Ideas for the new house

I am so excited to be moving out of this teeny apartment and into a house again. It’s been 8 months out of a 1 year lease and we are soooo over it. We knew this was a temporary situation with relocating to a new area, but it was getting annoying not having any space or an outside area for the kids to run and play. A friend of ours found a cute little rental right across the street from his new place, complete with a really nice landlord who was very understanding about us wanting to break our lease to get out of the apartment. Perfect!

You know what that means? I have a house that’s going to look pretty empty since I got rid of half my junk in the move. I literally had no where to put anything so a lot of it had to go bye-bye. As sad as it was, I’m happy that I can kind of start over and get a ton of blogging material at the same time. I’m going to be thrifting, painting, sanding, distressing, sewing, and measuring a lot in the next few months!

Here’s just a few of the treasures I’ve been drooling over on Pinterest:

Love this for the bathroom


I want to re-do my black kitchen table in a bright color like this

Somewhere for me to hang my kids’ never-ending, ever-changing art work

I love these huge poster sized prints!
Really cute & easy. A string of them on the back porch would be adorable.


I never know how to display my crap

For my husband, who is constantly losing his keys

Thrifted, painted candle sticks or lamp bases. Super cute!

Children’s plastic toy painted & mounted on a block of wood. Bookends!

DIY ottoman made out of an old coffee table.

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