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    The 60s was an era of counterculture and social revolution. It can be described as flamboyant, expressive, and wavering. In this decade, one of the effects of the counterculture was in the film industry. It’s because social taboos, including drugs, sex, and violence, were all dissected and put up on the big screen for everyone to watch. And these were all spilled over posters of the decade, as well.

    The 1960s had indeed introduced the world to innovative new voices and groundbreaking new territory. If you want to remember the 60s, we are here to help. Today, we are going to let you explore the films that defined a decade with these iconic posters of the 60s. 

    The Italian Job – 1969

    The Italian Job was a British comedy film in 1969, and it is one of the most iconic films in the 60s. It also has an iconic poster art. However, when this poster was released, it was not well received and instead blamed for the poor performance of the film’s initial release. But the minimalist charm of this poster has made it more popular than ever because both the film and the poster did better in recent decades. This just goes to show that poster art can also be a good investment. 

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1961

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s - 1961

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a romantic comedy film that was released in 1961. Audrey Hepburn’s performance in this film is iconic, including her little black dress, and of course, the movie poster, as well. This poster is simply iconic, and it is also one of the most expensive posters from the 60s. This is a really good poster to hang in your room or entertainment area, especially if you want to achieve a vintage-looking space.

    Easy Rider – 1969

    Easy Rider - 1969

    Easy Rider is a drama film that was released in 1969. It is another movie that was significant in the counterculture movement of the decade. It’s because the film focused on the drug culture of the time. This film has an iconic movie poster that comes in a yellow hue with the words “This year it’s easy rider.” If you liked the movie back in the 60s, then you’d definitely want to have a copy of this poster, as well. 

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 1966

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 1966

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was a 1966 epic Spaghetti Western film that was directed by Sergio Leone. It is probably one of the best Western movies ever made. It has an iconic poster featuring Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, and Lee Van Cleef in their serious, in-character looks. If you are into collecting vintage action posters, then this one should be included in your collection.

    The Thomas Crown Affair – 1968

    The Thomas Crown Affair - 1968

    The Thomas Crown Affair was a heist film in 1968. It is a McQueen classic, which won two Academy Awards. It also appropriately has one of the best posters of the decade. Even though the poster looks simple with its two-tone style, it is still very powerful. This poster truly portrays the romantic nature of the film impeccably. 

    Blow-Up – 1966

    Blow-Up – 1966

    Blow-Up is a mystery thriller film released in 1966. For its time, it was a sexually explicit and explosive film. It can be one of the finest examples of the relaxing of sexual taboos in the 60s. It has been quoted as a contributing factor in the ultimate demise of the Production Code, which refused to approve the film. This movie has different posters, but this one is probably the most iconic. 

    Bullit – 1968

    Bullit - 1968

    Bullit is a 1968 action thriller film which starred Steve McQueen. Though he was hesitant to do the film at first because he thought that playing as a cop did not fit with his cool image, he still looked great on the movie poster. The poster was designed by Michel Landi. It features McQueen posing above fast running cars. It is a great poster to hang in your entertainment area. 

    Cool Hand Luke – 1967

    Cool Hand Luke – 1967

    Cool Hand Luke is a prison drama film that was released in 1967. The poster of this film is truly iconic in the 60s, as it features great pop-art visuals, which effectively sums up the premise and style of the film. This poster is a licensed reproduction of the original one, and it is printed on premium heavy stock paper. It is ready for hanging or framing, making it a great addition to your home or office décor. 

    Barbarella – 1968

    Barbarella - 1968

    Barbarella is a science fiction film in 1968 which is based on a comic series with the same name. This film starred Jane Fonda as Barbarella, who is a space traveler. However, this film is another example of the relaxing of sexual taboos in the 60s. It was tagged as sexually explicit by contemporary standards. It also has an iconic poster that features Jane Fonda in one of her provocative get-ups. 

    The Dirty Dozen – 1967

    The Dirty Dozen – 1967

    The Dirty Dozen is an American war film in 1967. It is another taboo because of being an ultra-violent and controversial movie about World War II. But it was able to earn rewards as it has gotten the biggest takings for the year. This movie has an iconic poster that features lots of action on it. It actually shows obvious influences on the poster of Inglorious Basterds by Tarantino, which is a 2009 comedy war film. 

    Point Blank – 1967

    Point Blank – 1967

    Point Blank is a crime film in 1967 which was adapted from the 1963 crime noir pulp novel by Donald E. Westlake titled The Hunter. Even though this film did not fare well at the box office when it was released in the 60s, it is now definitely a cult favorite. This poster features a fabulous pop art feel. This one is an authentic, vintage theatrical-release movie poster. It is perfect for those who are into collecting original vintage posters of films. 

    These are some of the most iconic posters of the 60s. These posters truly show the effects of the counterculture movement to the decade. Which of these posters would you like to have a copy of? 

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