I am thankful

With everything going on the last few months, I’ve been pretty pessimistic. I have a tendency to do that. To always look at the negative and to always think of the worst case scenario in every situation. I have a very hard time looking on the bright side and I let my emotions get me down when life gets hard. So this post is kind of a reminder to myself to be thankful, regardless of some of the not-so-perfect details surrounding my life right now. Yeah, things are kind of crappy, but they could be much worse!
A few months back, my husband lost his job. But he got a new one. I am thankful.
We had to move, put everything in storage, and stay with my parents (albeit, briefly). But at least we have family. And now we are closer to everyone and get to spend the holidays with the people we love, and I am thankful for that.
We are now living in a house and are in a roommate situation with a friend of ours. It’s not a perfect living arrangement, but we have our own space, a roof over our heads, and a warm place to sleep. And cheap rent, split utilities, and can still afford groceries. I am thankful for that.
My husband had to have emergency surgery right after we moved and we have no insurance. Now we’re stuck with an enormous hospital bill. At least he’s alive, and I’m thankful for that.
One of our vehicles crapped out on us completely and we’ve been down to one car. It’s been difficult and annoying at times, but at least we have one running vehicle (even if it is a piece of junk too). I am thankful for that piece of junk right now.

I’m sure all of my “big problems” are very small and insignificant compared to some.

My children are happy and healthy. I get to hear them laugh and squeal with joy every single day. My family is together, and while we my lack a few materialistic things, we have everything we really need. I’m going to try to focus on that more, and not just around Thanksgiving- I will try to remember all of these things on a daily basis when I get annoyed or mad that I don’t have everything I want.
What are you thankful for?
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.