Ideas for Decorating a Harry Potter Theme

There are so many lovely scenes and characters in the Harry Potter series. It makes sense that Harry Potter fans enjoy filling their homes with objects that bring back those special memories. The best way to bring the enchantment of this universe into your home is actually with Harry Potter decor ideas. When it comes to decorating your room, Harry Potter memorabilia can help you create a haven where you can unwind and think. Additionally, house banners and flags are some of the most well-liked options for letting everyone know which Hogwarts house you belong in.

Here are the best ideas ranging from fun Harry Potter party decorations to unique Harry Potter living room décor. 

Flying Book Décor

These flying books, a magnificent decoration Gryffindor, will undoubtedly dazzle your visitors. You can use your reading space with this concept, which was inspired by the Gryffindor Common Room. Choose some old books, then place the nylon string on the edge of the book’s opening page. You can secure the string with nails or ceiling supports. This is one of the best Harry Potter decorating suggestions for your space.

Platform 9 3/4 Poster

Fans of the show will know right away that this poster is a tribute to the platform where you board the train to Hogwarts. Uninitiated people will simply consider it to be a cool example of typography. You can pick a size that fits your room and a color scheme that goes with your preferred Hogwarts house.

Invisible Bookshelf

Embrace your fascination with magic with these invisible bookshelves. Your Harry Potter books can be displayed and made to appear to be floating on your walls.

Glasses Pillow Cover

Speaking of Harry’s specs, this pillow cover is the ideal way for fangirls or guys to pay tribute to their beloved wizard. Add a few of these to your bed, or even place one or two on the bench at the foot of your bed.

Diagon Alley Harry Potter Brick Wall

Diagon Alley Harry Potter Brick Wall

This original concept will make you feel Diagon Alley’s fantastic sensations. Use wallpaper with a broken brick wall design to decorate your walls. Fill the vacant area with decorative wall signs and Diagon Alley ornaments, creating abstract but artistic Diagon Alley, perfect Harry Potter décor theme. Don’t forget to replace your bed cover with the image of your favorite Harry Potter school.

Deathly Hollows Mirror

The elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the cloak of invisibility are the three Deathly Hallows symbols that are present in this mirror. Another stylish, undercover homage to the Harry Potter series. And for those in the know, it will be an instant clear nod and wink to the “master of death.”

Long Eared Owls

The mystical birds known as owls are used by all of the characters to deliver important messages. They are quick and intelligent, often tracking down their recipient without an address. These cute owls might make you think of Ron Weasley’s or Harry Potter’s owls Pigwidgeon and Hedwig.

Hogwarts Posters Wall Decor

You can attempt this idea if you need one more idea to demonstrate how much you love Harry Potter. One of the most retro Harry Potter ideas you’ll ever have is to artistically make your wall look cluttered with Have You Ever Seen This Wizard posters and Harry Potter bulletins. Remember to include the Hogwarts school flag as the main focal point.

Harry Potter Decorative Floating Candles

You can make your own using this idea, inspired by the floating candles in the great hall. Make sure there are enough pillars in your ceiling so that you can hang the candles with ease. For safety, hang LED pillar candles from the ceiling. Additionally, you can hang other decorative ornaments, like banners for the Hogwarts houses, envelopes, and tiny LED lights.

Hogwarts Vintage Wooden Sign

There’s no better way to create a magical vibes in your home than with this vintage Harry Potter sign. With this door sign decor, you can make a bedroom that exudes a Harry Potter vibe. The best Harry Potter ideas for your bedroom can also include designing a separate area in accordance with the location name on the entrance sign.

Magical Light Decor

Have you ever considered a unique light decoration for your Harry Potter room? In actuality, lighting is quite important for Harry Potter decorating ideas. Votive candles, owl, and lantern decorations can all be placed on the table to create a mystical ambiance. Additionally, you may simulate flying by hanging some battery-operated candles within an acrylic bowl.

Harry Potter Food Display Décor

Harry Potter Food Display Décor

Try using this concept if you’re looking for spectacular decor Gryffindor and the other teams for the food presentation at your birthday party. Use a multicolored curtain as the background of the food display, representing each hue of the house. Place the Sorting Hat decor in the center of the table, surrounded by a variety of treats. This concept creates a wonderful Hogwarts school environment for your celebration.

Hogwarts Teams Stones Decor

With creative Harry Potter decor ideas, you may let your guests decide which house they wish to join at your Hogwarts school party. Sand that has different colors can be used to decorate a party and make a fun game. Each Hogwarts team’s color sand container should be filled with aluminum foil before being sealed. Your guests can choose one bottle and pour it into the included glass bucket to see out what will happen to them, adding an unexpected design touch.

Magic Wand and Spell Decor

You can use the powerful Harry Potter spell as wall decor if you want to feel safe while you sleep. One of the best Harry Potter decor ideas to wish you a good night’s sleep is Expecto Patronum word art. A magic wand prop and some tiny LED lights or glow-in-the-dark stars decorations placed next to the wand will finish off the decor and add a touch of magic.

Harry Potter Mural Rooms

Don’t let your empty wall go to waste if you don’t want to use nails to hang wall art. As one of the most inventive Harry Potter decor ideas, you might utilize it to create a Harry Potter mural. You can avoid damaging the wall with this idea. You can bring minor decorative accents like flowers or banners representing the Hogwarts houses as the painting will likely serve as the centerpiece.

Harry Potter Tie 

Each student at Hogwarts is assigned to one of the four houses, as is common knowledge. Your party guests can now wear a Harry Potter felt tie to display their new house affiliation. With some felt, hot glue, and a metal hair clip, you can easily construct them as a homemade party favor.

Prop up your Quidditch broom

You can proudly exhibit your broomstick in your home, whether you own the most cutting-edge model or are still using an older Shooting Star model like the Weasleys. Online retailers offer a wide selection of “Harry Potter”-themed brooms. Your broom can be hung from the ceiling or propped up in a corner.

Use a Vintage Steamer Trunk for Storage

You can decorate your own vintage trunk with “Harry Potter” flair by setting it at the foot of your bed or utilizing it as a coffee table in the living room. You may get many authentic trunks online and at the Harry Potter Shop, but you can also be sure to find some excellent copies at flea markets and secondhand shops. Add your initials and the Hogwarts crest on it to earn extra house points.

Hang Winged Keys from the Ceiling

Hang Winged Keys from the Ceiling

Draw wings on white paper (textured or handmade paper works well for a feathery effect), then attach them on old keys with glue, sewing, or tape. You can search through tubs of keys at several old shops. Then, in order to hang from the ceiling, you will need to attach fishing wire or thread.

Use a Decorative Mirror to Bring the Mirror of Erised to life

A wonderful way to enjoy the magic of Harry Potter in your house is to incorporate a Mirror of Erised-inspired frame. The mirror will nonetheless look fantastic placed up in a living room or above a fireplace even though it might not exactly reflect your greatest desire. To get the look yourself, look for vintage gold mirrors at a nearby thrift shop.

Potterhead Bedroom Decor

It will be one of the most cozy and comfy Harry Potter décor ideas, making it the ideal haven for Potterheads. Place the ornament on the blanket and pillowcase. Make your bed vibrant by using a Hogwarts house flag blanket and pillowcase for each pillow. You can display some iconic posters from your favorite Harry Potter films as wall décor.

Gryffindor Decor Bedroom

With lovely Gryffindor décor in your bedroom, brighten your Christmas. The bed cover’s combination of red and gold tones makes it a wonderful Harry Potter Christmas decoration. For the unique and fantastic wall decor, hang a Gryffindor house banner and a flying broom. You can place some Gryffindor pillow dolls on the bed to liven up your space.

Slytherin Dorm Bedroom 

Create a spooky and magical atmosphere in your bedroom by decorating with a Slytherin theme. Hang flying candles and a banner for the Slytherin house on the wall. Use the Slytherin bedcover to make it clear that this dormitory is part of the Slytherin house. You might use dark green paint to decorate your room, which would be ideal for Slytherin pupils. 


For Potterheads, these Harry Potter décor ideas can take you to the fantasy world of your dreams whether you’re searching for subtle touches for your home or something colorful and eye-catching for a birthday or holiday celebration.