Ideal Wedding Accessories to Match Your Wedding Outfit

When you start planning your wedding, it’s only natural to feel that everything should be as perfect as possible. The dress, the venue, the décor, and your social circle all come together to make this one of the best days of your life. However, it might be the small details that really pull everything together.

Since the bride is usually in the spotlight at her wedding, she needs to have the right accessories for finishing off her look. This could be challenging, as you might not want anything to take away from the glamour of the dress itself. There are also some traditional accessories something borrowed, something blue, etc that could be incorporated in any number of ways.

Fortunately, there are quite a few wedding accessories available online if you’re in a hurry to complete your outfit. Let’s discuss some of the most popular options below:

1. Earrings

Whether you go for drop earring or some simple studs, earrings can dress up your outfit and give you that coveted bling. You can get some pretty classy earrings even on a tight budget, or simply borrow the perfect pair from a friend or family member.

Other than the simple diamond and earl designs, a modern bride can also choose some colored tassels or beads to achieve a boho-chic vibe. This will help her put a unique personal touch on the traditional wedding look. However, these silver-toned earrings available on Amazon will be perfect with any kind of wedding gown:

Where to Buy
EVER FAITH Zircon Austrian Crystal Wedding 8-Shape Dangle Earrings
Aukmla Wedding Hair Accessories Bride Crown
Unicra Wedding Hair Pins
Lovful Bridal Crystal Rhinestone Braided Wedding Dress Sash Belt
Naturalizer Women's Dianna Strappy Heeled Sandal
Yumei Jewelry Clear Rhinestone Bracelet Silver-Tone Wedding Bridal Bracelet

EVER FAITH Zircon Austrian Crystal Wedding 8-Shape Dangle Earrings

These drop earrings come in both a pierced and clip-on option giving every bride the chance to wear them on her big day. They’re also neutral enough to be used on regular days, so you’ll get a lot of use out of this pair.

The package also comes with spare crystals, a favor bag, and a gift box. This means that you can even request these earrings as a special wedding gift idea. It’ll save you money and help someone out in getting you a useful gift.

2. Crown

If you’re going for a natural look, a flower crown could be just the things to pull off your wedding gown. However, some brides might wish to go with a more glamorous look, opting for a diamond or zircon-studded tiara or crown. Check out this stunning option below:

Aukmla Wedding Hair Accessories Bride Crown

This bridal crown is available in both gold and silver, so you may choose whatever goes with your current wedding look. The material is a metal allow, while the crystals give it an elegant look. Use some bobby pins to fasten this to your hair, and you’ll look and feel like a queen on the big day.

3. Hair Pins

Some brides might prefer a more subtle look than a whole crown, so hair pins might be a better option for them. There are several bejeweled pins that can dress up your hairdo while still not overwhelming the whole ensemble. You may also want to go for a comb, so a set like this one might be useful:

Unicra Wedding Hair Pins

This hair pin set is available in gold, rose gold, and silver colors.  The materials used here are alloy wire and rhinestones, while each pin is handmade to assure the highest quality. The pins themselves are delicate and gentle, fit for the most elegant bride. However, be prepared for a bit of difference due to the handmade quality if you’re placing a repeat order.

4. Belt

A sparkly belt could help to jazz up a simple wedding gown, transforming your experience of it entirely. This could be really helpful if you want your dress as simple as possible for reusing later on in life. A proper belt will also come in handy if you’re wearing a hand-me-down and want to put your personal touch on it. This option from Amazon might be what you’re looking for:

Lovful Bridal Crystal Rhinestone Braided Wedding Dress Sash Belt

This braided rhinestone-studded belt could be the unique factor in your wedding dress or gown. It’s available in a variety of shades, including champagne, beige, purple, ivory, and white. The rhinestones are of high quality according to the user reviews, which assures us of a magical sparkle under both natural and artificial light.

5. Shoes

Shoes are probably the most necessary accessories for your wedding day. the right pair will be comfortable, easy to slip on or off, and will help you walk down the aisle without any fear of tripping or getting blisters. Once you’ve got the perfect sparkly, blingy, or neutral option, make sure to try them out before the main event. This strappy option from Amazon might be just what you need for that walk:

Naturalizer Women’s Dianna Strappy Heeled Sandal

These sandals will look great with any kind of wedding or formal dress. You can order them in beige, gold, black, silver, and gold colors. The open-toed design, breathable linings, and flexible soles will help you stay comfortable on the actual day.

According to reviews, these shoes are a great choice for a wedding or any formal event. Fortunately, we can order a wide or regular size for the heels according to our needs. These are also a comfort brand, so we can rest assured that the wedding festivities wouldn’t result in sore feet at the end of the day.

6. Bracelet

A bracelet is yet another accessory that can set off your wedding dress without taking over your whole look. This would be an especially nice addition if your weight loss and exercise regime have given you nicely-toned arms for the big day. You can choose to have a dainty chain bracelet, a chunky band, or a simple tennis bracelet for an elegant look. There are several options available online, so see if this one is according to your taste.

Yumei Jewelry Clear Rhinestone Bracelet Silver-Tone Wedding Bridal Bracelet

This is a crystal bracelet that’s very reasonably priced. The package comes with a black velvet bag for proper presentation, so you can also buy this as a gift for any friend who’s going to be a bride soon.

The stones here are some sparkling rhinestone crystals, while the bracelet itself is reportedly very comfortable to wear even for long periods.  Unfortunately, some reviews do state that there could be some tarnishing after some months, but that’s to be expected for the price. If you’re on the lookout for a more luxurious wedding gift idea, there are some more expensive and long-lasting bracelet options available as well.


Your wedding day is a very important event, so don’t be afraid of splurging a little on your look at this point. In addition to looking out for the perfect wedding accessories, this is also the time for considering the use of Amazon for your wedding registry. Utilizing the technology available today will help you get your perfect wedding day without much hassle, so order your accessories and see what else can be accomplished online.