Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

In case you’re unaware, gender reveal parties are becoming incredibly popular. Parents all around throw elaborate schemes to reveal the gender of their baby. Gender reveal parties to make the moment of learning the sex of their unborn baby more special.

As a thrilled and excited parent-to-be, you’re probably racking up your brain about how to share this magical, once-in-a-lifetime moment with the people you love and care about. But here’s a compilation of ideas that will help you choose how to reveal the gender of your baby that suits your tastes and personality:

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M&M-Filled Gender Reveal Cake

Make your party sweeter with a yummy, candy-filled cake. When you cut into the cake, blue or pink M&Ms  will spill out to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

To do this:

  1. Bake a 9” round cake with four layers of chiffon and icing.
  2. Before putting your last layer of chiffon cake, cut out a 3-inch round circle at the center of the cake.
  3. Fill the hole with M&Ms, then add the top layer of cake remaining that is intact with no hole cut out.
  4. Add buttercream frosting and decorate the cake as you’d like.

Gender Reveal Onesie Sugar Cookies

These treats shaped like baby onesies will delight and surprise your guests and will satisfy their sweet tooth. It’s also super cute and adorable! When the guests bite into the cookies, they will see candy sprinkles in blue or pink to reveal the sex of the baby.

In order to make this, you need to:

  1. Bake several onesie-shaped cookies, and group them into three. Each serving of cookie must have three layers. So, no matter how many cookies you want to serve, multiply it by three.
  2. The bottom layer cookies stay as it is. For the second layer, use a sharp knife to cut out the middle of the cookies while they are still warm and freshly baked. If you let them cool, it would be hard to make a clean cut at the center.
  3. For the top layer, decorate it with white cookie icing to make it a neutral onesie. If you like, you can add extra details like a question mark.
  4. And now for the fun part! Use icing as glue to stick the layers together.
  5. After “gluing” the second layer, fill the hole with blue or pink sprinkles .
  6. Top it off with the decorated layer using the icing as glue, and you’re done! When you serve the cookies, make sure everyone opens or bites on them at the same time!
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Action Painting Gender Reveal

Get in touch with your artistic side with this Jackson Pollock-inspired gender reveal idea. The best part about it is you are left with unique art that you can hang in your baby’s nursery. For the main event, you need to take out your guests to the yard.

Set up a protective plastic sheet and a blank canvas on an easel  on the ground. Have at least two shades of blue or pink acrylic paint ready – each for one parent. You can even add more shades for the siblings, as long as they’re at the age when they can throw paint. Let the mom stand on one side, the dad on another, and one to two siblings in the middle. Count to three and throw the paint from the can to the canvas at the same time!

To make this gender reveal idea work, make sure to take off the label on the paint cans before guests arrive, so they won’t see what color of paint you’re holding.

Gender Reveal Sombrero Piñata

Tell your friends and family if your baby is going to be a muchacha or a muchacho with the help of a piñata. Host a full-on fiesta with tacos, chips and guacamole, sangria – all the Mexican foods you like – and have a piñata smashing activity for the gender reveal. Get a sombrero piñata  and fill it with an assortment of blue and pink candies and confetti for a fun surprise. This idea is simply smashing!

Gender Reveal Dart Board Game

Test your loved ones’ aim with this gender reveal dartboard game  This game can allow you to share your big news while allowing your guests to have fun! To set up, hang the tapestry on a fence or wall. Inflate 11 black balloons. If it’s a girl, inflate three pink confetti-filled balloons and two blue confetti-filled balloons. But if it’s a boy, inflate three blue and two pink-filled ones. This kit won’t need you to fill the balloons with confetti on your own – it’s pre-filled and labeled, so you just need to blow the balloon up using the included pump. Once three pink or three blue balloons are popped, everybody will now know the baby’s gender!

Alternatively, you can DIY this idea and have only one balloon with color and call the game “Pop the Belly.” To do this:

  1. Get a huge piece of wooden board and paint the words “Pop the Belly” on the top.
  2. On a white paper, draw an outline of a woman’s body and cut it out. Cut the “body” in half and do this 12 times because you need to have 12 woman’s outlines on the board.
  3. Glue the pieces on the board, with a few inches of space between the top part of the body to the bottom part because you need the space to attach the balloons while still making it look like a pregnant woman. There must be four woman’s outlines horizontally and three vertically, so all 12 woman’s outlines are set up.
  4. Then, inflate 12 black balloons and tape them on the board using glue dots. You don’t need to put anything yet inside these balloons – you don’t want the game to be over once somebody pops a gender-revealing balloon on the first try!

After the guests have popped up all the balloons on the board with darts and see no color revealed, that’s when you can come in to attach another black balloon with pink or blue paint inside. Let the guests take turns in trying to pop it, and when someone finally pops the balloon, the color will splash all over the board to reveal if it’s a girl or a boy!

Gender Reveal Box

A reveal box is a stylish and trendy centerpiece for gender reveal parties. Basically, it’s a box that contains balloons that announce the baby’s gender. You can buy a gender reveal box and insert some balloons in pink or blue. At the end of your party, open the box and let the balloons reveal the sex of the baby!

Alternatively, you can make it a DIY project. Get a large cardboard box – preferably something that housed an appliance or some furniture so you can also recycle. Cover the box with paper and decorate as you’d like. Fill it with balloons and tape it with a sticker or washi tape to secure the box during the party, and open it only once you’re ready for the big reveal!

Gender Reveal Smoke

A fun and trash-free alternative to a gender reveal is using powder canons that make a pink or blue-colored smoke. It makes the announcement visually attractive, and it makes a whimsical and more romantic atmosphere! It also lasts longer than confetti, piñatas, or paint splashes. Plus, it looks pretty cute in photos!

These cannons are filled with powder made of cornstarch and food dyes, so you don’t have to worry about it being toxic. It can shoot powder up to 20 feet into the air!

Gender Reveal Baseball

If you’re a sports fan, it’s fun to host a sports-themed gender reveal party! On your invitation, ask your guests to wear pink or blue to cast their votes. During the party, see which team won by hitting each of the colored powder-filled baseballs  out of the park. Swing it hard for the best results!

Color-Changing Lightsaber

Are you a couple of Star Wars fans? A lightsaber can give you a great opportunity to reveal the baby’s sex. You can host a Star Wars party complete with themed decoration and food, and you can also dress up! Ask your guests to dress up also and make it a costume party. If you want to keep it lowkey, you can simply ask the guests to wear Star Wars-themed T-shirts.

Then, around the end of the party, dress up as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. While you’re dressing up, assign a host to keep the guests busy, so they won’t notice you’re missing. Then, gather the guests, turn down the lights and make a dramatic entrance (down the stairs is better!) while holding the lightsaber  in purple or blue.