Iconic Posters of the 80s

Back in the 80s, movies and their promotions were all about the launch of posters. These movie posters revealed the cast giving hints of the genre of the movie. Fans kept safe these printed posters for years as there was no other way to showcase their love and affiliation with the movies. Today you would rarely find these posters pasted around. There are Instagram handles, twitter tweets, Facebook pages and stars traveling around the world, promoting their movies through tours and public appearances. We miss the 80s era, where these iconic posters were like wall-papers in the room. Hence we came up with a list of some of these posters from the top movies of the 80s, check them below:

Airplane! (1980)

This twirled and twisted airplane on the poster of the movie Airplane is surely an evidence of the thrill this movie brings in for its viewers. The movie starred Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julie Hagerty and Lloyd Bridge and was known for its comedy, puns and visuals. This is an authentic poster of the movie, so if you have been a fan of Airplane, this is your collective. It isn’t new but yet in good condition with some wrinkles and stains to claim its authenticity. 

The Blues Brothers (1980)

This poster will remind you of the musical comedy film The Blues Brothers and their suspense-filled acting. The official poster imprints, Jake (John Belushi) with his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) also famously known as the Blues Brothers in their chasing pose with a police car at the back. 

Raging Bull (1980)

Raging Bull was a tale of love, emotions, disappointment and hard work, loved by boxers and other sportspersons. This poster of the movie displays Robert De Niro in his signature pose after a fight with bruised eye and rage in his eyes. Robert through-out the movie has been on a roller coaster ride of emotions and his hard-hitting boxing scenes are a must-watch. 

The Elephant Man (1980)

Underneath a deformed body with a congenital disorder, lies the soul of a man with who is intelligent, composed and emotional. This movie The Elephant Man was a story with powerful dialogues and one of such is here in this iconic poster with Joseph Merrick, dark and gloomy just like his life. 

Atlantic City (1981)

Atlantic City was a combination of romance, comedy, suspense and thrilling crime. The poster of this movie was the exact depiction of its lead characters, running and hiding away from the hustle and bustle of the Atlantic City, in pursuit of their dreams and success.

Escape From New York (1981)

The million-dollar hit film, Escape from New York had one of the most interesting and thought-provoking posters. The story revolved around saving the president of the United States when the terrorist hijacks Air Force One and invades into the United States. As a future-based story, its poster shows the collapse of the Statue of Liberty in the midst of New York City. 

Porky’s (1981)

Porky’s and its posters are all about youthfulness. The story of a student who plans to take revenge from the owner of the strip club after kicking them out, it revolves around a gang of students who are naughty, lively and yet aggressive as per their age. 

The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead was one of the most horrifying movies of 80s and the poster was enough to create that impression. The official poster with one of the gang members saving her from the evil remained the key image of many other posters that were made. 

Creepshow (1982)

Although this poster of the Creep Show might give you a punch of laughter today, it got the creepy attention of viewers back in the 80s. As a horror-comedy, this movie has five short stories and was released by Warner Bros. 

Risky Business (1983)

Tom Cruise has no competition and anything with his appearance is definitely a hit. Son of a rich man, Tom Cruise seems to be the perfect fit for the movie and the teens drooled over Cruise in Risky Business.

The Goonies (1985)

Much like this poster, Goonies was a film that brought the term Goonies into life. Kids of Goon Docks while saving their homes find a treasure map which excites them and gives them a new direction.  

Labyrinth (1986)

As the name explains, not only the movie but the poster also reveals how the lead character Sarah of this movie gets trapped into a maze while rescuing her baby brother. 


These posters from the 80 have played a significant role in making movies a hit. A considerable amount of money was spent on film art, with fans and stars waiting for the launch and response. We don’t have such posters any more but good that the internet has archives for us to tell our new generation how the 80s era was.