I killed my laptop :(

Yep. It’s official. I fried my laptop keyboard with coffee 🙁 But I did learn a valuable lesson, and that is that I should not attempt to do anything that requires balance or coordination before I have a full cup of coffee in my system. 
So…..you know what that means? Probably not a ton of blogging from me until I get it returned from being repaired. I do have my husband’s laptop to use to get online (thankfully!) but he uses it a lot for work & I don’t to have him fighting me for it. I also don’t want to have to upload all of my pictures onto his computer & clutter up all of his tattoo & guitar stuff with sewing & DIY stuff. I mean I do, but I doubt he wants me to. 
So I will try to do a few quick posts here or there when I can but don’t count on anything too fun or fancy for a little bit. Hopefully they return it to me quickly & I don’t lose everything in the process.
xoxo, Melissa