number of teas you are offering
  • Milk, sugar, lemon, and honey set. Even if you don’t use these items, it’s good to give your guests the option.
  • Extra teaspoons for stirring
  • Salt & pepper shakers depending on the food you are serving
  • Napkins
  • Place cards
  • 3-tiered stands to serve the tea sandwiches and pastries
  • Devon cream and jam along with small spoons and spreaders
  • Flowers/greenery and candles, you can use battery-operated ones if you prefer it

4. Tea and other beverages

Since this is a tea party, tea must undoubtedly be served! For the children, pick flavors without caffeine and go for a festive flavor like caramel apple, candy cane, or gingerbread spice. And for the adults, think about brewing a traditional beverage like Earl Grey or English Breakfast.

5. Menu

Who doesn’t enjoy finger sandwiches, also referred to as tea sandwiches? For children, flavors can be as straightforward as peanut butter and jelly, while for adults, flavors can be as opulent as smoked salmon and caviar. As an example, you can serve the following snacks at your tea party:

  • Cucumber sandwiches 
  • Egg salad sandwiches 
  • Smoked turkey and chutney sandwiches 
  • Potato Latkes with sour cream and applesauce 
  • Cranberry scones 
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries  
  • Petit fours 
  • Pound cake 

If your family members enjoy baking as a tea party activity, make your cookie dough a day in advance and store it chilled in the refrigerator until you’re ready to decorate it. The dough will stay pliable and be simple to work with if you only use a small portion at a time and keep the rest chilled. Provide towels, a variety of cookie cutters, and aprons.

To maintain some social distance and avoid cross-contamination from licked fingers and tools, set up different workstations at your counter or tables. A tray with individual ramekins for decorating, such as icing, red hots, colored sprinkles, and M&Ms, should be provided at each station.   

6. Create a Playlist

You need soothing music playing in the background so that you can enjoy your tea party in addition to the food and tea. If you and your family want music to be played in the background to lift your mood, whether you’re planning an outdoor gathering in your home garden or having afternoon high tea inside, music is a necessity.

To avoid drowning out the conversation, make sure the music you select fits your theme and isn’t too loud. Jazz or classical music is always a wise choice. If you have a working vintage turntable, it would be ideal to impress your guests. Perhaps someone could play the piano, cello, violin, or another classy instrument in the background to make it even more elegant.

Fun Activities in Your Tea Party at Home


1. Make Bracelets

A tea party should be entertaining and engaging. To make the day even more fun, why not try making a bracelet with your kids and loved ones? Just provide a bracelet-making kit for the event, and everyone will have a blast for hours.

2. Set Up A Dressing Bin

The family members will undoubtedly enjoy dressing up if they have a love for fashion. Create a dress-up bin for them and stock it with fancy skirts or pants, wigs, scarves, hats, and coats. Then, let them choose what to wear.

3. Let the Family Members Decorate Their Teacups

You have no idea how much fun it will be for your family to decorate teacups. Simply purchase some basic teacups and some foam stickers with glitter. Let them personalize their teacups while having enjoyable conversations.

4. Pictionary

Even though it requires some preparation, the whole family will enjoy this tea time game for at least 30 minutes. Create notecards or slips of paper with words related to tea. Open a few cheap tea bags, then pour the contents into plastic containers with lids. Have one family member draw a card while another uses tea leaves to create a picture. A point is awarded to the first correct guesser. Everyone will answer in turn, and the game is won by the person who provides the answers most quickly. Your family can be divided into two or three groups to play as a team.

5. Musical Chairs

If you have lots of kids at home, host a musical chairs game for them. Place the children in a circle on the chairs and turn on the party’s theme music or your kids’ favorite tunes. The kids have to sit down whenever you stop the music. Anyone unable to sit is eliminated after each round when one chair is removed. Having enough chairs with the rule that the last person to sit is ejected is another way to play this to prevent accidents.

6. Teapot Art Game

A teapot art game is a fun activity the whole family will love. Each participant should be given a piece of paper, a marker, and a bandana or other type of blindfold. You must draw a teapot without looking at the paper. The person whose drawing most closely resembles the teapot after three minutes wins. Be exciting and offer prizes. Provide prizes and make it exciting.

7. Boggle Game

Boggle is a classic word-finding game that you’ve probably played at least once in your life. Set a timer for one to two minutes and ask your family to form as many words as they can using the letters in “Tea party”; provide everyone with pens and paper.



You’ll always need to make time for your family and other people you care about. The quickest way to relax and enjoy the time you have with your family is to host a tea party. Family time should always be prioritized whenever you are on vacation because they are the most important people in your life. These suggestions will undoubtedly help you in planning an enjoyable tea party for your family at your home.