I finally recovered from Thanksgiving

I can’t believe it’s December. Seriously, where did November go?
Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
We had a great weekend at my mother-in-law’s house in a teeny tiny town in Idaho- population 812. The kids’ Auntie came over from Montana and we all spent the weekend eating, drinking, cooking, playing card games and Wii, watching movies, riding 4-wheelers, and laughing a lot. It was probably one of the best Thanksgivings we’ve had in a long time!
I was in charge of the pies this year, and I was a total cheater and used Pillsbury pie crusts and canned pumpkin. Lily helped though- she’s such an awesome helper in the kitchen and loves to cook.
My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is grazing and snacking all day. I love holiday snack trays! My sister asked me what I wanted for snacks and I told her meat and cheese- she did not disappoint. The tray on the far left was full of all kinds of smoked meats and salami. Pretty sure I ate 3/4 of it myself over the weekend- no lie!
Alright, I mentioned we did some drinking. Now, I am not a big fan of alcohol, and I’m what you’d call a lightweight and/or a weenie. I don’t like beer and I don’t like the taste of alcohol, and I’ll get a buzz off a few sips of champagne (one of the only things I will drink). My sis made me a drink with that Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey (pictured above) and it was gooooood. The idea of drinking whiskey made me want to gag, but this was mixed with ginger ale and lime I believe, and it just tasted like sweet deliciousness.
131128_0004_zps0db1d775-1274121Along with the yummy mixed drink I also enjoyed this other stuff that I thought was wine. Turns out, it’s actually a type of Belgian Beer flavored with raspberry. I had this stuff years ago when my BFF bought me some for my birthday, knowing I’m a weenie and can’t drink alcohol. I ended up drinking 2 bottles of this stuff that night and forgot all about it after that. When my mother-in-law pulled it out of the cupboard for me I was so excited! I pretty much drank this baby all on my own and only let the husband have a little glass (which I ended up stealing and drinking anyway). Pretty sure the alcohol content is very low, but it was just yummy to sip on while we played card games.
Speaking of card games, have you played Cards Against Humanity? Oh. My. Gawd. It’s fun. It’s a bit like Apples to Apples (which I love), but it’s pretty dang vulgar and crass. Definitely not for kids, and we had to make sure they were in another room playing Wii so as to not overhear the dirtiness and loud cackling that ensued after each round. As weird as it sounds, my husband’s family are the perfect people to play this game with, though we had a few embarrassing moments trying to explain a few things to his mom. “Oh, that’s what that’s called.” Oh dear…haha. If you don’t mind bad words, dirty jokes, and have a crude sense of humor you should definitely check out this game. We played until we ran out of cards!
My poor male got sick the first night we were there and I thought it might just be from the car ride, as she hasĀ  tendency to get motion sickness. She was fine all day Thursday and ate Thanksgiving dinner normally, and even ate some pie. On Friday we decided to skip the sales and went to see Disney’s Frozen in 3D (it was really cute and the kids loved it, by the way). Later that night, Lily threw up a massive amount of popcorn, candy, and soda, and I figured maybe she was a tad car sick again from the long drive back to Grandma’s from the movie. On Saturday we headed home and gave her some medicine to prevent her from getting car sick again. She did great in the car and was fine all day after we got home, but then late Saturday night she ended up throwing up again. Sunday she was normal, and then I found her Monday morning dry-heaving into the toilet when I went to get her up for school. She ended up staying home that day but never did throw up, and on Tuesday she finally felt OK to go back to school. I’m hoping whatever was going on with her is over and done with. I still don’t know if it was the car ride, the excess of food and junk, or some type of tummy bug or flu. It was just weird that she was seemingly fine in between her bouts of puking, and she didn’t have any other symptoms along with it.
Somehow in all that craziness, I managed to read an entire book over the holiday weekend. I realized on the drive down there that I didn’t get car sick while reading on my tablet in the car. I used to get sick trying to read books or magazines in the car when I was younger, but maybe having it in tablet form helps or something. Either way, I was happy because I’d been dying to read this one. This book is 2nd in the Across the Universe series and it was really, really good. I gave it 5 stars!
We had an awesome weekend and I was so sad to come home and get back to real life.

Oh yeah, I found this little gem in Lily’s backpack when we returned.
“The turkey is getin etin.” She sounds like a little redneck!



How was your holiday weekend?
Did you start your Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t gotten a single thing.
I better get a move on!